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  1. to add its what my partner calls it when ae are on full blast. shell yell out "turn that ear raping off. your music sucks" so, not my words. i knew someone would be touchy about this, sorry no offence intended.
  2. Now that's a big one in the ear for sure I couldn't stop listening to Seattle for ages!
  3. your username and this topic
  4. sine nomine

    Ear rapers

    so i had a few months hiatus from listening to the chre and driving home tonight blasted on feed1 because i was craving a good old ear reaper. what is your go to for an absolute ear melter, raper or whatever you want to call it - coz it sure as hell cant be ear healthy to blast that shit, but man feels so grAet!
  5. My life is no where near as exciting thats all haha
  6. I'm sure all this happened, to a tee.
  7. i liked this but not loved it just coz i feel like ive heard it tens of times before. i dont mean any dis. on the plus side its prob better than anything i could do haha. one thing i noticed is that the background and main melodies needed to be cut there for a while. part of the reason why it got tiring to my ears was because it followed the same rhythm as the beat, every note pretty much was exact in timing as the beat . so some syncopation would have been good. solid effort though mate.
  8. this awsome dude, fuck structure - and for me there is enough of it in this track by the way
  9. if we are talking about melancholy - theres plenty of it in 'all end' so they definitely stuck with that till now. if you meant about structure - well they threw that out the window from confield
  10. the track i go for the most on this ep. it just suits my mood most the time - but fuck me draun is breathtaking, very emotional track which is why i avoid it at times. and laughing can get too busy here-and-there but punchy af. came into this thread hoping for some more latent shout outs, not everyones thing i guess.
  11. "Ae back to basics" sorta right ... I mean, Warp Tapes 89-93 might not be an official release, but its one none-the-less. Very thankful to them -- these are some nice tracks! Sorry if this has been brought up but you all reckon that 'YouTube sound collection playlist' might have some connection with the stuff they were doing back then? (and so with this release?) like maybe it was their sample library from back then?
  12. Autechre 'back to basics' too cliche?
  13. What's more nihilistic than taking the piss?
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