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  1. Got to agree with you there, Whitewater's one of my faves too. Why it never made it any further than Boc Maxima is beyond me. Red Moss is another song that should have been given a proper release. But then, listening to their live sets, they've obviously got a lot more amazing songs stashed away that we'll never hear.
  2. A Few Old Tunes - Finity Old Tunes Vol 1 - Side B, Track 9 Old Tunes Vol 2 - Zander Two Boc Maxima - Whitewater Twoism - Sixtyniner Hiscores - Everything You Do Is A Balloon Aquarius - Chinook MHTRTC - Olson Peel Session - Happy Cycling IABPOITC - In A Beautiful Place Out In The County Geogaddi - 1969 The Campfire Headphase - Tears From The Compound Eye Trans Canada Highway - Heard From Telegraph Lines
  3. Hope I'm not missing something, but isn't 'Phlid' absent from the discog, from the 1994 'Secret Tracks 2' compilation tape?
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