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  2. we aboutta be at ground zero hunnies. post predictions on tracklist here's mine: 1.you 2.guys 3.are 4.stoppid 5.u 6.aint 7.getting 8.a new album(japanese bonustrack)
  3. whoa whoa, what? THATS your first post? i agree with the man, i have no idea why new seeds is so popular. along with split your infinities. palace posy reigns supreme .
  4. "late into the game" i started listening to them 2 years ago, so Exai but i didnt start with Exai. first heard the anti EP.
  5. Then that has to be the YouTube bot hahahaha i dont think they'd do that to themselves unless the bit has turned against them
  6. Squoodgearlordie lel Sent from my LG-H345 using Tapatalk
  7. meanwhile in a parallel universe....
  8. im worried about the donald trump guy, he stopped posting his dream journals...
  9. MIDI PIPE IS AMAZING killer album too 100000000/10
  10. im gonna say it. Campfire is better than Geogaddi
  11. instead of ELEVEN used in palace posy they should have put 822, 822 822 822 822822822822822822
  12. also, 822 still needs to be a thing :/
  13. anyone else want them to break their cycle and not have an EP but another album instead?
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