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  1. Can't remember what song it was on but the only youtube comment that's ever really stayed with me was one that just said "LEGALISE GAY WEED"
  2. Leon Sumbitches


    Better get your skates on, only 20% mineable bitcoins remaining
  3. That interview was my first encounter with Qebrus, cheers for that. Strange times, RIP
  4. Tesco Omega 3 Fish Oil capsules Unbranded vanilla-scented candle from B+M Bargains Copy of Rumours by Fleetwood Mac Lol @ Jamie Oliver cookbooks and Sports Direct mug; universal constants
  5. I remember watching some of his older lectures on comparative mythology and psychology, especially Jungian stuff, and quite liking them, but this was before the whole 'let's throw a wobbly about trans pronouns'/"cultural marxism" thing and adoption by the alt-right, which has subsequently put me off him; I think he's enjoying the present limelight a bit too much, perhaps. I don't quite agree with the moron part but I do think getting involved in full-on internet debates about complex IRL issues can be counter-productive and that this is something Peterson's very much fallen prey to. I remember there used to an old 4chan meme that said "arguing on the internet is like running in the Special Olympics: even if you win, you're still retarded", and whilst that's obviously an extraordinarily cruel way of wording it, I do basically agree with the sentiment; arguing online is an extraordinary waste of time, imo. I feel like the polarized-left/polarized-right debates that seem to be very big on US campuses at the moment are kind of like online debates that have spilled out into the 'real world', but in some ways still have that endless, petty, circular logic that characterises online debates, and I think this has become Peterson's main thing at the moment. Personally I wouldn't be thrilled if I found myself gathering a substantial coterie of alt-right fuckeroos as followers, and I'd start to wonder what, exactly, about my work, was attracting such people. Even if Peterson himself isn't exactly 'alt-right' (idk what his political persuasions are) I do feel like you have to take some responsibility for how people are interpreting the things you say, and this is something he's not necessarily done. Agree that the C4 interview demonstrated very poor journalism/interviewing skills. Edit: just realised I spent like 10 minutes writing a post about how online debates are retarded in order to post it in an online debate
  6. Company makes $1445 per second with this one weird trick! Taxmen hate him! CLICK HERE
  7. Fucking LOL! That's deep-level trolling, beautiful. Ascended Vaporwave Master/10
  8. I actually have nothing but respect for someone who dubs themselves Fractal Tetris Huracan, it's like transmogrifying yourself into a synth or something.
  9. Flol, looks like it was generated from the 'I need a new DJ name' thread or the 'Terrible Band Names' one Jacked Like A Man Lil Hack Donut Shookworth
  10. Came across this promo vid for New Songdo in South Korea (it's one of those utopian, largely bullshit 'smart city' initatives) and the mockup from 1.00 onwards captures a very vaporwave-but-in-the-2000s vibe, mute the official soundtrack (Sigur Ros? dunno) and play the vaporwave jam of your choice for maximum C R U I S I N G: Bonus points for the fake shop names at 4.00: Everrast, Euters, Baskin Bobbins
  11. Bulk, you are almost certainly not that guy. That guy's never even heard of WATMM.
  12. Lol @ AKG guy (and actually all the rest, keep up the divine work, brothers)
  13. First attempt at home-made sausage rolls turned out seriously tasty, yasssss
  14. For some reason I'm hearing this in Wesley Willis's voice
  15. Looking for some death fuck baby this evening Looking for some death fuck baby tonaaaiiiight
  16. I'm paranoid Squee's going to find out I've been stealing his clients
  17. Spoilered because not really GAS relevant but relevant to the distortion conversation on the previous page:
  18. Lol Bechuga, taping your BoC CDs to the wall for most IDM 2018 I'm probably in the minority here, I still buy quite a lot of CDs and listen to them on the reg, it's best of both worlds, IMO, you get your digital rips and your hard copy for deep listens on the good hifi/ playing on the crappy boombox whilst cooking dinner. I love tapes and am pretty nerdy about them but more as a sonic tool; I've never bought any new music on tape. Vinyl is nice but tends to be a second-hand lucky dip situation for me, mainly because I have a really crap turntable and am not invested enough to buy something nicer, plus I think once I started getting new (i.e. expensive) vinyl in I'd disappear down the rabbit hole completely.
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