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  1. Aye was gonna say - Any live sets I've heard from the last few years seem to be splattered with fall blown conversations as if they were there as a meeting point and annoyingly someone just happens to be playing some loud music in the background. Exactly. It's like I'd be there spending my time telling people to shut the hell up rather than enjoying the spectacle. I remember listening to a set recording from years back, where I could distinctly hear a girl asking some guy "you actually like this music" ...[emoji29]
  2. One thing that really bothers me (haven't seen Ae live yet) is the amount of talking that goes on whilst they're performing, it almost sounds like muttering at times. Very annoying!
  3. Isn't the trees an actual track title already?
  4. My thought about the ecig Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  5. Frequencies I have to admit I might need to watch this again to fully understand it. I found the movie as it progressed more and more existential, and I love the involvement of classical music to it's themes as a resolution. I couldn't possibly elaborate any further, must watch it at least another time. I'll score it 4/5 stars.
  6. The Lazarus effect 5/10 shitty acting plus story line. But when Olivia Wilde goes nuts, it gets some what watchable. The line between science/religion was too blurred for my liking. And I found it hard to take this movie seriously, I mean they start talking about hell, and introduce religious motifs that then by the end the movie goes from scientifically laughable to horrifically bad. Olivia Wilde was looking mighty fine though and played the creepy resurrected super powerful chick part to a tee.
  7. sine nomine


    I remember listening to lcc for the first time and following that hypnotic beat every single subtle change not knowing what to expect and then 2:35 comes in, this hell of a trip. I mentally keep the opening beat under the chaos that follows - before the beauty that follows it. Just magic that! Also I find the album art rather 'untilted' [emoji3] very vertical.
  8. If I ever met the boys in person I'd probably shit my pants or just stare and point - that sounds like a bit of an intense experience - like what did you talk about, I wouldn't even know what to say after 'hi, nice to meet you' and then run off like teenage girl from the '50's just meeting Elvis or some shit.
  9. Mr. Turner 7/10 This was ok, but I didn't enjoy it as much as Modigliani or better yet Pollock (in biopic terms that is)
  10. I agree FLeure was an intense opening track, I dedicated a whole day of listening to the album when I got my copy. It was my first autechre release I really listened to it with fresh and eager ears. Since exai I've revisited all their releases and applied the same deserved attention and respect, also in FLAC which made the experience even that much better. There's nothing else I'm looking forward to the most than their next release - that and perhaps seen them live. God damn it I can't take the wait...
  11. I'm checking this freaking page every freaking day it's getting freakin shit... I feel like an ae junkie wanting my next hit ASAP!
  12. The wolf of Wall Street - just a fucking mess/10 Same old rags to riches plot. Too much coke, pills and pussy, just a story summing up man kind really, not happy enough. Always wanting more. Fucking and getting fucked. It was like watching scarface minus the bullets. Oh yeah and too long too.
  13. Great tunes! I found that with your music there was nice space between the elements - I enjoyed every hit. The interplay of fast/slow within the rhythms were to my taste, reminded me of nothing I ever heard before to be honest, maybe a tad of thom yorke's eraser stuff (no offense intended). I also felt that your tracks, though minimal, which I'm sure is intentional - could be expanded upon, I know there's a couple there that aren't finished. For me the ambience is great, I wouldn't change it. The little melodies are fitting of the striped down beats, to be honest I guess one could always go more in to detail, like maybe, zooming in and making every bar slightly different than the previous - but then that difference would increase as the bars progressed(?) hope that makes some sense(?) I'm don't know what your workflow is like so. All in all, mate I remember my first few tracks, and they weren't this pretty :-) keep at it! Btw the track art on your soundcloud was very fitting of the music, nice stuff
  14. Nightcrawler: 8.5/10 Good movie, well made I thought; I really invested in gyllenhaal's character. Thought his performance was decent.
  15. I remember my roommates going on Spring Break and me, being po, stuck back at the house. And then it snowed. And snowed. And I had to shovel the driveway so I could get to work. So I opened up the doors and windows of our place (communal utilities, after all) and blasted Chiastic Slide as I did so. Have loved every moment of it since. Shovelling while the snow tumbled down and the cat tried to decide if he was an indoor or outdoor cat. I always thought Rettic AC sounded a lot like it's sampling the sound of trudging through snow. tissue on a microphone I wished it snowed down here :-( my cat loves ae though - my dog is the pussy when it comes to ae From now on I always have some rettic Ac for my issues - instead of tissues [emoji23]
  16. Rather awkward when the mother is pleasuring her self and in comes that little weirdo. I thought that kid was hilarious! Baba dook dook dook 5/10
  17. Damn really digging chiastic like never before. What an awesome piece of art ... Really can not wait for some news though
  18. Chévere! yo estoy enamorado por Huaynos!!! que cosa hermosa, and the more recent ones, with all the keyboard drum samples all over it, so idm! Just when i started exploring south american music i listened to "the roots of chicha" compilation and immediately fell in love with Los Shapis! i mean, i love all the other cumbia styles, but the andean one is my favorite atm! Yes! Andean music is something very special indeed! We get some great buskers from Peru here in Australia. We saw this one guy that had a great little setup - doing some really toe-tapping stuff, we just had to buy his CDs right then and there. For me Festejo music impacts me so deeply. Take the cajon, such a simple instrument, but idm as, I feel. Festejo beats are mad! [emoji18]
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