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  1. What we all need now is order out of chaos. Come on elite guys and gals legislate that shit, we’re ready. No, really.
  2. Two leading phrases in mass media: ‘’So we need to talk about...” & “What we know so far about... ” = WHAT WE WANT YOU TO BELIEVE ABOUT said topic
  3. Acid is played out. Acid needs furlough to survive.
  4. Here’s a link from the articles comments section https://swprs.org/a-swiss-doctor-on-covid-19/
  5. Not a favourite video but you need to watch this to understand what the british establishment are all about
  6. This is good advice
  7. Only trump supporters and right wingers, white supremacists, NRA nuts, rapists, murderers and child molesters think this is blown out of proportion.
  8. Authoritarianism of any kind is bad. Care to disagree?
  9. Authoritarian left wingers are as bad as right wingers. Same use of slogans, the lot
  10. What a hysterical load of guff. Fear the double digit IQ white peril! Fucking hilarious. ................ So. First things first. We need to talk about.... the huge clampdown on civil liberties the reaction to this con tagion has unleashed on society. Now this is TRUELY something to be afraid of.
  11. Maybe the ends justify the means (ie real purpose behind all this), remains to be seen.
  12. drome

    I need a DJ name

    DJ People are so gullible it’s frightening
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