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  1. tbh when twigs released the singles for Magdalene i didnt feel as drawn either but it all makes sense in an album form. if u ignore track 4 (which is not great, for twigs' standards), the album is really really good. The production in almost all of the tracks is topnotch, made me fall in love with her music all over again. as for the album art, i certainly wouldnt say it's horrible. reminds me of the way Michelangelo used to draw female forms which i find v interesting
  2. after many unreleased collabs there's finally a proper release ❤️ and it's such a good song
  3. looking forward to her album. also her video for invisible is pretty awesome
  4. hi resye from hyperfrequence crew, the drum patterns are very interesting, i like the bass too. nicely done! cool vibe overall the track loses its focus after a while tho, mainly due to the main synth. the melody is kinda random for my liking ?
  5. hey sine, this is really good! all the elements on the track fit well in my opinion, the melody and the overall build up keeps me interested throughout. the only thing that i would change is the snare sound that starts at 0:59, it's a bit dry and it stands out more than it should imo. also maybe try to slowly change the sound of the melody synth from the 2nd half onwards? smth as simple as increasing the resonance, the release, or playing around with the delay effect could elevate the song even more.
  6. the guitar is a nice addition to the purely electronic instrumentation, it adds something special imo. but i do think it would fit much nicer as a less dominating sound in the song, something that compliments the overall atmosphere in a subtler way. more ambient-ish. another idea would be to just build up that melody even more, maybe you wont even need the other instruments to support the song! the guitar melody is strong enough on its own. when i think of electronic + guitar sounds, im having these in mind (maybe you'll find them inspiring): gaussian curve - broken clouds skyramps - days of thunder emeralds - does it look like im here?
  7. thanks for the feedback man, i appreciate it a lot. idk if i'll make more changes at this point but i'll def keep in mind your suggestions. also amber is one of my fave albums of theirs (early ae in general) so im happy to hear it reminded you of them even slightly!
  8. ah thank you thank you, im so relieved that someone likes it i wanted it to sound v sharp, almost irritating but yea maybe i overdid it with the loudness at some parts
  9. https://opholus.bandcamp.com/album/dense https://opholus.bandcamp.com/album/dense
  10. great collection of songs.. this definitely helped me relax, much needed! favourite tracks: robotaju / robot brain and ootel / on hold
  11. interesting stuff. loving the selection of samples and the track arrangements! fave tracks 2, 7 and 10
  12. i really like the main synth (the one at the beginning), it adds spatial qualities throughout the track. also, the juxtaposition of the melodic parts with the modular synth goes very well together. this track is a nice musical journey!
  13. oooh the beats are very interesting, i like the L/R separation that you've done. very nice touch with the samurai samples too, it adds character to the track!
  14. i love this, im picturing myself dancing at the club with this song. i like the distorted drums and how the bass sound evolves through time, cool outro too! the only thing im not suuure if like is the vocals but it fits the track.
  15. nice! i definitely get in the zone once the beat starts. very atmospheric with a good choice of instruments, they fit very well together. :) the drums are definitely the prominent part of this song, up until the 2nd minute. i like the overall progression, i'm just not sure about the melodic part. i like the little mallet delays around 4:23 / 4:44. as auditor said, it's a chill song with nice details spread around. probably my least favourite of the three, the melody gets a little too repetitive for my taste, but i still enjoy how you built the atmosphere around it. nice job overall :)
  16. hey qt has been released not as exciting as sophie's and ag kook's previous songs i would say. the production is nice though! this mix sophie did in boiler room is more interesting imo https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8fFk2Ns18J8
  17. sophie is one of the few artists that took me some time to digest their music before i could appreciate it a bit more. it looks like there is a "movement" with musicians who release similar music on a record label called "PC music" (and elsewhere, possibly). kid-like voices, bubbly beats etc. most of the songs have a fun-playground feel https://soundcloud.com/pcmus/gfoty-secret-mix https://soundcloud.com/pcmus/pc-music-x-disown
  18. here are some samples from the album
  19. http://neuon.bandcamp.com/album/mri I have to say that i'm very very happy to share this (my first!) album with you guys, it's probably one of the things that i have put the most effort and time on. Pretty exhausting I have to say.. I hope that you will enjoy this album as much as I enjoyed making it :)
  20. mirror

    X Y Z

    since i cannot edit my first post, here's the EP again for anyone who's interested: http://neuon.bandcamp.com/album/x-y-z https://soundcloud.com/neuon/sets/x_y_z
  21. woah, it got me right from the start, that doesn't happen often :) this is very good! the instruments are well balanced but i would suggest the drums to be just a bit more flat/less reverby? i just wanna listen to the snare a bit clearer but again, it's nice the way it is, i guess it depends on how atmospheric you want it to be. it does have a retro spacey/underwater feel to it, which is great
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