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  1. Does anyone know anything about the contents of the new SD card? And I wonder if its contents will be in the forthcoming digitals? And will the audio from the BluRay be included? So many questions! Whatever, this box is awesome. CD and postcard track are the favourites of mine so far.
  2. I'm growing accustomed to his dual end-of-year releases. This time round though it's particularly good.The vinyl record was enjoyably weird, and the 2xCD album is lovely (so far). This is how all our beloved artists should go about their business.
  3. I enjoyed this entire post apart from the use of the word 'goddamn' which should never be used in speech or text by anyone from Great Britain. As for myself, I put on Tomorrow's Harvest today and really enjoyed it. I thought more than a few tracks were reminiscent of 'Geogaddi', but it's all BoC so why worry?
  4. Just bought 'Quoth' out of curiosity and to get the WAVs... no Hidden Mix! Fuck!
  5. I enjoyed this album. I also preferred the last Focus Group album, and I'd lost a lot of faith in Jim Jupp after New Ways Out. I wouldn't say Outward Journeys is the most memorable album I've ever heard (or even the most memorable GB album), but it definitely harks back to the old GB I know and love for me. How much of that is just down to Jon Brooks though remains to be seen.
  6. You've surely got to give it to him, Bibio's releases aren't always predictable. I can't think of too many artists with his diversity. Looking forward to this, couldn't be more different from A Mineral Love by the sounds of things. Would've liked to have got the special edition vinyl version but I was skint at the time.
  7. I wondered about Arched Maid Via RDJ as well. I wonder if the Rephlex releases are still going to be uploaded as promised? Hope they don't go the same way as the Rephlex webstore.
  8. I'm well looking forward to this album. I'v never been too keen on their use of vocals but it works on PITD. I need the boxset in my hands now!
  9. Not quite, the vinyl in the 'Black Dog Traditions of England' was a 12".
  10. Not got a clue what's fucking going on. I got the message that I'd bid too low but would be getting 'awarded' with the release anyway. Even so, I've skinted myself til payday so I hope GWC et al appreciate it! Having bought all of the physical editions plus the digital releases up til now I don't feel too guilty. Might make a donation later depending on what I end up with.
  11. Polyethylene is hard to beat as far as their b-sides go. I'm very fond of The Butcher as well, and The Daily Mail / Staircase*. As for this release, even though I've heard everything before I can't but treat the supplementary tracks as a kind of long-lost album. Flows pretty well for me. My only gripe is that for £100 I'd expect the CD to be chucked in with the boxset. Not to worry though, ordered both anyway. *Delete according to what you want to call the A-side.
  12. Best I could come up with as well. What's with his fixation with those things? Too much time and effort for the final result.
  13. Downloaded the other day. It's OK, preferred the Darkest Wave 7". And thank you, I thought I'd imagined reading about a double 7" (which is a very 80s sort of thing).
  14. Like everything else he releases, this compilation is a work of art. Great introduction to his back catalogue as well. There's also a MWC/Belbury Poly 7" coming soon: https://ghostbox.greedbag.com/buy/other-voices-37/. I only hope the Belbury Poly contribution is better than anything on 'New Ways Out'.
  15. I think the Children of Alice track was my introduction to Folklore Tapes. Disappointed it's not going to be included but preordered the vinyl anyway. And you never know about Ghost Box, think of Soundcarriers and the Mount Vernon reissue.
  16. Very much justified in this case! Another great album from Mr. Reeves, he definitely gets better with age.
  17. Yeah, maybe the 13 traclks total is the entirety of the AMSP sessions. I doubt it, seening as they started recording, was it early 2015? And to be honest, if the special ed had been advertised as just the 11-track vinyl and CD I would've preordered the same out of my own completist compulsion. More importantly though, has anybody got this fuckimg record yet? I had a despatch email Thursday, but the tracking info continually says it's just been sent to the Royal Mail and not yet absorbed into their matrix or whatever shit. Just send me the fucking thing, FFS!
  18. I thought it was a bit stingy when it was announced. Surely there was more left over than just these two tracks? I've bought the last two special eds (still waiting for AMSP to arrive). TKOL was OK but of limited interest for me, and AMSP could do with a lot more musical content to justify its pricetag even though it does look pretty lush. I'd love something else as expansive as the In Rainbows discbox. Still, I pretty much knew what I was going to get when I preordered AMSP so I guess I can't moan too much.
  19. I saw the updated release info the other day. I'm assuming Spectre will be on it, I'm afraid that track hasn't grown on me at all. I'm looking forward to getting it but ultimately it could well be an anticlimax seeing how far it is behind the main release. It seems they put a hell of a lot more effort more effort into the In Rainbows discbox, which I'm sure only cost forty quid at the time. On the bright side though, I haven't got AMSP on CD or black vinyl.
  20. Vinyl's delayed by a week or two, fuck! Cassette should be shipping now though.
  21. Anyone heard of a shipping date for the big box thingy yet? And am I the only one to put myself in the red ordering it?
  22. It doesn't seem so, I got the CD and vinyl last Wednesday, I think it was. Great album by the way, on first listen it feels like the perfect sequel to Sleep Games.
  23. I'm possibly a few releases away from getting pissed off at coughing up so muich for a flexidisc. Admittedly the accompanying literature is excellent but come on, for the price I'm paying would a vinyl 7" be too much to ask?
  24. The disc with Ginnel was a simple DVDr so I think you should be all good. And as regards Clinskell, as a dyed-in-the-wool English Northerner I can confirm that it definitely does not exist!
  25. I usually find that with such hefty releases, the anticipation of bingeing on it all is better than the actual event. My attention span isn't what it used to be and I end up getting a sore arse and backache from sitting too long. In spite of that, I still want this. Hope I can get everything I want from the individual releases.
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