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  1. thanks for info. i guess no one knows about who4; that one's my favorite. i just checked and i'm at roughly 300 albums in my bandcamp collection. i'd gladly add who4 and multiple others by the artist if i could... (edit, to be clear, i bring up the 300 to try to give evidence that i'd really put my money where my words are, if i could. probably most people here consider this collection small.)
  2. anyone know if (a) the identities are known, (b) if there's any plan for digital releases? i still listen to these fondly, but have not purchased them, as i have no vinyl player. i would gladly buy them in digital form, AND buy further (digital) releases from the artists if i knew their identities. this situation is pretty awful
  3. absolutely ecstatic for this release.. that warm bliss of the wagon christ vibe. and the track that's up on bandcamp is glorious! regarding "cordialotron", vibert seems to love music and love listening to music, and is often sticking our favorite 90s tracks in his mixes. he also uses analogue bubblebath 1 and lfo to great effect in his mixes...
  4. I insta-bought since I insta-bought the previous two, but am heavily underwhelmed*; it seems to be mostly filler, though the track which was available pre-purchase on bandcamp is indeed excellent. more and more i've found this with brooks: his albums have maybe 1-2 good tracks (which are available pre-purchase), and the stuff he hides behind the paywall is filler. this is very sad for me, since years back when i first discovered him, i was blown away by his variety and consistent quality. but multiple releases now are dominated by filler (annoyingly hidden behind paywall), and i've
  5. sounds pretty good, looking forward to it my favorite d'arcangelo is this "80s mix". it was on one of the rephlex braindance compilations (and also on a full album)
  6. same comment as everyone else: phenomenal music, but ridiculous that they are still withholding digital release ultimately, in these situations, people without a vinyl player (and who refuse to get vinyl players for various reasons) just pirate. this exculsivity makes no sense, i can't imagine it helps artists. indeed it causes their art to be locked away... it's even more offensive when the website has short digital samples; clearly they've digitized it already...
  7. hmm, i still can't download whities 11 from bandcamp... but i can get it from bleep finally so frustrating whities hides most of their back catalogue!
  8. thanks for the pointer! album is also up on bandcamp: https://l-a-n-a-r-k.bandcamp.com/releases on the other hand, if he gives bleep more sales, perhaps warp/bleep put more effort into promoting him? hard to say which purchase benefits lanark artefax the most...
  9. Yeah, or back in the day it was even more extravagant, e.g., you'd have to buy a whole carefully-packaged abnormally priced vinyl before hearing much if anything. I used to be a big supporter of his, but there were a few such blind purchases that left me a little frustrated. Fumi I remember you from some old threads on him, iirc often you started them, and i'm a little sad you feel the same way as me, though also feel a little more comfortable continuing this way now (lol). I like the first track of this release but it's annoying i can't find the whole album even on spotify?
  10. will get this for diagram vii (80s mix) that is such a godly track https://darcangelo-suction.bandcamp.com/track/diagram-vii-80s-mx-2
  11. YES god-level bump; thank you, internet man BONUS trivia: the image on that track is taken from glorious cover art for (one edition of) joe haldeman's "forever war", a classic "military scifi" book.
  12. sorry, i did not mean that. I wish... I was using "civil defense..." only as an example of his earlier work being more fresh and inspired, unfortunately. I do still think "applied music vol. 2" is pretty good compared with his last few years of releases, though. Also, somehow I haven't listened to jon brookes much since my initial discovery (3-4 years ago?) and subsequent consumption of the various pseudonyms.. oh well.
  13. yes. the stuff like shapwick, 52, walberswick, agri montana and autres directions were my least favorite. actually didn't even bother picking them up as the samples didn't do anything for me. this isn't bad, but it's still got too many ambient songs. i really miss the early advisory circle sound (eg. as the crow speaks) where it sounded like there were actually instruments and not all electronics. this new stuff is all electronics and not all that memorable. maybe it will grow on me, but upon first listen it's wasn't anything special overall it just sounded more inspired and alliv
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