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  1. Love it too, as well as Brivert & Muonds (so groovy!) and Organ Plodder. These three tracks together don't really fit in with the EKT album as such, but I'm glad Richard decided to include them anyway for the nostalgic heads out there. They're so mid 90's IDMish!
  2. So, what is (are) the four letters word(s) Russian foreign minister is talking about? LIES or LIAR? Other suggestions are welcome.
  3. These are awkward times for the american governement. Wanna see how they try forcing down our throats the idea that Russia is behind the DNC leaks to help Donald Trump get elected? Try watching this without cringing. This is bad theatre. It's like saying, well, instead of addressing the real possibility of a rigged political party (which the DNC leaks seemed to suggest), let's focus on Russia, our archenemy, even if we have NOTHING concrete to present about the matter, and let's never EVER talk about what the leaked e-mails revealed, even if we have A LOT of information about this, thanks to these e-mails. So dishonest, so absurd, so illogical, so stupid, unless they're all trying to make sure that Hillary Clinton gets elected. Then, this is all makes perfect sense. They're protecting one of their own. But then again, if this is indeed what they're doing, it means that the whole american political system is rigged. Oops. https://youtu.be/ZK673kl74_0?t=128
  4. Remember how the mainstream media has been trying to frame Trump as this anti-press and anti-free-speech, almost totalitarian figure? It's been said and written by different journalists over and over and over. Trump is against medias. Trump hates the press. Trump has thin skin, he can't tolerate questions by journalists. Etc., etc. Well, I think it was interesting to see Peston on Sunday ask Julian Assange, quite the living symbol of free speech and free press if there ever was one, what he thinks about the issue. By the way, I find it sad that CNN, FOX News, MSNBC, (etc.), are not even curious to ask him the same questions. As I said, they don't even mention his name! All in the name of democracy, of course. Anyway, here it is. *** PESTON. What you are saying, what you have been publishing hurts Hillary Clinton. Would you prefer Trump to be president? ASSANGE. Well, I think Trump is a completely unpredictable phenomenon. You can't predict what he would do in office. You can predict a bit more what the republican party would do in office. From my personal perspective, well, you know, the e-mails we published show that Hillary Clinton is receving constant updates about my personal situation. She has pushed for the prosecution of Wikileaks, which is still in train. So, we do see her as a bit of a problem for freedom of the press, generally. Source: https://youtu.be/VGG0jKB0oLE?t=105
  5. So, was it the Russians or was it not? Finally, they asked Julian Assange about this. Julian Assange who, after all, is the guy who published the leaks. See his answer: https://youtu.be/ON4t85oX99E?t=647 (at 10min46sec) About the so-called "experts" who say the hack was made by Russia: "Clinton's campaign manager was asked by Jake Tapper who are these experts, can you name them? The answer was no, a refusal to name the experts." About sourcing: "We never reveal our sources, obviously." "No one knows who our sources are. It's stricly speculation." Who else, then, could have hacked the DNC? "The DNC has been hacked dozens and dozens of times (extensively) over the last few years." *** So, is this simply another smoke screen, another example of diversion tactics in modern politics? According to Julian Assange, of course it is! I wonder who I should be believing here... Hillary Clinton and the DNC, James Comey and the FBI, Loretta Lynch and the DOJ or Julian Assange and Wikileaks?
  6. For those curious to know more about the 20 000 DNC e-mails leaks, Anonymous made the navigation easier: http://www.anonews.co/wikileaks-dnc-document/
  7. Do you remember when Bernie said, during one of the debates against Hillary, that "it might not be good politics, but I think she's right. Americans are sick and tired of hearing about Hillary's damn e-mails!" I remember Trump, the day after, saying: "Bernie just handed Hillary the primaries" and he was so right. It's now coming back to haunt him and his supporters. We were sick and tired of Hillary's lies and we wanted to know more about what her e-mails contained. There is a big difference! And who cares if Russia hacked the DNC or not? This smells like bullshit to me, another way to turn our attention away from the serious concerns at play here. It's what the e-mails reveal that's interesting, not who had the courage to find a way into their system. Also, have you noticed how almost no one in the mainstream media is talking about Julian Assange?! They barely mention Wikileaks! All they want to talk about is Russia, Putin, Trump, dictatorship, Russia, Putin, Trump, dictatorship, over and over and over and over again, on every major news channel. Why should I believe the Clinton machine if they tell me the hackers were coming from Russia, when everything else they've been saying for a year to justify Hillary's private servers were lies and make-believe? And why is no one preparing themselves for the next huge leak, which, according to Julian Assange, should allow the FBI to indict Hillary Clinton?
