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  1. I love this album, there’s lots of really nice bass. I think it works really well as a whole, the drums on recall remind me of LCC by Ae. I only hope there’s a North American tour, their set on the Digging Remedy tour was awesome. The live version of Do Matter they played was incredible, it was twice as long with an amazing ending. It totally took me by surprise, heh.
  2. I just finished listening to Digging Remedy in full, it was so chill. And thanks for dropping by the Plaid forum again buddy!
  3. The opening track is amazing, I’m very happy about this. I didn’t get into Caramel until just recently, but I’m totally on board now.
  4. Yeah, been listening to this a lot, the colder beginning breaks you down so the last two tracks really hit hard. Great driving music too.
  5. Hah, I’m listening to it again, it’s so dreamy.
  6. I actually just got my cd box set in the mail today and I was listening to it when I wrote my reply, still really like it. Had to turn down the treble a little bit on my amplifier, but that’s true for the whole thing, lots of sharp digital edges.
  7. It’s actually my favorite track so far, hah.I can smell a lie like a fart in a car Nope, when I first heard it on the broadcast I was really blown away, no fooling
  8. It’s actually my favorite track so far, hah.
  9. Heh, the bleep picture of the vinyl clearly shows a record that looks like it has seven tracks on the one side. I know they just used a stand-in because they don’t have the real ones yet but it made me laugh, given earlier speculation about this being a secret album.
  10. It’s very interesting how spread out the stereo is on this song, love the ravey ending, totally awesome. I did not have a seizure which is nice.
  11. How do you know there aren’t any in cooler places? We’re just relying on random people walking by and taking pictures so far. Hopefully warp will have some nice photos of all these posters when they tell us what they’re for, hah
  12. Awesome, and it’s all new material, the shipping is a bit brutal, but I might have to go for it. The stuff he’s been doing on Firescope has been really killer.
  13. Lexicon is easily my favorite track with a Kazumi vocal. Her style works really great with jungle. And there’s a physical release, I’m very pleased.
  14. It's great getting to listen to these again, thanks for the links. I still love everything in the More 94-95 Stuff playlist. The batch before that was all brilliant as well. I'd love a cd version sometime, More 94-95 would sound great while driving. But I know, it's out of the question, I'll just have to listen to Somerset Avenue Tracks in the car again, what a harsh life I lead. Man, Drivel really is great, wow. Checking back on my older posts, I would like to hear, Mink, N+P2nk (cycle), No Rules, Qis (the power), pH 5, PC5 and Xolbe 1, if you get a second
  15. I really like how this record seems to go on a journey, the opening tracks are fairly straightforward, but by the end you're out in the depths of space somewhere. It reminds me a lot of Roedelius' Wasser Im Wind, I don't know why, maybe just the overall tone of the record, I know they sound rather different.
  16. The price has gone a bit crazy, the Monologue is a complete analog monosynth with a keyboard, integrated midi and a sequencer and it's only 300 US dollars. The Intellijel Atlantis costs 700 and you still need a power supply, a case, a sequencer and a keyboard controller that sends cv. I don't get why these modules cost more when they don't even have metal enclosures, just a front plate.
  17. Just got this, really great stuff with dreamy melodic moments cut with grime and synth r&b. Jessy Lanza is on one track, which is always a bonus. And there are some killer basslines, you'll be radiating low frequencies in all directions if you blast this while driving.
  18. I am thinking May might be a bit optimistic. But definitely before the end of summer, maybe.
  19. Reflekzionz was really great, so I'm definitely getting this. It has a very distinct mood to it that I like. I haven't gotten around to his other releases yet, I have to remember to do that.
  20. See, I said it would take forever and it did. I also said it would be perfection, and I stand by that as well.
  21. Wolf's Rain Soundtrack by Yoko Kanno, I couldn't help it, I just finished watching it and found the soundtrack used for a couple dollars.
  22. There's an Apple TV version too, which is probably not going to be much help. But in the unlikely event you own one, you can have a 24 hour Eno channel on your television.
  23. I know, when I saw them on the Reach Prints tour, they had nothing for sale. Which is weird, I thought that merchandise sales were how bands on tour made most of their money.
  24. This sounds great, these tracks remind me of Eye Robot from Scintilli, which I was just listening to this morning driving into work. I really like the minimal feel they have. Hope they play them this weekend, they'd sound nice live on a big system. I'm surprised that warp only just posted info on their tour, the first show's tonight.
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