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  1. Based on the variety of the 2015 performances, and the way they vary, and the fact that the most recent performances used many of the same ideas with sort of different "lighting" - they are really, really into the malleability and modularity of the software setup right now. I'm not in any ways against their current way of working and methods, how could anyone? It's great having them follow this road and us tagging along for the ride...
  2. So I wonder if any of elseq was max triggering any hardware at all. Or purely software based sounds. Because I would like to see them do something like quaristice sounds with max fuckery ya know? I think it be cool. Also, I was thinking maybe releasing tracks in the form of max patches and have them ever changing so that every time you'd hit play the track would always be different somehow, but each patch would be locked so we couldn't mess with 'em... Don't know how all of it would work but I remember them talking about something like this and how Kanye West did something like it with releasing different versions of tracks, sorry for being vague. I just woke up... Still half asleep
  3. Both peel sessions :-( Same, want to get the reissued vynil though and give the respect it deserves
  4. Nice pallet of sounds on mainframe fantasy and western states, enjoyed the vibes you've created. I'm listening on crappy earbuds so can't say too much on the mix, but the composition and melodies/harmonies sound pleasant. The tracks develop nicely and don't get monotonous. The analogue vibe is sweet too. the beats are nicely varied throughout, especially on western states - nice hi hat flurries. (By the way - I've only listened to the first 2 tracks, so far) Very enjoyable to listen to mate, nice work. One advice/idea from me would be maybe sampling something - maybe a short vocal phrase or chirping birds and fucking with the samples - maybe relating to the titles? and adding them somehow to your tracks, to make them - don't know more "your's" i guess. Maybe some sampling would be nice to marry with all the analogue sounding stuff? anyway just a thought
  5. sine nomine

    elseq 1-5

    A lot of great work here. its very enjoyable to hear the subtle differences in the patterns, some tracks remind me of quaristice style, must be the mood or colour or something.
  6. Touché. Bleep is I fact owned/created by warp. Now I've gone a bit cross-eyed. Regardless, no mention of AE_Live as an 'official' release on the warp.net website for Autrchre.
  7. What I was thinking really.If Warp aren't involved somehow then this mean it's their "releasing hours of live shit on our own" side project. However, they would still have to do a proper album release with tracks and art, or at-least what ever their contract with Warp stipulates. Warp (Bleep, whatever, it's the same thing) seems to be in complete control of the AE_LIVE releases though, at least as far as hosting and such. So I'm sure they're getting a cut of those sales, though possibly less than a normal digital album sale (as there was almost no promotion for these releases). sent using magic space waves Oh. I don't think warp and bleep are the same thing(?) Are they? Bleep is a virtual music store right? Whereas Warp are the record label, am I right? So anyways. This is what I'm going by. Just went to warps.net autechre's artist page -> releases - and no mention of AE_Live ...I still believe AE_live something that they have seen through on their own terms using bleep and making their own store "AE store" to release this stuff which warp records have nothing to do with. I might be wrong - but I doubt it. They'll be releasing new stuff through warp (proper) unless their contract is up(?) with them. Which again I doubt.
  8. What I was thinking really. If Warp aren't involved somehow then this mean it's their "releasing hours of live shit on our own" side project. However, they would still have to do a proper album release with tracks and art, or at-least what ever their contract with Warp stipulates.
  9. And by fool I meant you beautiful very honest person :-)
  10. Yes, I think you missed what I was saying, I never said there was NO soul in AE_LIVE. You fool
  11. +++ Look imma just put a few lines, excuse me. I'm just sort asking myself drunkly; is there a sort of line between getting too caught up in software/programming and coding and shit - to actually making music that we feel and want others to? Seems to me, though how brilliant autechre's output has been lately, that technology is certainly a wonderful tool for music means - but is there any soul there?, and if so - can it be found. Sometimes I tap beats at night against my bed head, and listen through my pillow, it is the most soulful shit! Be it because of what my mind/heart are feeling in that moment, I think programming gets great results, but there's something about doing things from the body out, (no programming or coding or whatever the fuck) End transmission.
  12. Track names no track names who gives a shite just listen to the shit who knows might the last of it for all we know
  14. As much as i'd like more ae in any situation and i agree on the physical copy, i'm completely content with these as the main release. I've been listening to the first four so much that i've kind of sectioned them off into different subsections e.g. i think krakow is a lot more linear and straight, whereas utrecht is far more abstract and brussels is just so fucking funky. So it's like having a single release that i can then cater to the mood i'm in, which is an amazing concept that i've not experienced before, and will without doubt increase the longevity of the release. And besides, this is by far my favourite overall sound style that ae have adopted. Completely out of this world. I've been having a hard time listening to other stuff recently, cause it all just pales in comparison to this. All other electronic music sounds like it was made at a computer, but this just sounds natural, and real, not like someones sat down and programmed it but like it's formed on its own and is then morphed and warped of it's own accord, constantly shifting and evolving into something new. fuck i dunno what i'm saying i just love this so much Yeah fair enough mate! Agree with the sectioning of each recording - I just am overwhelmed and can't get enough of this. driving back home tonight I made a few heads turn lets just put it that way! I do think these wonders will endure for the ages never to seize enjoyment or admiration for the blokes. None the less the application and development of these fucking insane patches on a 'album' format release is mind boggling - still so much left to venture (for me) thus far only listened to the first 2 of 9 so bring it on :-7
  15. This might be kind of 'off topic' but do you guys think this is a new way autechre are releasing an 'album' so to speak? Might there be tracks coming after in the form of vinyl/cd? (From there new live patches/software) Id be happy to wait until mid next year for say a 10 track LP, but not another 3 years! That's for sure. What do you guys think/know about this? We've all wanted this to happen though - so great to have it finally released, it's wonderful, but I'd always want me an Lp -> Ep vinyl/cd release with the artwork to admire and treasure.
  16. I dreamed a couple of nights ago that i was at their high school where they were performing playing their violins both were younger and sitting side by side on high chairs with crew hair cuts. It was a first person point of view and I was standing side on to Sean, their violin playing skills were really GrAet
  17. sine nomine

    draft 7.30

    Hey can you point out a track of theirs with this? (Epic non-existant) Not quite sure what you mean???Should have been a bit clearer I guess http://m.youtube.com/watch?v=yeCOgIaZyjQ Gotta love the breakdown on that track. Gotcha! V.proc I don't quite get yet ...differ strokes for different folks I guess, thanks for link! Was brushing my teeth to it and doing the no pants dance
  18. sine nomine

    draft 7.30

    That's exactly how I would describe it mate! "Bending and snapping" most of the tracks do that on this lp. There's a sort of tension and then a release, swirling of the beats blanketed with eerie underneath atmospherics. Love this lp...
  19. sine nomine

    draft 7.30

    Hey can you point out a track of theirs with this? (Epic non-existant) Not quite sure what you mean???
  20. Thank you Sean and Rob will really enjoy these.
  21. Just showed mum these and she was like; there's just two of them!? Me: yes. Mum: that's a heck of a lot of noise they make for just two of 'em! Huh mum's almost 60 and cool as :-/
  22. Not trolling, just a bit sensitive when it comes to comparisons like this. Especially if the op assumes that Ae would try and sound like RDJ. I mean, is that I thing that they would deliberately try and do for shits and giggles? I'm ill informed if so.
  23. Yeah being actually there would be another thing all together for sure, I'm just giving my take on it from a listener of recordings - which the jibber jabber comes as very annoying to me, I'm hoping they come to oz some day!
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