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  1. Yeah i would too, would love to see his pre-Unfold setup and workflow with presumably max and see some of the patches he and Mark Fell used for that record. Would be very interested too. Totally love these guys like Lazar, Fell, Rian Treanor and Errorsmith who heavily rely on a few bits of gear but use them inside and out, its quite cool and refreshing seeing people push the gear to its limits. yeah here is my soundcloud. made a little playlist with a few tunes that I attempted a Lazar / Fell style patches, got some great results i think. I'll probably take this down soon, sending a few of these around to hopefully get released before I dump them on my own bandcamp
  2. Yeah hanging out for this one too. Unfold was a gem but you could tell it was the beginning of hopefully, a brilliant new direction for him and the adult swim comp tune is mad. The Boiler room tracks are good too, got me excited here haha. Anyone know if this is also going to be on the Death of Rave label? hope so Those Reaktor synths just sound so fat and heavy on a system and he uses them tastefully, could very easily be quite obnoxious. if he is getting masters this week as quickest I'd say it might be 3 months before vinyl is out. I got masters back for a record this week and its due late April / May but I don't really do any promo and hardly tour so not sure what kinda PR/promo and whatnot some bigger artists/labels do that adds to delay times. Tho it seems like there might be a vinyl delay worldwide, sorta waiting on that confirmation, could mean we get a lot less vinly this year but itd also be pretty sweet cause release times might be sped up a whole lot! I can get around that
  3. yep for sure, could even add in some Moritz von too. Its a ripper, got a copy from boomkat on its way in green, not sure if they all are and generally coloured vinyl is a bit lame but this one ill take
  4. Yeah its great, there is a lot of music that is at the cutting edge in sound and tech that imo often sounds dated in a few years time (some of Powel's work comes to mind, some) cause it relies too heavily on certain production tropes are are very much tied to trends that come and go. Dillon is an artists who manages to avoid that and she creates incredible music that straddles computer music and club music in a very delicate and clever way. You can hear the influence of SND/Mark Fell heavily in her digital synth use but the inclusion of acoustic instruments through her discography compliments the cold digital and glitchy sounds beautifully. Have loved the collab work with Rupert Clervaux and was lucky to get copies of the Face A/B and Two Changes 12" + snagged the original tape that still impresses me when I listen back, all of them are keepers and often get ID requests when i play them out. The Laurel Halo track is great, her recent work is very similar, its no surprise they are close friends. This reminds me of other artists like Kassem Mosse, Madteo, Burnt Friendman, Dale Cornish and some contemporary computer music artists and labels like Conditional, Lowtec and some of the Workshop artists, those classic Benjamin Brunn and Move D records, Davy Kehoe, Morgan Buckley and the Wino crew, of course some of the TTT family, Hessle Audio and some of the Timedance producers like Bruce and Batu (who i think is on the record), the Latency label and is well at home on PAN but its probably my favourite thing they have put out club music wise in a long time, found a few other records in this vein like the Objekt record to be a bit of a miss. Its a solid record, im looking forward to listening through over the next few months, just love her synth work that she has going on. Was stoked when it was announced this was coming on PAN and have been enjoying the press run she is doing leading up to this album, hoping for some more interviews going in depth about her production haha. From what I have read she is moving up in tempo and making some dance floor tracks which is promising, one of these artists who can't get records out quick enough imo. I really enjoy the majority of her output, about as buy on sight as they come for me.
  5. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SrSUzoTAsug&t=11s Found this one the reddit but tis a good one
  6. hangable auto bulb complete. would be cool to hear more drums like this with those mad lush circklon sequencing of synfs. yall mad if you think he isnt still 'innovating' with this music, still nothing sounds like this really.. Copycats will start using this sound palate but he is the one setting the standard stlll. bless, cant wait to hear the rest of the EP, hyped for less of the safe stuff
  7. Agree'd, this album is bloody awesome, the first 3 tracks are as good as his classic stuff imo. I rock out to very few artists but cant help myself with Maus, my gf doesnt like me singing dumpster baby in the car anymore tho. He is one of few artists I love listening to talk honestly about his music and ideas around his approach and philosophy. Cannot believe this was left off the album. I see the represses are hitting stores now, might have to stock up while i can.. Incredibly tragic to hear of the passing of his brother Joe today while on tour, he was great on bass in the vids I saw online of Pitchfork and that. https://www.stereogum.com/2007869/joseph-maus-brother-and-bandmate-of-john-maus-dead-at-30/news/ Rest of the tour cancelled. Tough year for Maus, hope he has a close group of family and friends who will help him through this. His Ama was a little heartbreaking hear him talk about his wife leaving him too. Really sad considering his triumphant return to music.
