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  1. Four waddings and a funeral There's something about Mari Venam Jurassic Parc Boogie Niehts As goud as it gets
  2. if I start making all these longer, I want to make them 'jump off the page' somehow. not sure what that means though
  3. thnq! I guess FL default tempo is ok
  4. the tune or the activity?
  5. uhrcomerlnnlln njflubobwe nnjfenjkllnjnjewnnuliuusandblargunjewjnfzjnjobsersjklklobstorgahppsofe we fkkj wej;;;;j;;j;jkkke ; ew fjkenjnkifew jopopo joppp joPPoAPO JOPPO MATE soddinbs Joppo JOP JOP JOPKKA JOPPPKAAAA sodding sogbaglas jobbo BOskos bjobbo BOSKOS JOBBOS U CUNT FUR Q fur you limbing oopet gorrin ajk3RK£ koperc enjn;feefww if i yoiu tyee iisokg mg tjhhe de e te kkek oso yiu et agmenned k sopaeh lieks thhis j ayou hahjhh v hh tootpoe reall 3
  6. I'm finding the timing, the notes and the timbres to be somehow too melodic, if it's possible for timing to be melodic - I want to work out how to be more twisted and distorted without being random and 'edgy' (just a note to myself really, but if anyone has any tips, I'm interested)
  7. yeah I see what u mean, fm synths always remind me of things second attempt, still sucks:
  8. Trans¾ormers Here»itary Beauty and the Bœast
  9. because of the opposite but same thing - it is easier to be openly trans online sometimes
  10. nah, just the right dress
  11. I was gonna say rhubarb so my family feels upset and strange, then it just dawned on me that most of them could be dead by that point - like, my mum probably wont be at my funeral - not a thought that had occurred to me for some reason
  12. Something about the smoothness of the beats I suppose, also doesn't feel emotionally as frenetic as some Analord stuff for example. Listening to this rn, this is what I might call hardcore
  13. Just curious - do you all enjoy the medium energy stuff (like this) he does? Or you prefer either ambient or hardcore stuff more?
  14. It's almost like a cheesy song people would sing along to when drunk, but nobody would know it well enough to sing it
  15. I love that album, unironically
  16. the 'most average' is like the blackest grey
  17. "Give me your glum-glum!" she said
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