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  1. 17 minutes ago, cobra said:

    I’ve been doing the same and it sounds incredible it’s turning into one of my favourite records. Exai was also the first Autechre album I brought and I’ve been turned on ever since. Can’t wait for Sign and the artwork


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  2. Just finished ratched. I thought it was really pretty to look at - made the 60s come to life (maybe a tad exaggerated but whatever) ...the characters and acting were alright I guess okonedo's character annoyed the shit out of me though and I thought (you guessed it) governor G. Wilburn was of course hilarious!

    The main story is pretty fucked up, it really is one of revenge but also redemption and I felt bad for the siblings.

    laughed really hard at the self amputation part though - I mean the show was kind of absurd at times ...of course I'm going to have to watch cukoo's nest now... I don't remember it at all it's been so long.

  3. 18 minutes ago, ooqpoo said:

    dilankex remix is a rollercoaster of a track

    AE_LIVE still hasn't really clicked, it's so abstract and disjointed can't find the groove! same goes for onesix 😕

    Gets pretty groovy when they slaughter dubstep with that bass from hell - ie ashaville @20:26 mark. plenty of other groovy snipets sprinkled on those sets iirc. 


  4. I was well I to breakbeats, dnb and techno growing up and so I worked really fucking hard to get into ae... I hated it at first, really did - but I knew it was because I didn't understand it (like a language or something) so I was determined to learn this "language" quaristice was my intro to them BTW... Its probably still one of my faves. 

  5. 17 minutes ago, Draft78 said:

    in this I partly agree: from elseq onwards there are more frequent cases in which I have rapidly assimilated the ideas, but I cannot say if this is caused by the composition itself, or if it's me who, completely assimilated by the Ae phenomenon , I feel in my natural habitat. The similarities between exai and those that came out later could have played a substantial role in this, which does not mean a stylistic deterioration (AE_LIVE could be the release that won me over the most), but rather the settling into a shape.

    You really echoed my thoughts exactly here (worded them better than I could've tbh) I agree, stylistically speaking their work hasn't deteriorated (though style is something rather subjective) 

    But like you mentioned, their ideas in later releases are definitely assimilated quicker (especially for the seasoned listener) and hance (for me) there are less "ahh" or "click" moments and more of "I see what you did there" moments. 

    There's a surprise element to the "click" moments that (to repeat myself) I just don't get from later releases - maybe, like you say, I'm also assimilated to the phenomenon. 

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  6. 6 minutes ago, jules said:

    Im also not a huge fan of bbq but Ive noticed if it is on in the background, it works for me but I cant really make it through the whole thing if I am actively listening.

    The only other thing I could never get into was L—event.


    tac Lacora for me really highlights my point about their playfulness with repetion and of course there's also their trademark stroke of genius 'irresolution to order' (entropy) which mostly if not always becomes seamlessly structured in it of itself - within a track or leading to another. 

  7. What I really love about their process is how they play with repetition.

    Which for me I noticed around lp5 and later to be more prominent (though they've always played with it)

    The idea of having say, a snare (example the snare on LCC) be so beautiful crafted to sound different on particular repeated hits.

    Of course they play with repetition in numerous other ways so for me I wouldn't really "remove" anything I would just prefer to listen to the works that encompass this idea of repetition more.



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