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  1. No - but a terrible NEED to all talk in the same childish cynical voice whilst constantly spamming disposable memes is. . .
  2. SIGN is definitely at the bottom. Worst album they've ever done by quite some way. Dire.
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  4. Googles 'Fiona Rae'. Far more magical than my random stabs of paint and ink :) M.
  5. Always enjoyed looking at everybody's incredible creations on here, and always wanted to join in. . . hope some of you fine peeps like random meaningless noises. . . I mean. . . paint splats. :) http://www.marcjday.com https://www.instagram.com/marcjday/
  6. How different it all used to be . .. "really?" you ask, in the modern hyper-cynical brogue. How different? I had a recurring dream, in the nineties, of wandering around an unpinnable english city, an amalgamation of shop fronts, ancient victorian curved glass, bad lighting, shoddy shelves and crates smothered in white stickers and black marker. I'd root around the shop and find a small bundle of amazing cds... . I'd try and memorise their names for when I woke up. "Well - that's not much of a dream is it?" you say, internetted up to the gills with forums, search engines, online stores, f
  7. Ventongimps is in cornwall - drive past it a lot. :)
  8. jbuonacc - I went through a very similar thought process myself. .. 1) am I just imagining this? B) is it REALLY a sample Ae have used - or just something freakishly accidentally similar? IV) has this minute sample snippet been INSERTED into my mp3 by a devious Ae prankster at a much later date? There are those weird moments when you're watching an old movie, or overhear someone playing an oldd tune, and the stream of information plays past your brain but something GRABS that stream and shouts at you 'I know this from somewhere else' over and over again.... unfortunately I don't ge
  9. Kinda random I know - but maybe someone will want to add this to a list of Autechre samples .. . . Basscadet Tazmx sample from Beaubourg Part 2 - 16.39 Sounds like it might be made from scrunched up other bits as well. The part straight after that sounds very BOC! (cough) I'll get my khaki waterproof. Apologies if this is _already_ well known M x
  10. [brain] switching vacillating between it's all just too late grab the knife grab the knife to even bother chiming in but bothersome froth of the everything open now now now if it's all meaningless and worthless then nothing matters - so do everything away and scheme plot and falter blah and plummet it's all too late to even find you've missed the boat you missed the f*cking harbour mate ding the meter still ticks say it passenger say it or just give the god damn freakin hell up it's a shit ep there that wasn't too bad got it all out, late, aborted, fantastic frying me
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