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  1. Hello!!! Yah, I know... I've been working on music for the past ages. I keep being reminded of this place due to trying to live the IDM Dream- but also due to charges to my PayPal account, haha. But yah, I gotta find some solution to browse this place on mobile with no photo auto loading, as I'd drain my mobile data usage in a couple days if I browsed on mobile. I "left" due to focusing on working on music or some conceptual shit like that, but I gotta get back. I do miss this place!!!
  2. I have come here to pay my respects. Thank you Daft Punk for your choonage over the ages. I wish you each the best, and I hope your respective $70,000,000 net worth is enough to live at least okay. I know- electronic music was hard to make money from, but hang in there- and don't be ashamed to work at McDonald's just to get by! You didn't make much money, but you changed lives. And that's all that matters. I would say that Daft Punk had a wonderful path of a career, and it was cool to see their transformation as artists. Hard to believe the TRON Legacy soundtrack was by the same people who wrote Around The World. Most people stay pretty tight to their styles, but Daft Punk kept progressing and succeeding in moving asses and hearts. Photek is an example of someone who was legend, then kept progressing, but it just wasn't as good. Fatboy Slim got stuck in his ways, and Prodigy progressed only up until they were shit. Moby came from the underground and shot to space, never to return. Last I heard, he was selling juice. Squarepusher put lights on his head and has several maxed out Daft Punk costume shop punch cards, so it's embarrassing even just typing his moniker out- all that Warp money can never repair the damage done. Anyway- There's really only a handful of artists who started in the underground and rose to the skies and kept changing and grasping the background vibez of the ether and crystallizing them for the masses- and do it all successfully without being a shadow of their former selves. Daft Punk was basically a perfect career, and I respect their efforts and path. What a fucking crazy ride.
  3. The IDM Man will make you make IDM until you get signed; then forever after. IDM LIFE is real, yo. Making electronic music for like 23 years— there’s gotta be some meaning in all this.
  4. THANK YOU SO MUCH for your feedback! Sorry it took so long to get back. I am literally IDM Rocking the streets of Tokyo, and I report back here from time to time like some IDM Black Ops shit. Naw but really- your feedback feels good man- like someone out there understands this shit. Hahaha about the higher vocals... really appreciate the honesty--- your nice words also are very nice. Haha. Shit... Okay- so all I need to do is reach Mike P's inbox. I've recently chiselled down the album from 27 tracks and 2 hours or someshit, to 12~13 tracks and just over an hour. I recently found this dude's track on reddit, and the autotune vocals were bad, so I asked him if I could remix it and he sent all stems/multitracks/whatever by surprise, and I got to redo it from scratch and produce it like Timbaland. All my IDM knowledge turned out to be legit, so now I'm basically waiting for Britney Spears to return my text. Here is the original I heard: Here iz me redux: I am literally sending this to Mike P after this post, because one cannot limit opportunities. Much love WATMM-- back in the IDM trenches, lodda ave maaacy~!
  5. FUCK YEAH!!! Hit me up, yo. New track out-- YOU GOT THE VIBE: This is like some blues thing that becomes rave. It's pretty epic. I feel like my life is sometimes like that Might Boosh episode about trying to find the new sound. Keep it fresh people~
  6. WOOO YESSS Thank you! Check this, we just started and finished this today, we are idm lazer blazin' MUCH LOVE!!! The last track of our album, track 23:
  7. If anyone knows any good modern labels who understand this shit, lemme know. I've been deep in the IDM Underground for over 20 years, and next thing I know, every label has vanished. This is the biggest peak of electronic music in the past 20 years-- WHERE THE FUCK ARE THE LABELS?!!! What is this- Max Mad IDM?
  8. Since last post, added a few more tracks to the album:
  9. After T breakz are always a lovely reminder of the wonderful high tech lazer of the flower. I think eventually we all become perma stone mode or something. Just uploaded this new track yesterday, and I think blazage has influenced my music to have more dreamy qualities:
  10. (This is a track inspired by the beauty of the cat we live with):
  11. Hey- thank you, nice to see you! Thank you so much for listening and your mini review! :-)
  12. Okay, now everything makes more sense.
  13. Fuck- I "was hoping" it was accidental overdose. Well, okay, I guess it was intentional. Man..... You spit fire on Firestarter, then you hang yourself. Fuck dudes- we all gotta chill. Fuck- this is ridiculous. Let's all chill the fuck out. There's some pun somewhere about Breathe and feeling the pressure, and the irony of not being able to play his own game- fuck- but I won't mention it out of respect. Anyway- dudez, chill. It's okay. WE GOT THIS. Much Love, everyone. Everyday is a blessing.
