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  1. I'm glad you mentioned autechre fatigue... I'm really hoping for something drastically different on sigh coz elseq, nts and ae live are kinda same same tbh
  2. this is the soundtrack that got me into electronic music. The soundtrack to extreme g-2. I used to play this game religiously and fell in love with the music. I was mesmerized by it as a kid. I remember renting a DJ game from the local video shop for the Xbox and was even more perplexed at the whole thing... Putting loops together and adding effects - I was blown away! (quite naive also) I looked up who put the tunes together and it was a guy named Simon Robertson from the UK. He was part of a label called 'No Bones records'... Sadly I don't think he makes music anymore - but I
  3. Read my mind... VLetrmx is very emotional to me
  4. Thanks for the listen man! Yeah you are spot on the low end is out of control! Flodding everything else - the kick could be tighter and sub needs work. I've got the sub and kick both in F so I think what happened was that they were clashing and I over compensated by turning the sub up... Anyways its all part of the process I guess - gotta learn from mistakes😬
  5. I can't thank you enough for the support you've shown me man ...What a top bloke you are!
  6. I took them down because I'm a stupid perfectionist 😓
  7. I was trying to be serious before this sailor moon debauchee got his say in.
  8. you son'bish... that's over a month is all I'm saying...christ! also, about the album artwork discussion, its art people, so lets stare at it ...deeply and try and feel something. ...I feel openness - there's a lot of space I feel like their system has been slowed down not the tempo of tracks necessarily - just the system has been developed to breath more. their latest releases has been really chaotic in my opinion ...yes, even all end.
  9. I'm actually really flattered you want to listen to my tracks man. I took them down because they weren't done properly ...I wasn't gain staging, I wasn't level matching I wasn't doing a lot of things that I have now learnt to ...I might still not be happy with my work (and I'm not saying I know everything when it comes to mixing and production because honestly I don't believe there's such a thing even for the most experienced of producers and engineers) I might never be....but god damn it - it feels good to do things the right way and to be conscious of what you are doing. I'll post some
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