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  1. Saw that somewhere, seems there's a green Illuminati out there that I didn't know about. Edward Norton was waxing some right poncey shit about AMSP.
  2. I'm definitely in the 'desperately want but can't afford' bracket. Not even been able to buy any of the remastered vinyl yet. Separate bundles of this lot sounds good to me though, as the initial 2 x CD version seems largely pointless. Surely the first five singles and 'Vegetable Man / Scream Thy Last Scream' are essential, dodgy as some of them may be. Gve me £400 though and I'd preorder the thing now while jazzing my kecks in the process.
  3. Can't disagree with these. I'd add Sketches and Spells and Mind How You Go. And further to the above, Ouroborindra is an interesting oddity in the GB canon, and essential for it.
  4. I know I'm not the only person here to have a love for The Beatles and Revolver. Nice find. I'm past the three minute mark and waiting for shit to really kick off.
  5. I still think he should pace himself a little bit. I can understand wanting him to keep up the momentum but I'd imagine almost everyone who preordered Vol. 1 would cough up for the other two anyway, as I certainly will. Maybe it's just because I can't afford to reorder for a couple of weeks.
  6. WIth you Bro! I always look out for your comments when it comes to Radiohead. In Rainbows grew and grew for me since we all paid a pittance (or nowt) to download the first release. Can't say the same for TKOL sadly, even though I paid shitloads for the various releases and gave it many plays in the past five years or so. I've come to love the alternate HTTT since then, but the original still feels bloated. This album, however, hit the spot almost straight away. I want my overpriced boxset thingy now.
  7. After numerous listens (including on vinyl), this album feels infinitely more enjoyable than TKOL. I do feel there are a number of ways I could've better spent the £60 I splashed out on the special edition though. I hope the second CD doesn't actually include Spectre. If it does, someone needs to tell Thom et al that it isn't the great track they seem to think it is. A free upload on Soundcloud is the best it deserves.
  8. Explains the delay in receiving them. Yeah, I saw that you posted that (recognised the avatar!). Seems a little complicated way to go about things, but I'm a little less worried about the album's non-appearance. Getting a little impatient though nonetheless!
  9. Rather predictably, living in Norwich this event is a complete non-starter for me. Fuck it though, I just hope the white vinyl from Norman arrives before too long.
  10. I've been thinking the same thing. I have a bad feeling about this...
  11. Sorry, I don't dip into WATMM so much these days. Any idea what this actually comprises? I ordered the clear vinyl and CD regardless and don't care if it's Now That's What I Call Colundi or new stuff or whatever, but still..... just curious. It's basically a compilation of tracks from already released Levels through the years, but now on vinyl. Thank you, I imagined it might be. I've a feeling somehow that it's going to be delayed for a bit.
  12. Anyone received their copy yet? I'm still waiting.
  13. I think you're right. Can't remember where I read it but someone somewhere zoomed in on the image and made it out as 'Spectre' and 'B Word' or something. I haven't get any better suggestions at present so I'll stick with that. I feel like they're flogging Spectre a bit. Wasn't overly keen on it when they upped it to Soundcloud last year and it hasn't grown on me I'm afraid.
  14. Sorry, I don't dip into WATMM so much these days. Any idea what this actually comprises? I ordered the clear vinyl and CD regardless and don't care if it's Now That's What I Call Colundi or new stuff or whatever, but still..... just curious.
  15. Relistening to it now the CD's turned up (it's still flawed, some marks which make it stick for several seconds during The Elsewhere Shuffle but I can't be arsed to send it back) and the second side onwards is better. Not up to previous GB standards, but better. I have the utmost faith in PCA to turn things back around. I think it's almost time for some more Focus Group too.
  16. The Kona Triangle album was excellent. Keaver and Brause I never got along with (I'm assuming there was only the one record but I may be wrong), it may be time to revisit that. And I wonder if Matt Cutler will ever return to play in Nottingham? Still loving Levitate, btw.
  17. Can't say I disagree with anything in the last two posts, unfortunately. Shame, as the Belbury Poly albums have so far been developing nicely, I feel. I think the forthcoming PCA album was mentioned in an email from Ghost Box explaining the delay in the 'New Ways Out' CD coming out. As regards vocal-type albums, I really enjoyed the Sound Carriers' record and was pleasantly surprised that Elijah Wood cropped up on the last track (backtracking, I enjoyed their previous albums a lot less). I still love the label though and have complete faith in them, I'm happy to put this album down to a glitch in proceedings.
  18. hopefully you still give it a chance. the problem for me is that jupp seems to be trying to slowly evolve the project into a more lyrical direction which i'm personally not a fan of eg: the belbury circle. did anyone enjoy that? how about 'the apple tree' by hintermass? btw: not every song has lyrics, and one of my favorite tracks has mumblings of some sort. i guess i'm just not a fan of the glam rock sound or whatever this is supposed to be. would love to hear some other people's thoughts I enjoyed the Hintermass album as I expected there to be some vocal content. The Belbury Circle EP less so, which in hindsight seems like something of a fanboy fantasy made vinyl. 'The New Harmony' is my least favourite on the whole record because of those 'ba-ba-ba' vocals which quickly started to grate on me. I can understand your misgivings entirely, but then the roster so far has set the bar very high over the years. I do, however, really fancy the new Pye Corner Audio album they're releasing in July. I think they should put out a Listening Center full-length at some point soon as well.
  19. Going to lay off it now until the vinyl arrives. Wish I could order that Fabrique de luxe thing but sixty quid's a lot of money to me these days. Any word yet on the two bonus CD tracks?
  20. Blimey, this old thread's still alive! Quatermass (as I've no doubt mentioned a million times before) was one of my first points of reference when I first encountered Ghost Box. Being a child of the 70s it was the John Miills serial which initially sprang to mind, although in my teens I did come to love the earlier stories through buying the paperbacks of the scripts. Nice to see a nod to The Daemons in there too. Pity Nigel Kneale apparently hated Who so much even though many of the Pertwee stories borrowed from Quatermass so heavily. Bought this a while back, not yet read in full thoughL http://strangeattractor.co.uk/shoppe/the-twilight-language-of-nigel-kneale/. And just for the record, mere weeks left to wait for 'New Ways Out'! EDIT: Fuck, I actually bought that book a few years ago because of the tape that came with it, which is ace. Best get my arse in gear.
  21. Glad I'm not the only who thinks starting up with Vol 2 so soon was a bit hasty (i've also commented on that on his FB page). He obviously got a bit carried away with the late rush on Vol 1. I coughed up all the same but kind of hope it gets cancelled for now as I really need that cash to preorder the Colundi vinyl on Clone.
  22. Even Spring (Peel Session version) and New Family. Or Chasend and Itsu for their more surly side.
  23. I don't come round here much anyomore, but I wish I could have this thread alone with LUDD for a while just to wallow in the brilliance of Erotic City.
  24. Pre-ordered from Norman, so it looks like this is getting some decent circulation. PCA has become one of those artists whose releases I just have to preorder without a second thought (to the detriment of my overdraft).
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