  14. Just wanna say to anyone who listens to this: We're right there with you, as much as we could make it. If you join us- let go- blaze if need be- and let's go on a little journey together. We can't promise you how you'll feel about it, but we can promise you that we'll be there.
  15. Thank you!- I've missed this place! Your avatar is as pretty as ever. I see you've been using face cream- your birdface skin looks lovely. Thank you, good to see you and everyone, mang. Well- this EP is 40 minutes, so it's not short. It's 3 tracks, that could be considered 5 songs. Track 2 is 2 parts, and track 3 is 2 parts-- both 2nd parts were recorded right after the 1st parts (so the 2nd parts are inescapably inspired by the 1st parts). These were all done in 1 take with no prep or editing or whatever- me & me gyal just sat and felt the IDM lazer flow and we just experienced what it is to live through music directly. I suppose this is some kind of vibe lead-in to the album I've been working on for almost 2 years, since this EP was recorded during breaks from making the album. What's special to me about this EP, is that it documents the creative process directly. I've been "serious about making music" since I was 15, and that was 20+ years ago. So lemme say that if Zeus came down and requested that I show him my DAW and IDM skills, I could open up Logic, setup mic, guitars, keyboard, and I could confidently and sincerely rock it for Zeus, with no limitation-- his opinion would be his opinion, but the point is that I wouldn't be afraid. I've spent so much of my music-making life getting good at crafting concepts, but what one can never directly experience from listening to any of my music, is the path that got me there. -Not just years of practice or whatever- I mean, what is going on in my consciousness to get me there. So Track 3 of this EP relates to the above- and a lead-in to the album- because it is 2 separate songs, but they are both based on the exact drum loop. We played the drum loop, my girlfriend played bass on keyboard with this wicked setting she made that rattles the soul, I checked my guitar to make sure audio was recording, then me gyal was feeling out the drum loop to see what vibed, then I joined and played off of what she was feeling, and then we oscillate around for a bit, and then our oscillations resonate at some super vibe point at times, and it explodes hard, then journey continues. Because of this quality, I feel this EP plays much like a musical or film- with scenes, and basically a literal documentation of 2 people finding harmony through music. So anyway, the 2nd half of track 3 is the same loop, but the song is based on what I felt from doing the previous jam- from a few minutes before- and then boom, record the whole thing, and done. So the last track documents my idea process, which I can't do otherwise. So the 2nd part is much like a song, and a lot of people can relate to that. But I wanted to document how that conclusion was arrived at. Especially with the improvs with no click, you can hear the true rhythms of our cosmic consciousness collaboration, and how we try to find eachother from nothing but eachother. I felt initially that might be mistakes in the improv, but then I realized that it's perfect. To change it would be like Photoshop'ing pictures of your childhood. Every single bit of audio there, is me & me gyal, chilling, and feeling music-- nothing more, nothing less. I can do anything in Logic-- but I can only do this EP in realtime. So yah man- I'm totally gonna put my album on Soundcloud when it's done- or whatever format- and then of course I will also send it to Mike P for Planet Mu release consideration. And yes, the album is fucking good- I'm really fucking serious- it is excellent. But this EP is the realtime documentation of our playing when we're not DAW widardry'ing; not hiding behind edits, not hiding behind unlimited takes, not hiding behind MONTHS of working on ONE track-- these are all recorded in realtime, and it is THE MOST DIRECT I can ever get with music. The thing is, this EP was only considered finished March 9th (hence "39 EP", and it's also a Japanese pun like, "san-kyuu (thank you)"). The tracks were recorded a couple/few+ weeks ago. I initially felt that these tracks had potential for songs, but then I realized that they are done. Anything that could be considered "mistakes", are merely steps on the path towards when we find the theme and rock it- then continue. This EP is done. And I know it sounds fucking retarded, but I swear- this is the first "complete" thing, that