  8. https://pp.vk.me/c624624/v624624017/1eeb4/EYkx8jBR_98.jpg
  9. Love him or hate him, what he is doing is great in terms of making fun of politicians. Only comedians usually do it, now a presidential candidate is going for it. I think he is neither conservative nor democrat, he is bringing american politics beyond that. Wish we could have a Trump in Canada. Our ongoing elections have been so boring, like every other election before. Harper, Trudeau, Mulcair... they will all change the world! Yeah, right. Now for some trumpian entertainment. :)
  10. Two other movies down the drain. It's not movies we need to cover the electronic music movement, it's documentaries. I keep trying to find good ones but they don't exist yet. Of course, there are many filmed interviews here and there, there is also I dream of wires which was great, but we need at least 10 other good ones like that to cover other grounds and not just the modular geeks out there. So much work needs to be done in that department. But movies like these two? Give me a break hehe... We won't learn much there.
  11. MassfreeKid


    "Jay Z reportedly hasn't yet paid the licensing fees to the copyright holders of much of Tidal's music, and the company was just hit with a huge $50 million lawsuit in July, when Cash Money claimed Tidal's exclusive premiere of Lil Wayne's new album "Free Weezy" was an illegal copyright infringement. There doesn't seem to be much hope for a boost in subscribers at this point, and rather than continue to bleed millions in his own resources, Jay Z is reportedly looking to cut his losses." http://www.techtimes.com/articles/73344/20150804/jay-z-reportedly-planning-tidal-exit-strategy.htm I love it when stupid people with tons of cash loose tons of cash because they are stupid.
  12. MassfreeKid


    It's rarely been as amateurish as this whole Tidal debacle. I agree with Dr Lopez tho, it's so funny.
  13. It's cool that Thomas is handling a couple of interviews about Moonbuilding. You can tell he's technically in charge but that Alex has his part into the process. ** In a way, it was almost like having too many ideas for your own good, because you couldn’t replicate them all exactly at the time you had them. Yeah, the cooking just took too long for the ideas to stay in the picture! (laughs) I often feel that Alex was being held back, because he was mainly coming from the corner of the studio where the DJ setup is, and sometimes his ideas didn’t get across to the guys at the desk. He had so much waiting time. Today, I’m the one adapting to the speed of his new ideas. To be honest, I feel our whole work has benefited from that option. Would you say that, after 20-plus years of collaboration, you guys have a good shorthand for how you work together? Oh, we’re actually impressed that things are still exciting for us when we go into the studio. We don’t have to kick ourselves to get going and say, “OK, we have to go to work.” The fact is, Alex lives in London and I live in Berlin. But most of the time, Alex comes over to Berlin to record, and then we really lock ourselves away from the outside world to just focus on the work. We treat it as, you know, “OK, this week is production time,” and we’re not distracted by our day-to-day lives. That’s something we learned was the most fruitful process for us. Source: http://www.digitaltrends.com/music/interview-thomas-fehlmann-the-orb/ And in this French interview, Thomas goes further into how he and Alex compose music together, They both bring ideas to the table. They always do it together. No parts are pre-composed: they discover it together in the studio. I might translate a paragraph or two for the skeptics. Source: http://www.tsugi.fr/magazines/2015/06/22/orb-interview-ecoute-nouvel-album-10574 There was another new interview with Thomas but I can't find it now... He was saying exactly which DJ machines Alex is using when they're composing, What I would like to ask Thomas, tho, is: what did you think of Kris' rants? What would you say to those people who think that Alex Patterson is using you to hide the fact that he can't compose shit? I'm tired of how a single rant can ruin a person's reputation.
  14. Nope, I hadn't! I love to spot iOS apps on records, I guess they will become more and more present over the years.
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