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  1. HUGE Rod Modell fan.. . first listens were a tad weary, kind of expecting "120 tunes sped up to 140" . . . everything feeling crammed in - all the gaps just made shorter. .. feels rushed, like teens wearing fluro mesh on speed with glowsticks trying to keep up with an impossible rhythm. . .. . it's one thing to just speed files up, rather than feel that new speed, coax it to follow human movement, new bridging movements to connect sounds, new patterns to create space and volume. .. . I was weary. But after those first few tentative listens. .. these feel good. .. I wish that aquatic filler, the swishing sighs, the blurred skies, would get dropped a bit more - replaced with something more fitting to these ratios, something more along a techno line, something more engineered and pressing . . . but nobody does this better, nobody brings this quality and feel. .. and due to the new form it does feel like a very welcome diversion from the always brilliant slower stuff, when the tracks get on it they really get on it !
  2. Already having 'negative post' regret. . . . Sigh.. . . LET IT GOOOOO ! LET IT GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO !
  3. It's this kind of titbit. . . . “Plaid continue to push the envelope for expansive electronic music” - Future Music 9/10 That makes me want to write down what I think about the album - what I think about most Plaid stuff. But it's all subjective isn't it. .. it doesn't really matter. It's not like I've got some weird feelings all piling up waiting for some kind of release. It's just good to chat, share points of view. . . maybe not negative ones though - no need no need. But man.. . . twiddly twiddly twiddly mindless blah blah. Cold limited lonely audio palette yikes. Yeah - I saw Bjork down rough trade. . . didn't we all. . .. drops kebab - moving on moving on. [Wipes a tear // / // immediately plays Bytes, Temple of Transparent Balls, Parasight, Spanners back to back then good new things by new people]
  4. Yep - ignore me.. . https://forum.watmm.com/topic/95689-new-ae-track-on-the-adult-swim-singles-program-2018-coming-soon/
  5. ? http://warp.net/news/autechre-listen-to-new-track-sinistrail-sentinel/
  6. All good Extralife ! Wish everyone on the internet disagreed with each other in such a pleasant manner. :) I'll listen to the album more . .. . absolutely. . . and try not to fight the strings and samples... I really am a huge djrum fan. OK OK OK - I may as well give the rap-rap-rapping on Dabrye tunes a go while I'm at it.. . . . . dang! (Marc genuinely goes off to listen to Three/Three) M x
  7. No probs Thaumaturge! It's hard to lay into an album that you kinda like big chunks of but fail to be convinced it works on a creative hollistic level. .. . djrum is obviously a crazy genius. .. . just this album fails for me. . .. . . so I had to balance the needless negative moaning (which it plainly is) with some positive recommendations for other disappointed djrum fans. M X
  8. I'm a HUGE djrum fan - and was very much looking forward to this release. .. but who do I share this sadness with? Thanks WATMM for just existing. .. . for being people and some place for me to just say what I'm thinking. This album is everything that was starting to become irritating in his music taken and extended - made more so. .. the breath samples, the film speech samples, the endless strings and cellos, the hyper-produced feel, that bloody off-beat handclap with loads of echo. . . . it all feels so lazy and mechanical now. .. like watching a movie director pull all the same old tricks to try and illicit certain responses. .. and it just feels tired and desperate. I'd bought a few things off Juno at the same time - and when the album finished musicbee started playing the JV&PALF single 'Wren'. . .. and it's kind of similar. .. but the freshness, the space, the direct modern joy. .. made me think 'oh djrum this is better .. .. highlight so far' - then I realised it was somebody else and the djrum album was over - it felt short, like it was just various versions of 2 or 3 tracks mixed and stuck together - same sounds, same structures, same oooh-ahhh samples. .. . . It's like words being written on paintings. .. it's ok a few times. . and some artists made it their own - basquiat, twombly, art&language (!) .. . . but for me it sticks out as being this lazy shortcut towards symbolism and meaning. . why try and make a beautiful painting when you can write the word beautiful ?.... . so everytime one of these bleedin samples appears on djrum tracks . .. talking about feelings, or being lost, or being otherworldly. . . it just bores the sh!t out of me. .. it immediately makes my eyes roll back in my head and ruins everything. . . it doesn't make me feel the feelings, it doesn't make me feel otherworldly. . . it makes me think 'ooh I wonder what film that's from'.. . and the track is ruined. Argh - just going back and playing everything else by djrum. .. . . it's all so good. .. . . but then. .. Broken Glass Arch.. . I buy virtually everything from R&S. .. but that has to be the first thing I just bought one track from.. .. should have listened to the warning sirens then I suppose. What else then? What's recent and similar but better? JV&Palf 'Wren' Hidden Element 'Voices EP' Kutiman 'Don't Hold Onto The Clouds' - longer, more spacious and mellow. Deadboy 'Psychic Hotline' (some) Kuoyah 'Aurorae' - part 2 more than part 1 Hugo Massien 'Advanced Aerial Threat' - esp Ursa Minor Cerebral-Cuts - all NAAK 'Dimensions' Asmar/Goinst 'Gallery EP' Avatism 'Bad Summer' .. . .. oh I think I could go on. .. . . so much good music - so sad that this album is just a terrible letdown.
