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  1. Yeah I saw a very suspect thumbnail some time ago. No longer watch porn as a result.
  2. Oh shit, prima donna shit confirmed. Or maybe just uncomfortable with the social media over-sharing bizarro fuck fest. I’d go with the later.
  3. So she got fired because he didn’t want to be selfied? Well he must look quite aged now. Artists you like being turds irl is a fwp for sure. Edit: or did she get fired cos Jeff Mills is so 1993
  4. Nearly as bad as Jeff Mills Axis records branded leather driving gloves. Only worn them once to wank with.
  5. Stats say so. No. 1 lush lush
  6. the name is just too triggering *flounces off in a huff*
  7. Stephen is a bit precious. Soz Steve G
  8. Rose Poppy Daisy Corpse Flower
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