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  1. Ninja Tune just announced that there will be a new Wagon Christ track on it's Ninja Tune XX comp, as well as a new full album being released "very soon".


    Looks like Luke finally pleased the tosspots holding the album back for years (i.e. it's finally "Ninja" enough for them). Here's hoping for a late Fall release.



  2. Baxter (Official Site)

    (first single is streamable there)



    Tell Me Like It Is


    Forgive Them

    Fire Ain't Ice

    Where Did Your Fire Go

    I Want It All

    Please Let Me Be

    Tell Me Like It Is

    Some Place Else

    I Keep Reminding Myself

    Compassion (Will Preserve It All)

    Doesn't Make Anyone Free

    We Will Find Peace



    I love their debut 14 years ago and, through blind luck, manage to obtain and enjoy their sophomore effort. The first single is OK, but I like the message. Here's hoping they'll provide a few snippets to the other tracks as they inch closer to release.


    Also, looks like they dropped Maverick/Warner Bros. altogether and decided release it themselves.


  3. FUCK! No Vibert :sad:

    Really? You don't have huge enough of a stock pile of vibert from 2008 etc? really?

    There was only Rodulate and the Rhythm EP's. Doesn't come to much interms for Vibert ;)


    Great releases coming up. I thought 2008 was a shit year for Mu but after looking at their discog the output was great as always. Nothing here I'd go crazy for to be fair but plenty I'll have a listen to, especially that Gemmy EP


    But you can NEVER have too much Vibert. ;-) but i'll peeps these releases too.

  4. I know it's from an old song from the 40s (50s? not really sure). Don't know the actual track name and artist, but the exact same song and sample were used in the video game "Bioshock" recently.

  5. I just downloaded the leak (and I'll give you my $20 come release day, Mr. Jenkinson) and the first track "Hello Meow" reminded me of fucking Mega Man (Around MM3 and MM5). Though the entire album sounded like a soundtrack to an old school video game, but teh first track definietly sounded like it came from Mega Man.


    Capcom should hire him.




  6. That from the Wagon Christ Source.




    WCS interviewed Luke a couple of years ago and he supplied a few mp3 samples from a few projects (SIMYL, YosepH, Kerrier District) and a few collab samples with Aphex and Squarepusher (though he said that they'll probably never get released formally).


    Go to the site, it's a good read.




    P.S. When will someone make a Luke Vibert smilie?!?!?!

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