  9. Hi Ignatius, I was lucky enough to snag the first code : glqf-gmk2 Been playing the tunes all day on loop - absolutely fantastic stuff - and hugely appreciated by these ears ! Will definitely be taking a look at your other bandcamp stuff. Huge Thanks, Marc. www.counterprojects.com www.hykuza.com
  10. Thought you might like to see my Ae inspired latest set of 3 (well they're all bloody Ae inspired aren't they eh?!?!). . see them BIG on the old website. .. I wonder what their titles could mean. .. . BBIINNEE, CCFFEERRNN, and UUVVIIOOLL . .. . of course (cough) if they were hoping for some artwork for the next (cough) album .. . . which will surely be called Dry Sane. .. I think 13 13"x13" paintings - one for each of the 13 tracks. .. all in an exhibition on launch . .. given away as prizes to super fanboy watmmers... .. got to happen hasn't it. . . . . . !!!!! Contact details are on my website yeh. .. . like. .. just saying. . .. www.marcjday.com :P To answer LARRY's earlier question. .. . they are done in layers. .. which I let dry - these are 4 layers.. .. rotring ink, watery acrylics (these are all done in one go to get all that crazy colour mixing and dispersion you get with really watered down acrylics on paper), white&glazes, more rotring ink.. . some take more layers - more time. .. . I do them in 3's or 4's for each 'series' . ... takes between 3-5 days to go through the whole kaboodle. :) Keep it going people! XX
  11. :) Huge Thanks! :) [humbly backs out of the room]
  12. Googles 'Fiona Rae'. Far more magical than my random stabs of paint and ink :) M.
  13. Always enjoyed looking at everybody's incredible creations on here, and always wanted to join in. . . hope some of you fine peeps like random meaningless noises. . . I mean. . . paint splats. :) http://www.marcjday.com https://www.instagram.com/marcjday/
  14. How different it all used to be . .. "really?" you ask, in the modern hyper-cynical brogue. How different? I had a recurring dream, in the nineties, of wandering around an unpinnable english city, an amalgamation of shop fronts, ancient victorian curved glass, bad lighting, shoddy shelves and crates smothered in white stickers and black marker. I'd root around the shop and find a small bundle of amazing cds... . I'd try and memorise their names for when I woke up. "Well - that's not much of a dream is it?" you say, internetted up to the gills with forums, search engines, online stores, fan pages, links, information, information, information. It's hard, I expect, for a lot of people to understand buying things because the word 'instrumental' was mentioned, or buying things because the artwork suggested the contents might be electronic, futuristic, modern. It was such a gamble then - you couldn't listen to samples, you couldn't download it for free then buy it, nobody else you knew liked anything anywhere NEAR what you liked. It was all so rare, you were alone, nobody else knew, you had to hunt, you had to travel, you had to buy, you just had to keep going - surely we all dreamed the dream of magical finds in record shops. For me - it all started in the aquarium underneath the Blackpool Tower & Ballroom - they were playing Tomita "Snowflakes are Dancing" - late seventies, dim light, big fish, the most incredible electronic sounds - so otherworldly, so never-existed-before, so beyond new, so future. . . . the fish mouthed at me, the iron tower above trembled with the pure electronically generated sound waves. Here was music that talked without words, that brought images to your mind without forcing them down your throat, and here started a journey into instrumental electronic future music - that opened doors for the imagination to step into a world not yet created and of landscapes not yet scorched by fierce inventions. Then followed a difficult period of random discoveries, jumping from isolated island to isolated island - jarre, tangerine dream, vangelis, mike oldfield - then some electronic pop - but not really - it just didn't have that distance - that open-ness. . . . art of noise, cabaret voltaire, brian eno, harold budd, front 242, frontline assembly. . . Then - University - Sheffield - 1989. The WARP shop. . it was always there as far as I can remember.. . didn't feel special, just a record shop. .. and of course the staff were friendly/aloof/unapproachable. .. more because I was a mortal and they were cool/different. The world went 'bleep' - but it was all idiotic dance music - for drugged up ravers. I bought a giant slab of purple - sweet exorcist - clonk 12" - that was different. Bought Selected Ambient Works CD from the WARP shop - mustn't have been out long. It was a recession - so back home to Mum in Liverpool I went - on the dole - spending my money on cds. . . most things on WARP were instabuys (as the kids say these days) - Polygon Window, Black Dog Bytes, B12. .. . all so incredibly different to each other.. . like entire genres to themselves, flying ever outward - away from the slushy dull noise of what the radio played. Then - there it is - like my recurring dream - the graphics, the warp label, the magical amazing cd - all future and shiny. Probe Records - Button Street - Liverpool - 1993. It was winter and cold - the steps were wet and slippy - it might have been out a week. Then - each release as it came out - in the early days, in Bristol, hunting up and down Park Street, randomly finding them - not knowing they were being released - usually in november - or so my memory tells me, always in november. Wondering where the first Beaumont Hannant mix was. ANTI ep - how dare they stop people dancing. . . subversive black sticker over blank aqua. Wonderful to listen to the changes over time - the advances - the development - the unstoppable development. Being so infatuated with the bleeding tip of new music - not caring for 95% of music after a few months, there's more there - there's always more - you follow that cusp of the wave - you are the music - you are the here and now boys. From that cusp - I look about - there's not much music now that has the future HIDDEN within it - so much of it settles for small parts of what the future was once seen as possibly becoming - it all sounds very present - very now - but not plucked from the distantly heard echoes of future possibility. That is Autechre. M.
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