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  1. I agree with Playbynumbers' initial post to a degree. When it was released I was buzzing over it, but I reckon now that that was due to the actual excitement of having a new Boards Of Canada album. As time has gone I listen to it less and less. I get the impression at times that they were trying too hard to actually be BoC. The short tracks in particular sound a little contrived and don't work like they did on the previous two albums. Saying all that, it's far from shit and wazzess over most records released in 2005. The album is just somewhat below par by the standards that they've set for themselves.
  2. Via SoulSeek you should be able to find all of these songs, but not getting those two from OT1 is strange as it's more common than OT2. But you try SoulSeek! and about the very early releases - dunno if anyone here ever will get to listen to them to a full extent :( yeah, idk why i haven't found Wendy Miller or Paul Russel's Piece, i actually have soulseek, but every user that has the tracks that i DO have from old tunes 1 also are missing Wendy Miller and Paul Russel's Piece. Have you tried looking around any other torrent sites? I've seen them knocking about recently, although whether they were other tracks that were mislabelled I don't know.
  3. The blurb implies that only The Fratellis are performing live, and not necessarily anybody else. Probably a 90 second bluffer's guide.
  4. The design concept of SAWII is almost as good a reason to own it as the music itself. One day I'm going to get myself a vinyl copy just for that reason. Incidentally, yet another query. Do regular copies of SAWII (from any country) still come with any credits insert? My UK version didn't. I prefer it without though, adds even more to the album's mystery.
  5. Caretstik


    Only pulling your leg SqpTwin, I think I see what you're getting at. I'd say that drukqs is something of a compilation, although that doesn't diminish it's appeal for me. Good shit is good shit.
  6. Caretstik


    That wasn't the only bit that I lost.
  7. Looking at those titles, SqpT, I can only agree with you.
  8. Your judgement serves you well. I felt devastated after eventually seeing the first; nearly two hours of my life had been squandered and I would never be able to replace them, ever.
  9. Fucking ace film indeed. And I only had the idea to see it because 'Saw' was full...
  10. Second image = Heard From Telegraph Lines Cyphersum, your image has got to be Chinook
  11. on the original release, he was, but interestingly not on the re-issue. make of it what you will. hmm...again, my knowledge is limited here, but that may have been a conflict with warp as the distributor. there certainly doesn't seem to be any bad blood between christ and boc...just an artistic divide that naturally led where it did. Yeah, I had always thought that it had been amicable, until I read a posting somewhere (definitely not on WATMM) that Chris Horne had been 'kicked out' (which didn't seem very credible to me). Whether that was just some in-joke that went over my head or my memory of what was said became foggy over time though, I wouldn't like to say. I'd also wondered about his name being dropped from the 'Twoism' reissue.
  12. 'Probus' is indeed ace. As are 'Wheeze' and 'Coppice'. I don't know whereabouts in Cornwall the latter two are though.
  13. I always used to want the double team to get knocked out; either that or that they'd win shit prizes, as I could never figure out why it was so unfairly weighted. If I remember rightly Bob once said that it was to see if two heads were better than one. Bollocks. Someone I knew from my school went on once (he was solo). He fluffed one goldrun and then get knocked out. My school must have been shit as we got hammered on Cheggars Plays Pop as well.
  14. No, it's actually a cassette that was given away with Select Magazine (now defunct unsurprisingly) around 1994. I wasn't too bothered about RDJ at the time, but rediscovered the tape a few years later when I actually began to. Pretty cool that was too. While I'm at it, I forgot: CD Expert Knob Twiddlers DVD The Works of Director Chris Cunningham Warp Vision VHS Come To Daddy Windowlicker
  15. I think this sort of outcome is inevitable. Proposing Ae v BoC is irresponsible and potentially cataclysmic. Two on two is fine, but do you really think it's going to stop there? Before you know it the whole ugly business will escalate and we'll have Hexagon Sun v Gescom. Skam v Music 70, with Warp caught up uncomfortably somewhere in the middle. Gang warfare of apocalyptic proportions.
  16. In absolutely no semblance of any kind of order: Vinyl Analogue Bubblebath (US 12") Analogue Bubblebath 3.1 Girl/Boy EP 2 Remixes By AFX Drukqs (4 x 12" in that long box - fuck knows what type of vinyl, but I bought it on the day that the album was released) Analord 1 Analord 2 Analord 3 Analord 4 Analord 5 Analord 6 Analord 7 Analord 8 Analord 9 Analord 10 Picture Disc Analord 11 CD Classics On On Remixes Ventolin (CD1) Ventolin (CD2) Girl/Boy EP Come To Daddy (CD1) Come To Daddy (8 track version) Windowlicker (CD1) Windowlicker (CD2) Drukqs Caustic Window Compilation Surfing On Sine Waves (Original Warp CD) Surfing On Sine Waves (Rereleased Warp UK CD with 'Portreath Harbour' and 'Redrith School') 2 Remixes by AFX Smojphace EP Selected Ambients Works 85 - 92 Selected Ambient Works Vol II 51/13 Donkey Rhubarb Analogue Bubblebath 3 Analogue Bubblebath 4 Chosen Lords Richard D James Album I Care Because You Do Compilations and stuff (all on CD) Trance Europe Express 3 ('Cunt') Volume Four ('En Trange To Exit') 26 Remixes For Cash Artifical Intelligence I Warp 10 + 3 Remixes WAP100 25 Years Of Rough Trade Shops (4 x CD box set, 'GAK 4') Rephlexions! The Trip ('AFX 114') Blechsdottir Excursions In Ambience: The Third Dimension - finally! ('Stone In Focus') Secret Tracks 2 ('Phlid') Remixes 'Mindstream' (Meat Beat Manifesto)
  17. So was Chris Horne's departure amicable (if he was ever any kind of real 'member')? I've heard different versions of that, but also read that he gave the Sandisons a mention on his first album?
  18. Any associated (or otherwise) EPs or singles should be released in the generic purple warp sleeve.
  19. Totally agree. Fucking hectic record.
  20. These of any help? Sister Ray Records Piccadilly Records I've used both of these in the past and they've always done the biz.
  21. Caretstik

    SAW II on vinyl

    Sorry, bit of a retard question but is Stone In Focus on all the vinyl versions?
  22. So is the Japanese track actually longer than the actual credits on the Windowlicker video?
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