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  1. Fantastic producer, has a great ear for melody and production. Really rate his work, also the split single with Babyfather/dean blunt is worth a geez, looking forward to a proper listen to the new EP. Vey exciting producer, waiting on that bigger label signing to see him go to the next level with some proper support, budgets and PR
  2. sun drugs


    These guys have been pushing away from some of their earlier shoegaze tinged music but this is a great release. Has moments that remind me of the latest OPN record in those two somewhat post punk vocal tracks. Think its well worth a listen
  3. New release from Australia's Rings Around Saturn EP up on the bandcamp which is a dive into some fringe electro and bass music . https://rings-around-saturn.bandcamp.com/album/rc-13-six-trax Also another new album of lofi hardware electro recently that is pretty cool https://rings-around-saturn.bandcamp.com/album/rc-12-private-simulations-ii Quite a few new releases on the bandcamp of late that I thought some of you guys might like, some varied releases but some gems in here
  4. solid album in whole, the 2nd half is great. would love a full nate boyce shredding x opn record. Hopefully we get a couple EPs again after this. Dont mind this sound at all, refined GOD x Ageof sound, tight production, can see why soyboys dont dig it. Rifts and especially Russian Mind are all time but these new records are good fun. From what i gather it was made more so at home in sketches and finished in the studio post hard lockdown and it does sounds a bit like that, thats cool with me, maybe less pressure to do it this way over hiring an airbnb and watching titantic on repeat. fee
  5. ordered! (hopefully he dropped the jblake mix downs), would still like to hear Age of pre Blakes little fingers all over it. These couple of tracks are a great start, hmu when it leaks
  6. ooh there are some great tracks in here. I always really like this live jam with my old Electron monomachine, its almost like a skit, makes me laugh sometimes. https://rings-around-saturn.bandcamp.com/track/peripheral-visionary this one here I quite like too, made too many arp heavy tracks where the only perc that worked seem to be a deep lowpassed kickdrum https://rings-around-saturn.bandcamp.com/track/world-interior I always liked this sound collage too, understandable people didnt really get around it like they do for more functional or club music but I it was a lot of fun t
  7. I've had a decent break from listening to BOC over the last few years but still have a TH playlist setup with just the ambient tracks from the album, I think theyre all the tracks they discussed in interviews making with older tech/without the regular computer to sequence and as a small ambient album its incredible. The other tracks have grown on me quite a lot since its initial release but the ambient ones are quite special imo
  8. Yeah i would too, would love to see his pre-Unfold setup and workflow with presumably max and see some of the patches he and Mark Fell used for that record. Would be very interested too. Totally love these guys like Lazar, Fell, Rian Treanor and Errorsmith who heavily rely on a few bits of gear but use them inside and out, its quite cool and refreshing seeing people push the gear to its limits. yeah here is my soundcloud. made a little playlist with a few tunes that I attempted a Lazar / Fell style patches, got some great results i think. I'll probably take this down soon, sending a few
  9. Yeah hanging out for this one too. Unfold was a gem but you could tell it was the beginning of hopefully, a brilliant new direction for him and the adult swim comp tune is mad. The Boiler room tracks are good too, got me excited here haha. Anyone know if this is also going to be on the Death of Rave label? hope so Those Reaktor synths just sound so fat and heavy on a system and he uses them tastefully, could very easily be quite obnoxious. if he is getting masters this week as quickest I'd say it might be 3 months before vinyl is out. I got masters back for a record this week and its du
  10. yep for sure, could even add in some Moritz von too. Its a ripper, got a copy from boomkat on its way in green, not sure if they all are and generally coloured vinyl is a bit lame but this one ill take
  11. Yeah its great, there is a lot of music that is at the cutting edge in sound and tech that imo often sounds dated in a few years time (some of Powel's work comes to mind, some) cause it relies too heavily on certain production tropes are are very much tied to trends that come and go. Dillon is an artists who manages to avoid that and she creates incredible music that straddles computer music and club music in a very delicate and clever way. You can hear the influence of SND/Mark Fell heavily in her digital synth use but the inclusion of acoustic instruments through her discography compliment
  12. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SrSUzoTAsug&t=11s Found this one the reddit but tis a good one
  13. hangable auto bulb complete. would be cool to hear more drums like this with those mad lush circklon sequencing of synfs. yall mad if you think he isnt still 'innovating' with this music, still nothing sounds like this really.. Copycats will start using this sound palate but he is the one setting the standard stlll. bless, cant wait to hear the rest of the EP, hyped for less of the safe stuff
  14. Agree'd, this album is bloody awesome, the first 3 tracks are as good as his classic stuff imo. I rock out to very few artists but cant help myself with Maus, my gf doesnt like me singing dumpster baby in the car anymore tho. He is one of few artists I love listening to talk honestly about his music and ideas around his approach and philosophy. Cannot believe this was left off the album. I see the represses are hitting stores now, might have to stock up while i can.. Incredibly tragic to hear of the passing of his brother Joe today while on tour, he was great on bass in the vid
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