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  1. My CD player only displays the album title, but no data for the tracks themselves (unlike my copy of Confederation Trough, which lists the titles that Caustic mentioned a bit back).
  2. Analord 3 was the first part of the series I bought. 'Klopjob' became an instant fave and is still up there along with 'PWSteal.Bancos.Q'. Then again I found very little not to like about the Analords. The only one I've never got along with is number 5. Not sure what a klopjob is, but I reckon it'd chafe a bit.
  3. I saw some footage of that on the news. Reminded me of one of my favourite cheat modes on GTA3.
  4. Some supplemental KMAS 7 inch action would be nice to tie in with all of this.
  5. I thought Jacderida had already posted this?
  6. 'Reunion 2', 'If It Really Is Me' and 'Akunk'.
  7. The sort of sonar ping in Inkey$.
  8. 1:59 - 2:02 on Children Talking, and the noise that plays through the run-out groove on side 2 of AB3.
  9. I find it hard to think of BoC when I visit this sub-forum.
  10. I thought you were talking bollocks, until I just tried it...
  11. This CD is rather excellent. Good work, chap.
  12. According to the Skam site, vinyl editions (of this and the Mr. 76ix album) are "on the way", with "more info to follow soon".
  13. Yeah, it makes a bit of a change from other BoC fare. Not overly keen on the lager of almost the same name though.
  14. Come on Joyrex, let's have another summary thread execution.
  15. I was tempted to make some kind of disparaging comment towards Joyrex regarding this thread, but was too scared of getting severely pwned...
  16. What the bollocks is going on? I had an email about an error at the pressing plant causing the delay, and doesn't Skam's site say that it's shipping this week? I dread to think when the Bola album's going to surface.
  17. Caretstik


    Weetabix is right, Keynell 3 is majorly shit-hot. And Viral Rival. Also Helix Shatterproof because of the title. And Knutsford Services, coz I grew up in that neck of the woods. Gescom is just too fucking good.
  18. Caretstik


    Returning to fave Gescom - Five for me.
  19. The new Tuss subforum is wank.
  20. Isn't this just bastardised from the first track from the ATP 2001 live set?
  21. yeaaah! nices tracks! i've them and they r good, really! ;-) You're absolutely right AST - just can't find much 'ambient' about them! Or any Caustic Window stuff for that matter (apart maybe from Jedi/Romance Tip).
  22. I'm trying to pick the most ambient tracks out of Popcorn, R2D2, Phlaps and Cunt...
  23. I've changed my mind, I believe that these albums do or did exist in some form. It's easy to believe that the Sandisons could have been so prolific; I doubt that they would've laboured over recording them for any length of time back in those days. Maybe BoC could inject some life into their website by making the recordings available there (in the same way that Chris Leary has with his old stuff).
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