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  1. this is the third version of Untitled. what do you all reckon?
  2. you got it! must be the jpeg compression coz i'm a little devil if anything lol
  3. Yep meds are working 🙂
  4. some wall art at ward e. spot my contribution?
  5. thank you, a million times - - thank you. you have given me some structure which really supports and reflects how i feel. muchas gracias amigo. 🙏
  6. there's other stuff though, ill try and write it all down. please to all, i hope you are entertained hehe. man i hope to get better though. just want to share some words i wrote: when im happy i lie. when im sad i pretend. i know the abyss and it knows me. though the light is bright. i forget to see. ... will i wake when i die. for i am dead only in mind.
  7. ...think it might be a fecebook app and messanger app connection thing so yeah i did what you said goDel and tested it.
  8. this is something that's bugging me. my phone was on charge at reception desk. when i got it back i went to log into messenger and... that's not my number or name, and yeah i can't explain it.
  9. thanks for all your comments. like i said id rather it be me loosing it. however, phone hacking is an actual thing is it not? so how would one, say not me (coz im crazy) find out if they're phone had been hacked into? or is phone hacking just a crazy thing for crazy people to say?
  10. back in hospital again... went to work yesterday and broke down. people were lovely and called an ambulance. beacause i was ready to drive into a fucking pole. there's a back story to this though - to me loosing my mind. (this time) it's to do with a belief that my privacy was breached through my phone getting hacked. it could have been my partner... the workplace or something bigger. i just don't know but all the mental anguish has taken its toll on me. and there's no way for me to prove that i'm not insane. there are so many little incidents that have happened for me to react this way and have this belief. to list them would be pointless. i really don't know what to do. and i'm scared. i just hope i am crazy. instead of people purposefully trying to fuck with me and hacking into my phone, and god knows what else. how can i check if my phone has been hacked into? like a proper techy way. can the police help? thanks all, sine
  11. I'd like to add also that i just got out of hospital so yeah.. there's that.. OK I'm off to work wish me luck thanks all. looked this up ... lol, come on man!
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