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  1. I'm engulfed by a society that measures success with how much money you make and what job you have.

    It's all about money. How to make lots of it and to show that you have lots of it.

    I just don't value money or material things enough to ever be a "winner" in this way of life that I currently find myself in.

    I don't know that I'll ever have the courage to escape it either. I wonder just how much of a role women have to play into things having turned out this way.

    Obviously basic evolutionary traits are definitely the likely cause of western society turning out this way. 

    It's all very shallow, kind of sad, really. It's essentially a cycle of wanting to fuck as many women as possible and women wanting the shiniest things just to have life grow inside them for 9 months (and them not even knowing that is possibly the main reason for their 1000 pairs of shoes stash) and this resulting in making the dollar and the wanting of it ever more powerful.

    I get that it all acts as the fuel to push innovation in almost all aspects of life, through competition and consumerism.

    Keeping up the Joneses and all that.

    There's barely any genuine people left.

    Everyone just worships the dollar.

    And those powerful enough to own people's time, becoming so perverse and deviant.

    Such a dark world. 

    All for what?

    There's many like me, I'm sure, being made to feel like losers, which I admit I am (if we're talking about the game of worshiping money)

    I'm almost fed up with it though.

    Just want to make music all day.

    It makes me happy, but not too happy either, which is a good thing. 

    I don't like being so elevated moodwise that then it drops equally as dramatic.


    I left work early today. I just couldn't be fucked.





  2. 4 hours ago, dingformung said:

    The way he describes her is the way he describes her and not necessarily the way she is and may say more about him than about her, though. Something to consider. But you are Satan's Little Helper so nobody should listen to you (as you admitted yourself).

    Your advice to separate might be a good advice, though, as there are always two sides of the story and we only know one. It might be good for her if he leaves her and she can move on. It might be very good.

    On the other hand, she's his mother and he should love her, no matter how she is. I would say that if he can't help her, at least he can let her know that he loves her and that he wants to help her become a better human. He can try to get her to a professional or something. As she is his mother, she also needs him and wants to be with him.

    I'm not saying it's easy, but it's the least we can do for our mothers.

    You stopped making sense after this. 

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  3. 15 minutes ago, ooqpoo said:

    Each time you do a groundshaking bellyopera of a belch it's the body proudly boasting its bewildering skills of noise. Same goes for farts of the loud n' proud variety. 



    Thanks for that poo, just did a proud and loud one, had to leave the room though, yep that bad haha

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  4. 1 hour ago, Himelstein said:

    I don’t like to boast or brag because I’m better than everyone.


    For real, tho- it is totally a self esteem thing. It seriously makes me feel sad for people and uncomfortable when they are trying really hard to impress like that. It’s been said in this thread, but social media has really amped the boasting concept. Did anyone see that thing- I wanna say it was the “humans of New York guy”- where that girl was posting on fb or ig “gettin crazy in the club tonight!” like she was partying really hard. But then a guy who was actually in the bar across from her was randomly following her acct or something and he took a picture of her drinking alone minutes after she posted? That shit really makes me depressed.

    What are you doing there? 

  5. 5 hours ago, luke viia said:

    I am curious, sine, will you tell her any of this? 

    While I do not want to pass judgment on you, and obviously am working with a small piece of the story, I could not imagine dating someone and publicly calling them a boastful douchebag whose personality I hate and who makes me want to vomit. Likewise, it pains me to imagine any former partner of mine speaking this way about me while staying at my side. This relationship seems destined to inflict pain. 

    Just talked to her about the above mentioned situation this morning, and like with every negative thing we encounter about eachother—we listen to eachother and resolve it.

    And yes I call her out on things all the time, and I've called her boastful before and to stop making things about her. She can also be very honest with me and dish it out but has a hard time being criticized and cries about it. Literally. 

    She will also gossip behind people's backs, like saying my mum looks old and got really angry with me when I joked that I told my mum she said that about her. 

    I tell her that it's alright to miss out sometimes, you don't have to always win or do everything there is to do or think you aren't loved just because I don't give you attention. So yeah, I'm very honest with her.

    Anyways, I'm digressing again. 

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  6. 1 hour ago, toaoaoad said:

    I can only speak for myself, but I'm aware that one of the reasons this type of behaviour bothers me so much in others is that it points to my own regrets, sense of personal shortcomings etc. It's annoying, antisocial behaviour in and of itself, but if it bothers you that deeply there's probably more going on. Honestly can't say tho as that's your personal stuff. But if it's a committed relationship, then half of this equation is yours. 

    No, I'm not projecting any of my short comings at all, matter of fact—I like that she's done so much and is driven to do more, to add—I have my own interests, work endeavors and hobbies that I feel quite satisfied with having done, it's a whole different thing though when it becomes consistent and unwarranted, the constant need for sharing her achievements, travel stories and what restaurants she's been to, that is.

