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  1. S) Peacock Tail T) Old Tunes Vol 1, Track 1.
  2. Q) Buckie High R) Over The Horizon Radar
  3. M) Under The Coke Sign N) June 9th
  4. I think these two would make decent t-shirts: http://fredd-e.narfum.org/boc/goodies/show...-sticker-04.jpg http://fredd-e.narfum.org/boc/goodies/show...-sticker-05.jpg The retro designs are very BoC for me, and I do like the Twoism design in blue (although the original colours would have been better). Bet the fucker won't fit me properly though. Where are these stickers from anyway (apart from TCH and Twoism)?
  5. Don't know if this is of any interest, or if you've seen it already: http://fredd-e.narfum.org/boc/goodies/pictures/live/ As their live sets are so few and far between (to put it mildly), I suppose it's hard to say what's 'typical'.
  6. Cool, thanks to you both for the info.
  7. K) Left Side Drive (again) or Skyliner L) XYZ
  8. Never heard this, anybody able to tell me what makes it different from the version on MHTRTC?
  9. But the 'Aphex Twin' logo was used yonks ago by Rephlex on the Analogue Bubblebath 3 and 4 CDs (AFX) and the Caustic Window Compilation.
  10. G) Sixtyniner H) Constants Are Changing I) Left Side Drive J) You Could Feel The Sky
  11. E) Korona F) Triangles and Rhombuses As for the London photo, I'd say Sixtyten.
  12. C) Basefree D) Rodox Video 70s: I'd say Kid For Today too, or In A Beautiful Place Out In The Country (predictable, I know). Hope you guys aren't going to run out of images any time soon. Good stuff.
  13. Yep, Probuis is a damn fine version. Amazing how much variation RDJ was able to squeeze out of one basic idea. Coppice is pretty nice too, although Wheeze usually edges it for me over the two EPs. It's the complete opposite end of the spectrum, a really narky bastard of a song. I love music with that kind of urgency.
  14. A) Hi Scores B) Sunshine Recorder
  15. 1). Macquarie Ridge 2). Satellite Anthem Icarus. Not sure about the others. GhoXt - got to be something off A Few Old Tunes...
  16. Caretstik

    Aphex Edits

    I like 'Bucephalus'. I just put something else on after three minutes.
  17. Cunts. Hope that was the anticipated reaction.
  18. Children Talking Klopjob On (28 Remix) Cornish Acid Where's Your Girlfriend? PWSteal.Bancos.Q Inkey$ Ventolin (Wheeze Mix) Cock v10 Quixote R2D2 Every Day Astroblaster (it's the fucking shit!) 73-Yips Milkman Green Calx Not in that order, though.
  19. Caretstik

    Aphex Edits

    I would have made 'Bucephalus Bouncing Ball' a lot shorter, by simply knocking it on the head at the three minute mark (which would technically have reduced the song to 'Bucephalus'). I would have used the 'Defender' sample elsewhere instead.
  20. I like RDJ because I can extract as much or as little emotion as I like, even from the same song depending on when I listen to it.The proper Drill stuff also often feels like a big 'fuck you' to other people's taste if I think it's shit. The ambient side works for me in the same way as BoC, that feeling of exhiliaration that I can't really explain. And as for being 'cool', I've always been chuffed about having songs called 'Cunt' and 'Phlid'.
  21. Not bad. Still not convinced by the first image, but I was listening to 'Mukhinabaht' as I was looking at the enlargement of the second and it worked pretty well. Just have to think about what may fit the top one now. 'Gyroscope', maybe.
  22. The interludes between the songs on the 'Tremolo' EP sound very much like an inspiration to BoC, especially the little piece that follows right after 'To Here Knows When' (the little vignette following 'Chromakey Dreamcoat' comes to mind).
  23. How far back do you want to go? At least this one isn't a duplicate post! On BBCs 'Holiday' programme a little while back, 'Flim' and 'Digeridoo' were both used in the same feature (funnily enough, it was about Australia). More recently, of course, 'Windowlicker' was used in an Audi advert.
  24. SAW CD2 Track 3 is currently being used on a car advert (can't remember which company right now). Bollocks, sorry! Just reread your original post! Don't worry, I won't mention Pirelli!
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