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  1. Yeah that call was too big. I think that was the gin talking.
  2. Bill Burr puts out two podcasts a week (usually solo), which is enough to run any mere mortal dry of material. He probably has the most consistent podcast for a solo "stream of conscious" kind. I enjoy his repetition. Doug Stanhope has a podcast which I've enjoyed. I think I've ended up liking his podcast more than any of his comedy. http://stanhope.libsyn.com/
  3. Sabbath Assembly have been doing some homage to The Process Church of the Final Judgment (1960s cult that allegedly inspired Charles Manson allegedly) using written music from their services. (allegedly)
  4. This is how to dislike the music that you dislike. Intense empathy.
  5. Warning: Horrible. All his videos are horrible. Gold Mine of Comedones. Surely that picture above should portray the horribleness you should expect. In the "eww that's gross" sense.
  6. Albums I like that are Metal since this thread went quiet. Doom slow type: Bell Witch - 2012 - Longing http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PmFCiSbyW1s Anhedonist - 2012- Netherwards Trying to be a more modern metal butthole surfers sometimes: Art of Burning Water -2013- This Disgrace http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_zXDLLrEEUw As tough as we can get metal Nails - 2013- Abandon All Life http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ON4UaEmH5XM Seen it described as 'Party metal' or 'death n roll', kind of fun metal from Norway but I'm not sure if I like this album as much as their last. Kvelertak - 2013 - Meir http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AJ1tpmBswSY
  7. Purling Hiss Sometimes retro '90s, Sometimes retro '70s in a retro '90s way. http://www.dragcity.com/products/water-on-mars It is ok music for the retro '90s rock but it is a BAD artist name. *edit* and even worse publicity blurb... ugh...
  8. I read through the comic in the last week and definitely found it more enjoyable than the television series. The comic uses the "man's inhumanity to man" / "the monster is within" and "What would you do to survive? Would you Really?" themes well. The television show pretends to use the same themes but doesn't do it as extremely or well. Now I've read the comic I think: What is the point of the television show that can't match the powerful themes? I'm not pretending the comic is flawless... but for a zombie apocalypse story it does a more convincing "humanity is it's own worst enemy" experience. Which is fairly well the point of all major zombie fiction. P.S. War already. Fuck.
  9. Astrobotnia – Untitled Flipper – Shed No Tears Pallbearer – Foreigner AFX – Untitled Ween – Pass the Bong Flipper – Sex Bomb Sparks – Angst In My Pants Pallbearer – The Legend Pallbearer – Devoid of Redemption Deerhoof – Flower Flipper – Living For The Depression Flipper – Ha Ha Ha Reinbert de Leeuw – Erik Satie – Vexations –Side A Flipper – Ever Melvins – Eye Flys Pallbearer – An Offering Of Grief Townes Van Zandt – To Live Is To Fly Sparks – Something For The Girl With Everything Sparks – Never Turn Your Back On Mother Earth Sparks – Mickey Mouse Beck - Stormbringer Leonard Cohen – Avalanche Flipper – Life Flipper – Life Is Cheap Daniel Johnston – True Love Will Find You In The End last.fm.... Untitled songs shouldn't really count.
  10. octopus


    Like they say, Propaganda is the next step. A Woofer in Tweeter's Clothing Angst in My Pants Halfnelson Big Beat No. 1 in Heaven Lil Beethoven is a good minimal kind of album. All are good. EXCEPT: Interior Design is probably the only album I cringe at. Don't worry no-one can - the search box here is as useful as an expander is to Clark. To find something on here just use google and add inurl:forum.watmm.com at the end of what you're searching for. I still feel like a cunt about that. I knew that. Once. Moment of selfish thread creation. Thanks for that.
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