    There's other traits that follow suit, like she's overly friendly, especially with the opposite sex and she's expressed to me that that is very important to her, attention and affection. I trust her with everything though, she's a good egg, but insecurity definitely seems to be a thing for me to consider. 

    I digress though, this post is about boasting/bragging and making things about oneself.

  7. 4 minutes ago, toaoaoad said:

    @sine nomineHehe sorry it was kind of a shitpost :duckhunt: and not meant to downplay the difficulty of your situation. I have experienced similar people (in fact I think social media has made more and more people behave this way than ever before) and I share your opinions about it. Boasting, bragging, and pretention all disgust me. Trying to have a meaningful relationship with someone who triggers those feelings constantly is a challenge to say the least. I agree with the others who have said it boils down to self esteem, both yours and theirs. This is personal work, and that work doubles when you're in a meaningful, committed Relationship with that person because emtional burdens are to be shared and worked out together, as you try to build a foundation to work towards a future together etc.

    I don't like to go into a ton of detail about my personal life on here but I will say I have experienced a good deal of success and gratification from more casual (but still friendly) relationships or "situationships" as I have recently learned they are sometimes called (friends with benefits is a more common expression). You are essentially friends, which means you still care about each other, as friends do, and you share a physical connection (super important especially these days where there's less of it available due to COVID caution) but you don't feel so burdened by their personality traits that don't match yours. With mutually agreed upon boundaries and mutual respect it's fairly sustainable. At least in my (current) experience.

    Sure, but I'm not the one bragging and making situations about me so not sure how that makes me have low self esteem? 🤔

  8. 8 minutes ago, toaoaoad said:

    This is what casual, non-emotionally-invested relationships are for

    How do you mean? Elaborate please.

    I should add that we've been together for 6 months so there's nothing "casual" about it—we live together also and I have feelings for her, so there's plenty of emotion there. 

  9. So my current girlfriend is quite the Fomo type, and I just can't stand that aspect of her, she's also very competitive and is quite dominant. Loves to be in charge and plan everything. 

    She reckons she's super ambitious, but I don't see the fruits of that label, because she doesn't have anything to show for it, as in money or a house. 

    She has also traveled to quite a few destinations and loves to go on about that. Europe, UK, SE Asia and Hawaii. She has a travel map in her room with pins on it! I mean, OK. 

    We'll be driving along and she'll come out with; "I've been there!" pointing out the place/restaurant, this gets old to me. It comes across as bragging or boasting. Ugh. 

    Last night in the car I was saying how I just found out the show Outlander is also a book, and she said;

    "I know. Do you want to know how I know? 

    I said yeah, sure. 

    "Well because I travelled to Scotland, and went to a graveyard that the story mentions and I took a photo with Fraser's tombstone."

    I just wanted to vom right then and there, the way she said it just made her sound like such a douchebag. A simple, yeah it's a book could've been enough—the boasting just does my head in. 

    Don't get me wrong, there's lots to like about her, but what really bothers me is how she turns some conversations/situations about her and where she's been/done. It's like she gets a kick out of it. 

    I'm quite the opposite, I hate talking about myself and achievements or whatever else, unless asked. 

    So, why do people boast? Or make situations about them and their achievements? 

    BTW, I'm not insecure, it's more that she does it lots and with a really boastful tone. I'm not sure if any of her friends have told her anything about it or how they put up with it but jesus I hate it. 

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  10. I'd like to know people's take on network marketing or however else it may be called. I've been approached by my friend and has given me a little insight into what he calls "my business" 

    I thought it was all a crock of shit and hyped up self improvement stuff but it doesn't really seem like a pyrimid scheme to me — because you're given a time frame of 5-10 years to "duplicate" your business in other people "downline" they call it its set up so you buy stuff (that you normally would anyway ie. toothpaste) from a company Amway it's called I believe and you get a cut of the sales through points... And go up their ranks, you're investing and hoping to get others on board. 

    Well that's what I got so far... The numbers and financial stuff is still a little unclear but what are your thoughts or experience with this stuff. I heard stuff like "pipeline income" and retire in 10 years from your current job and "financially independence"... 


    Love to hear your opinion. 

    Is it all bullshit? 

  11. 5 hours ago, thawkins said:

    Monitor is not exactly in the middle between the speakers, OCD super triggered, I could never work like this. 1/5

    Wish I had a 27" Imac screen though...

    I know it does my head in too ...but have limited room as you can see ...I make sure when mixing I sit dead in the middle though ...chair is not bolted to the floor 👌🏼

  12. 11 hours ago, splesh said:

    Give yourself time to get more used to each. It's far too soon to make any big pronouncements about which is better.

    Why can't people just either like or not like an ae track - the whole thing about 'give it time' is not always applicable I feel, I still don't like tracks that I didn't like the first time... Its OK not to like some of their work you know. 

    To add, one could learn to like anything if it was beaten into you long enough... But does that make it better? 

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