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  1. lol @ the Beeb's own valium service
  2. Made a beautiful batch of home-made sausage rolls, put them in the oven. Check on them 40 minutes later when they should be golden and crisp; the fucking element in my oven's broken and I have 3 trays of turgid pastry and raw sausage meat. Fortunately was able to stash them away in tupperware until the oven's fixed but fuck man, was really looking forward to these, was going to bring some on a hike tomorrow and all.
  3. Finally bit the bullet and bought a copy of Pianoteq Stage, holy shit, wish I'd done it ages ago. Ridiculously gorgeous sounding and I'm between jobs at the minute so have some time on my hands... going to get up tomorrow and play keys all day Can't stress enough how great it sounds, especially after coming from various shit free piano VSTs; like going from a £20 Argos guitar with rusty strings to a Lowden. Only thing is I'm now GASing hard for some weighted keys... All in good time innit Edit: my (admittedly fairly untrained) ear is blown away by Stage, which is the cheap option, I can only imagine what the more expensive versions sound like, fuckinell
  4. Nice, what's it called, and is it any good? Love Berlin-period Bowie (mind you, I think everyone does)
  5. Haha, these threads can be dangerous territory... If you do get it, you'd better justify your purchase by posting some sweet jams ITT
  6. No bitcrushing for me , ah well Yeah, I feel you on the TG33. It's the wee joystick that does it for me, like you're piloting an IDM jet plane into four-dimensional crystal landscapes:
  7. Watmm PSS Krew! I have the 570, love it. That bitcrushing volume thing is awesome, RSP, must try it asap. The 570 has a wicked little drum machine and a rudimentary FM section which adds up to a lot of fun for very little cash on t'eBay
  8. This is pretty cool; sounds like the setup of a China Mieville novel
  9. I agree with the stuff above about Ghost Box over the last few years but I have to say this is a really nice record, with some beautifully-turned synth music on show. It's up on Youtube (for now, anyway) and well worth a listen:
  10. Imagine the Wrong MS Paint Thread, unfolding on this in real time
  11. Apologies if this has already been posted but there's a good docco up on Youtube about ancient folk craic:
  12. Haven't listened to any clips yet but purely from an aesthetic standpoint this rude boy is gorgeous, imo
  13. Scooping the mids might make your mixes sounds better... Smoking the mids definitely will
  14. Really like the sound of that soundcloud sampler, digging the artwork and overall vibe of this
  15. Yeah, 100%, I think it's a net good overall (if you'll excuse the pun), just got to have my old-man-cloud-yelling time
  16. Fucking hell man this thread is giving me the fear
  17. Scrolling down a page thinking 'hoho, can't wait to contribute to this rolling lol' and then finding that someone broke it and you missed the damn loltrain
  18. Bust my lip open by running into a cupboard as a wee lad and had to get stitches; that's about as dramatic as it got for me. I've been very lucky injury-wise, probably helped by being the least sports-inclined fucker out there.
  19. That sounds knackering man, hope you get sorted for a new spot asap
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