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  1. Liar is way up there for me. Love this Shellac song:
  2. Browsing for amusing negative reviews, I get caught up in the agreed positivity of certain amazing albums:
  3. He's been around forever, listens to everything, is entertaining, and never gave a fuck. He's the best music critic you can completely agree with and to completely disagree with. He's great.
  4. I've warmed up to it after getting used to the laggy controls. The game has something like 4 to 12 frames of inherent input lag because of a bug in the code. But it's a more predictable and easier game than original Donkey Kong. I've recently cracked 100k and only 2 boards away from getting to lvl5. It then loops and the difficulty caps from then on.
  5. Trying for a million in DK and playing DKjr on the side.
  6. https://www.politico.com/story/2019/06/13/sarah-sanders-to-leave-white-house-1364563
  7. OK, wow, I just watched that CDDA video and the game looks insane! Rimworld is another rogue-like that seems more in line with CDDA. Others but more traditional Nethack-like: SLASH'EM, Tales of Maj'Eyal, Dungeons of Dreadmor, Caves of Qud.
  8. I played a fair bit of Nethack. Cataclysme seems more like Dwarf Fortress in its open ended game play though.
  9. He most likely does. He doesn't seem to joke about much.
  10. One of the great rare moments:
  11. I remember feeling confusion and disappointment when I rented it as a kid. Could make sense of what the game was or what you had to do.
  12. Keep the ones you can call a cunt and get rid of the actual cunts.
  13. Thank you! Here's the video of my game: Strangely, the barrel boards are easiest from L=5 on and the difficulty caps til L=22, so you're looping the same game over and over. 75% of the time, if you run towards a ladder when a barrel is above you, it will go down the nearest ladder. Also from L=5 on, the wild barrels DK flings across the screen are a lot easier to avoid than in L=3 and L=4. Most players still get snagged by L=3 and L=4 wild barrels, no matter how good of a player they are. The game is LOADED with tricks and strats to maximize survival and points - safe spots, wall jumping, pie jumping, barrel grouping, when to get the hammer, etc. And players are still finding new strats and glitches. Once you're deep enough into the game, it just keeps on giving.
  14. They have amazing sound too. Any late 70s, early 80s games with speech synthesis are gold in my book.
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