  8. Been digging the album still, Gulf Gutters, last track on 'Four Pieces' is acting as a lovely companion, keen to hear these '4' pieces from Ferraro, so far very similar to OPN r+7 onwards in sound design, these two are obviously rinsing that ozone or whatever fucking epic vst is. If you've not heard it get on it Saw the vinyl of the single on OPNs insta all made and ready by the looks! Clenching for the new tracks, would be good to get a show in aus, make it happen. Might be the last new OPN lp for a while according to https://www.stereogum.com/featured/oneohtrix-point-never-age-of-myriad-byrne-anohni-twigs-usher/
  9. He did make a record with Fell right? Surely see each others as peers. How you guys feel about Rian Treanor? Imo they all bring something new to the table and they are all unique in their own way and all worth a listen. This GL album is killer, I dont think ive heard anything from Fell that is as dj friendly and funky that is coming from or maybe more made for the dj and club but all ears if you guys have anything to recommend. The sound design on this is crazy cool, gets a bit intense after a while but Im really digging what he and Rian Treanor are doing with these like Additive synthesis methods and club structures. Very fun and damn it sounds good on big systems
  10. Got to the tassie show, was pretty much unreal in the dark as i had come to expect. Sound was unreal in there too. Got to be the ultimate way to experience ae. off chops
  11. Think this comp is getting a vinyl press soon but love the Pendant track and other artists involved. Its a great take ambient music that seems to be coming out of the US. I think DJ Paradice is a Uon project too, the whole album flows really well worth a listen https://bblisss.bandcamp.com/album/bblisss
  12. Its that thought which makes me wonder if OPN could be putting out an LP of this quality every year. Ferraro is fairly prolific but is more involved in the art world and seems to live through a lot of artists residencies and installations where Opn seems to be working a little more independently on projects or with projects that just seem to take time to come out through the nature of them eg films + releasing on (what might as well be) a major label. Would be cool to see him put out more tunes like Ferraro, he has the fan base to have a really successful bandcamp which is the hardest part about releasing a lot of music.. Seems as tho he is going down a different path of producing for others + films and tv work which is also cool, maybe at his age he is largely done with a lot of touring and all that which is a lot easier while younger and less pinned down
  13. few more thoughts after a few listens today Didnt mind the smaller promo build up to this album. I imagine there will be a bit more press coming but the promo on insta, twitter and youtube has been pretty cool for a change and really enjoy the interviews with him as he is just a bit of a nerd. Whether or not all the insta/twitter promo was all planned it doesnt matter cause we almost got a mood board and set of references the LP was being made from which is always cool to see. GoD really leant itself on the blogs and funny websites and back story that they made which I loved but this is a cool one despite being quite different.. The Live shows + work with David Rudnick has been awesome, got to be one of the best looking Warp releases in years and totally suits the album, cant wait for my preorder to arrive with the card, might even have to grab a CD after seeing how good they look. Funny to see a few people are upset they pre-ordered this, not sure what they were hoping for. I wonder if people would be more open to his work if he release more frequenctly, 3ish years between albums is a bit of time by todays standard but guess he does a hell of a lot of collab and commissions work which is great for him but comes out as a bit less content for the average consumers. Already super keen to hear any follow up and outtakes or proper recordings of the livesets.. Hope they are recording them for release. Musically this is a real trip.. Lots of fun and a hell of a lot to get through.. Wonderfully produced, would love to hear the mixes before j Blake came in for the sake of it. I found some of the Goodtime OST to be a little dense and sometimes hard on the ears during the heavy sections but thi new album sounds really nice, looking forward to the vinyl. Its full of classic OPN sounds and signature chords and melodies that I had hoped for, Raycats nails this. The autotuned vocals are great, he seemed to understand they might be divisive, maybe why he split the album up into 2 EPs with the second half being a very distinct follow up to GoD in sound and composition. Its cutting edge, as you expect from Warp, its a great use of modern synths and tech to still bring out this vibe that runs through OPNs music. I think of it as this nostalgia for a technological utopia that is either on the verge of coming to fruition or was promised and kinda collapsed whilst in our fingertips but there is some sort of hope or redemption going on. It dips its toes in the 80s through threads to hypnagoic pop or vaporwave but kind of reduces synth pop back even further to focus on these medieval themes / melodies similar to some John Maus in a way, his new album and the new James Ferraro '4 works' all seem to be touching on similar themes musically and slightly overlap conceptually, maybe a bit less Maus here but all three might be 3 of the best albums so far this year. Anyones thoughts on this vs new Ferraro new album in sound and theme? Would love to hear a interview with the 2 of them talking about music and their approaches to see how they differ.
  14. decided to fuck off and listen to this and worry about today later. Sounding great so far, vocals are very cool, compositions are great, a little more considered and maybe less of these epic virtuoso solos then i expected (so far) but he still pulls out these classic opn synth sounds here and there, you know the great synth freak is still trapped inside this canne soundtrack winning version of Lopatin who is kicking all kinds of goals in the real world and good on him. Toys2 is about to get a rewind, that break with the cut piano/synth is all time. Can see this trend like this and james blakes car single really pushing a different kind of darker pop.. Is that already happening? I dunno. Will be interesting to hear this new kanye, new jblake, death grips and other modern or cutting edge stuff to see where this sits..
  15. ^ cue'd for days on soulseek now lol been rinsing the rayban boiler room in prep and really looking forward to a listen later on tonight. The internet doesnt seem to agree with the album at first but im keen for some songs with vocals, thought that Animals was stand out on GoD but maybe the video of old mate nodding out made it
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