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  1. He seemed like a unique and genuine guy. Feel really bad for giving him some stick one time. Didn’t know he was a troubled soul. Safe travels bud. Hope to make it up to you next time round x
  2. Espionage is a myth. Clandestine operations: fake news. There is no such thing as a conspiracy. Stay safe as fuck.
  3. dcom is a spook. my own conspiracy theory. just kidding A human creature born abnormally, inhumanly sensitive.To hima touch is a blow,a sound is a noise,a misfortune is a tragedy,a joy is an ecstasy,a friend is a lover,a lover is a god,and failure is death. —Pearl Buck
  4. Interesting article about the psychology of world leaders: https://opinion.inquirer.net/132031/from-pathocracy-deliver-us
  5. Of course I do. Ffs. I’m not denouncing maskers and vaxxers for nothing. Reasonable discussion about the draconian measures we’ve seen is simply dismissed and treated with utter contempt. Insulting labels like anti-masker, anti vaxxer and nut job are constantly bandied about. People attack you as a herd (always the usual suspects), as constantly happens to me on this forum whenever I offer different opinions/perspectives. So they deserve some of their own medicine... or a jab or two of my own (excuse the pun). For crying out loud, Fauci (the corrupt little shit) and others are saying ‘do
  6. They don’t own the basic concept. People deserve the right to decide their own destiny. This is obvious to any society that calls itself civilised.
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