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  1. Hi, When I saw Ae in 2016 they were supported by this Andy Maddocks guy from Skam Records. I almost liked him better than Autechre that night. Unfortunately I can't seem to find any good recordings of that set or anything else by him, except these: Can anyone help me out or recommend some of the artists he played during the OneSix Tour? Thanks
  2. Was sad to hear this. Really enjoyed his music. http://variety.com/2018/film/news/johann-johannsson-dead-dies-theory-of-everything-sicario-1202694567/
  3. This is really cool. Great mixing. Really enjoyable listen despite being annoying glitch idm.
  4. Dunno if this counts but i have like a massive boner for this guy's music and maybe someone shares my endorsement. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fUsp58i3rYo https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NL2-9wpAKQE
  5. I thought this was a thread on Wolfgang Voigt.
  6. duh on a side note, has anyone noticed there are what sounds like blowjob-sounds at the end of this track?
  7. Cool idea. Hope this gets some attention.
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