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  1. 10 minutes ago, drillkicker said:

    Well the problem with alcohol is that I tend to use it as a way to run away from problems that only become worse as I ignore them.  Marijuana, on the other hand, brings those problems right in front of me and asks me to do something with them, which is much more helpful.

    Yeah... I can't relate to that because weed just fucks with me in the 'long run' plus I actually don't like feeling stoned, much more efficient on alcohol. But each to their own... As they say. 

  2. A few might remember a post I did a while back apologizing for misusing the word rape - which I then moved on to talking about my mental health... Well the sole culprit in regards to my mental health was Marijuana... My mind just can't handle it. (I never stated it though) 

    Even though smoking it has no immediate negative inpact... It's the detoxification that sends my mind into a downwards spiral - with paranoia, delusions, anxiety and depression - fun times!

    It's taken so much time from me by ending up in hospitals (3 times) that I've grown to really respect weed - and ultimately stay the fuck away from it.

    I guess in my case it was hard to accept that weed just isn't for me - stupidly I didn't stop the first time things turned sour... You live and you learn, I guess. 

    Back on my feet now though... With two kids to think about - other than myself. 

    And as far as the thread goes... nowadays I might have some shiraz, scotch or a pilsner at times when posting on watmm 

  3. Can you all imagine if the next release is called 'OFF' would that mark the end of their max exploration? 'SIGN—OFF' 

    OR maybe signing off the way they've been going about things in max - and so ready to introduce something new? 

    I say this because Sean mentioned that they 'revamped' their system but how do we know that's what we're hearing on SIGN? and what we're going to hear on the next 'green' release?

    Again I say this because - isn't that something they're known for - like with Exai... Which was worked on years before release... Right? 

    I also thought of this because though I really enjoy listening to SIGN - it doesn't really sound like a 'revamped system' to me tbh... Because elseq, AE_LIVE and NTS sound quite similar to SIGN (in many ways)

    ... Maybe the 'revamp' is yet to come? Or might just be wishful thinking. What do you all think? 

  4. 50 minutes ago, Roo said:

    An interesting comparison is that this month is the 20th anniversary of Kid A, which itself had a sister sessions album follow 8 months later. Those were both a new era departure for RH, and in the context of ae it was a key shout-out which nurtured a new audience. Kid A & SIGN both with the 4 letters.

    Drunk reply... So, sorry - but OK computer is the best RD. 

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  5. It's really funny how people always have to compare things... Like oh that reminds me of blah blah blah or oh that looks like blah blah... Its like just shut the fuck up you know!? Why can't things just be what they are and not have some fucking association... Comparisons are just so unnecessary... :catrage:

  6. 1 hour ago, misuta Go said:

    like everyone, i thought that the cover was shit. now i understand why...

    Now I'm thinking that the artwork is more ae saying 'fuck you we dont care, coz the music is gonna fuck u up newayz biatch!' 

    And it did... It really did fuck us all up. 

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