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  1. "Ae back to basics" sorta right ... I mean, Warp Tapes 89-93 might not be an official release, but its one none-the-less. Very thankful to them -- these are some nice tracks! Sorry if this has been brought up but you all reckon that 'YouTube sound collection playlist' might have some connection with the stuff they were doing back then? (and so with this release?) like maybe it was their sample library from back then?
  2. Autechre 'back to basics' too cliche?
  3. MY NAME IS GYOUBU MISATAKA ONIWA!!!! ... the way that dude rides in is so badass, good fight. its a hell of an entrance! it's cool how boss fights blend more with the environment of the game as opposed to souls games where a boss fight felt more of a separate thing and u could tell it was about to happen.
  4. Ugh, Lady Butterfly is giving me hell.... I've heard that fight is actually supposed to be more of a mid-game thing you come back to? Seems a lot of people are championing through it, her second phase gets me everytime, it's that damn homing magic attack she does while I'm rushing her. so found owl daddy at the estate, without giving to much away -- his directions lead to the drunkard boss right? im was exploring trying to find the cemetery but just did a loop around after fighting two spear dudes ... and also the dudes i could eavesdrop where horseback boss is are not there anymore! so i can't remember the hint! -- im just not not how ill beat horsey guy -- freaking jump scared me the first time i dropped down to that battle field -- was like "this is a boss fight, for sure" and then boom outta nowhere! lol
  5. just a tip for one of the bosses you mentioned ohh thanks man, im guessing something to scare the horsey?
  6. Yeah it's a real guessing game for me as too whether a boss will do a sweep or thrust attack for example, and if I jump or deflect or do a shinobi skill, it may be too much of a guessing game for now so yeah a stealth deathblow came in handy. i was thinking, for bosses or mini bosses that need 2 deathblows, does that mean they ressurect also? maybe something unimportant to mention.
  7. sekiro is kicking my ass also, i love the game so far though and how from can always make a world seem much larger than what it actually is with their maze design. the fighting is awsome - with common enemies im doing a lot of stealth atm which isn't a good idea if u want to level up, but i found in most cases u can be undetected all the way to an item, if very sneaky and patient. im trying the defensive approach when in combat as well much less now though that i found the axe prosthetic addition. but the bosses... holy fuck, made to the drunkard with some help, but yeah i don't im ready for that fat bastard, also made it to the one on the horse and holy mother of god... the sort of smaller bosses leading to these were difficult too (chained ogre) however i found getting rid of surrounding enemies with stealth and then getting a sneaky first deathblow on the boss leaves u in a good position for a final deathblow. so much to delve into got work though fml
  8. sine nomine


    There were a lot of strung-out arseholes at the actual show, but the ending sounded even better in person. Yeh I get that, tbh it's very different listening to them live in person and at home or car or whatever so i can't hold judgement on ppl, i wish i had payed more attention and given more respect when they came to melbourne, it became to social which was kind of inevitable ...but it impacted the experience of actually listening to them negatively i feel. seattle has such a focus on more playful repetition though, and it groves like hell, the seem to have found more of a purpose for some motifs as well, rhythmically or melodically speking... it feels separate from the others for me, like a different state of mind, dunno
  9. sine nomine


    seattle is probably my fav so far 4th straight listen, it's a standout for sure ... a lot of you were right.
  10. sine nomine


    has anyone cut up theses sets into tracks?
  11. sine nomine


    on the drive from work i made a workmate listen to portsmouth from about 20min mark (when that funky kick snare n bass from hell drops) I was like, so what do u reckon? and he goes, i think it's going to wake everyone up. it is 1am. i think he liked it!
  12. sine nomine


    listening through these on the drive to and from work and im loving finding all the subtle and blatant differences from set to set - i shouldve edited the set titles though so they play chronologically instead of alphabetically. Half way through nagano. also i forgot how good autechre is whilst stoned should b a prerequisite before listening, especially with their last releases being so long in running time.
  13. immortal unchained - unsurprisingly im really enjoying this game, takes familiar ideas from other games -- challenging af -- 8 hours in and veridian can go and fuck it's self -- but im going to stick at it. if you like soulsbourne style games and can't wait for sekiro this is a good filler.
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