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  1. Keep the ones you can call a cunt and get rid of the actual cunts.
  2. Thank you! Here's the video of my game: Strangely, the barrel boards are easiest from L=5 on and the difficulty caps til L=22, so you're looping the same game over and over. 75% of the time, if you run towards a ladder when a barrel is above you, it will go down the nearest ladder. Also from L=5 on, the wild barrels DK flings across the screen are a lot easier to avoid than in L=3 and L=4. Most players still get snagged by L=3 and L=4 wild barrels, no matter how good of a player they are. The game is LOADED with tricks and strats to maximize survival and points - safe spots, wall jumping, pie jumping, barrel grouping, when to get the hammer, etc. And players are still finding new strats and glitches. Once you're deep enough into the game, it just keeps on giving.
  3. They have amazing sound too. Any late 70s, early 80s games with speech synthesis are gold in my book.
  4. Dude, yes! This whole DK obsession of mine opened up a huge world of arcade gaming for me. Those old games are tough as nails but so satisfying to figure out.
  5. Between 1h45m and 2h. This game took me 1h48m. I'm uploading a video of my game right now. For players going for a million, it would take closer to 3h. The first time I tried it at a barcade around 2 years ago, it amazed me at how difficult the game was. Just getting to lvl2 was crazy hard. But it's such a good game in the way it keeps your interest. The game play and RNG of the barrels and fireballs keep it fun.
  6. Yeah, Twin Galaxies altogether is in shambles with numerous unverified scores by old guard players making up WRs. It's unfortunate since there's a lot of gaming history there as well as a lot of legit scores by some incredible modern players. When it comes to Donkey Kong, http://donkeykongforum.com is the 'official' gate keeper now and it has nothing to do with Twin Galaxies and Billy Mitchell. The site owner is the one who submitted evidence gathered by others of Mitchell's cheating which ended in Mitchell getting stripped of his Twin Galaxy and Guiness records. As a result, there's a rift between Billy supporters and players who want nothing to do with him, causing separate sects of DK communities.
  7. Haha, thanks. I have the MAME INP file and I'm trying to figure out the quickest and simplest way to create a video file to upload to youtube. 😛
  8. After a year of playing, I finally made it to the Donkey Kong Kill Screen with a score of 888100:
  9. It's on the list, but I promised myself to not buy any more new games for a while before finishing others I bought years ago. I just finished Shovel Knight and it was pretty fun. But I'm much more of a metroidvania fan than megaman/smb type of sidescrollers.
  10. It’s a good one even if it’s thematically weird with Stanley instead of Mario and having to spray bugs/bees. I want to get deeper into DKjr and DK3 once I kill screen DK (so close).
  11. Oh hi there! As a Monconian, I feel the need to defend my hometown. If you're into making money, NB isn't the place to be. But if you're fine with living modestly and still have access to big city things, Moncton is good. Rent and house costs are dirt cheap. There's a good art/music scene. There are some amazing parks and natural hideaways less than an hour outside the city. The case of a person dying while waiting at the hospital is extremely rare. But wait times of three, four, five hours is pretty standard. You bring a book or two, or a tablet with your charger when going through triage. I usually drive 40 minutes to Sackville when I want to get checked out for something since the wait times are usually less than an hour there.
  12. So that average would be $41,376 a year for rent. Also taking into account that $100k per year will be taxed heavily, the rent will eat up half or more of your net income. jesus titty fuckin' christ that's insane
  13. Hah, nice! I've been playing Deathsmiles in MAME, so fun.
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