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  1. >Oneohtrix Point Never - Lead Voice on Babylon, The Station, Black Snow, Still Stuff That Doesn’t Happen >Prurient - Voice on Babylon, Warning and Same >Kelsey Lu - Keyboards on Manifold and Last Known Image Of A Song >Anohni - Voice on Black Snow, We’ll Take It, Same and Still Stuff That Doesn’t Happen >Eli Keszler - Drums on Black Snow, Warning, Raycats and Still Stuff That Doesn’t Happen >James Blake - Keyboards on We’ll Take It, Still Stuff That Doesn’t Happen and Same >Shaun Trujillo - Words on Black Snow, The Station and Still Stuff That Doesn’t Happen
  2. last year album was superb Inviato dal mio ONEPLUS A5000 utilizzando Tapatalk
  3. http://pointnever.com http://pointnever.com http://pointnever.com MISSHAPEN BRAIN OF KRONOS WHOSE MOUTH IS SHAPED LIKE ANUS WHOSE SKIN IS SLIMY ONYX WHOSE GOD IS RUST INSIDE US It's happening?
  4. http://instagram.com/p/tCo-HlgYRN/
  5. https://twitter.com/thugentrancer/status/491634003141595137 cyber slayer
  6. wha, entire youtube playlist and no (legit) 320 p2p rip?
  7. "Unfortunately there have been a few delays in bringing each piece together. We hope to be able to get the first batch of orders to customers in two weeks time. All other purchasers will receive a follow up mail after the first batch have been sent, We'll be shipping the remaining orders in batches over the next month. A despatch note will be sent as soon as yours is on its way so hold tight and expect an email soon..."
  8. yes. https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=598353570231008 rip, a very personal artist.
  9. By nonhuman objects do u mean man made objects? Or other lifeforms? all things made by men, whether physical or fictional: a panpsychic reality where humans and objects have the same dignity.
  10. there is a metaphysical approach in ae's music? something related to speculative realism, or object-oriented ontology that rejects the privileging of human existence over the existence of nonhuman objects, or just hyperrealism? whats the final goal of your music if it lasted for thousand years?
  11. on twitter: FREE Promo of Ghettoville in the current @BigIssue
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