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  1. Nobody ever seems arsed about PWSteal.Bancos.Q, and it's absolutely shit-hot. That would've been on there for me, along with Where's Your Girlfriend and Grumpy Acid. I bought all of the Analords (sans binder) and then Chosen Lords as well; in hindsight I'm not sure why I bothered with the latter, other than for the sake of completism. When I first saw the tracklisting I was somewhat disappointed.
  2. I'll go with 'Mindstream', for the same reason as LUDD. I was pissed off to find out that it was three minutes shorter on '26 Mixes' though. I used to love MBM back in the day...
  3. Caretstik


    I find the EP7 CD one of the easiest of Ae's releases to listen to. I'm with you on 'Outpt', whilst 'Squeller' and 'Left Blank' are also damn good to my mind. Even the pre-gap track makes for a pleasant diversion now and again. The EP7 stuff overall is shit-hot.
  4. The whole thing from idea to execution is somewhat ropey. Not even 3.5 tog.
  5. The cover of Donkey Rhubarb is slightly unsettling.
  6. For what it's worth, I think that's spot on.
  7. I was there too. Fucking awesome.
  8. That's what I take it to be anyway. I've never had any reason to doubt Fredd-E's pages either.
  9. Seeing as him and 4-LOM were both droids, what the hell would they've spent the cash on if they'd actually captured Han Solo?
  10. A bit of a tangent now given the direction of this thread, but that matches exactly what I have.
  11. Reminds me very much of 73 Yips. And both of them are ace.
  12. You can still hear 'Trails' here, amongst many other cool things.
  13. Unlikely, to put it very mildly. Most of them may well actually be by Mum.
  14. It's awesome, one of my all-time BoC faves. The Box Maxima version is weak in comparison to the single version though. To me 'Chinook' seems like a complete departure from anything else they've released.
  15. Pity they don't put other less commonly heard tracks on there as well. And 'Macquarie Ridge' is the best track on TCH (or not on it, as the case may be).
  16. Chinook. Makes me think of flying over Antarctica.
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