I've ever actually completed with music. I've written fucking hundreds of tracks- and albums/EPs that were aaalmost done- but the only time I've ever felt "this is a compilation of music that stands on its own, and it's 100% done; nothing more to add", is this. So in some sort of sign, I feel I am where I need to be. Hello, StocKo! Thank you for listening! Your text is the first review I have read, and it's nice- thank you. Ahaha! Yah- me & me gyal also feel it as something that could be described late-night cinematic type vibez~ Thank you so much for your review-- it's really interesting to hear what you felt about it! Yooo~, waddup--- Hope all's been dandy! Cool, thank you~~~ :-)
  16. UPDATE Sunday September 1 - new track up You Got The Vibe. It's a blues rave track or something like that. UPDATE Wednesday August 7th, 2019! Been working on dem choonz--- waddup watmm!!! HOPE YOU ALL HAVE BEEN CHILLIN! Just uploaded the opening track, How It's Going Now. Weird to think that this album is taking like 2.5 years, but it's been a ride well worth it. Here's some of the album so far, a solid update- first 6 tracks up--- thank you for listening! I hope you've all been well ? ALSO if anyone can recommend any labels this might fit on, please let me know. Just in case Mike P doesn't hit me up!!! p.s. Yo Mike P hit me up: --- UPDATE! I love you all - track Original post: Yo mangz. Long time- I hope everyone’s been chillin’ and doing cool shit. Yah so I’ve been working on an album for almost 2 years, and sometimes when it’s good to let it rest, me and my girlfriend jam. So this is an EP of some of those jamz. This is about as direct and straight up as my music could ever get, because every song on this EP was recorded in one take in real-time with no edits (except the 2nd half of the last track, which was recorded in one take but it’s sequenced like a song). Yah, so it’s pretty raw, but what I realized about improv is a huge part of it is the adventure of feeling things out and finding a vibe to surf- so it doesn’t make sense to hide the documentation of the sonic adventure. Me & me gyal oscillate around vibez, and then our oscillations both hit some resonant frequency and then boom, and so on. These improvs are straight up, so they include all the “finding theme” adventures that we often hide in recorded music. Whole thing is vibe surfing and stream of consciousness type improv. Anyway, this is the most direct and sincere music I’ve ever been a part of, and I’m really happy to share something 100% complete (though I realized yesterday that track 1 clips a bit, so will prolly check levels sometime)— cuz I’ve posted a lot of tracks from unfinished albums before. Anyway, if any of you actually somehow have 40 minutes to spare from beginning to end, please let me know, because I am kind of wondering how this plays out for other people. Of course- all listens much appreciated! Much love~~~ (Yah, so of course I sent this to Mike P, and I hope my e-mail reaches him in good spirits.)
  17. I haven’t logged-in in what seems like forever, but I came here to pay my respects in the only place I know of where a lot of us grew up listening to The Prodigy. I knew this thread would be here. R.I.P. Keith. Thank you for all the ridiculousness and good times.
  18. Dude-- you gotta listen to Do You Feel Like We Do; tons of live versions, some good, some great, some epic. I'm at work so not gonna find the most epic one but anyway... It's some pretty next-level shit. HE RECORDED THAT IN 1423, BEFORE ELECTRIC POWER. Everyone was using rocks to put in their dick hole, then Peter Frampton comes along with an electric guitar, amp, mic, talkbox, massive soundsystem, fuckin' all that shit, and he rocked the streets super hard. People were still psychologically recovering from The Plague, and this motherfucker was performing in sold out stadiums, at a time when stadiums didn't even exist. Highly recommend. Dead serious. Do You Feel Like We Do is Peter Frampton's gift to humanity.
  19. Some new jams from the other night....:
  20. Loving the looper. Process is playing rhythm, then lead and whatever bitz, and then I adjust amp settings (and sometimes looper settings) whilst looping to change vibez.
  21. Everyone reminds you of Charlie Chaplin. I remember I posted a pic of my Asian face, and you said I look like Charlie Chaplin. I'm so sick and tired of all this fucking Charlie Chaplin on this motherfucking forum. But also:
  22. 125 MPH unicycles, 250 MPH farts, 500 MPH cocaine, and 1,000 MPH hot woman.
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