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  1. One and the same my friend! Listened through the CD and cassette of volume 6 today. I'll be honest, reading the description of it made me a little wary, but I'd now place it at number 2 out of the series so far. Absolutely love it. I think number 4 remains my fave, then 6 and 3 personally. Not really got into 5 yet, but then I probably need to listen to it in the right frame out of mind. Looking forward very much to the first 5 volumes turning up in the post!
  2. When the fuck are Norman getting this? Pretty certain I'm going to miss out on a physical copy.
  3. I don't think there are any weak tracks on Soul Mining. Life - changing record for me.
  4. There's a great podcast up on the Radio Cineola site from the 30th anniversary of Soul Mining interview DJ Food did with Matt. Dunno if you've heard it but well worth a listen. He mentions at the end that he's recently began baking all the old tapes with a view to restoring and releasing 'pornography of despair' etc... Mind you as with everything Matt says has to be taken with a pinch of salt as to whether it really will see the light of day this time! http://www.thethe.com/shop/radio-cineola.html I think he's mentioned baking the old tapes before, quite a while ago I think, so like you I'm remaining a little sceptical until any actual releases surface. I've been tempted by some of those podcasts in the past, especially for the tracks from Spirits and Gun Sluts but have been a bit too tight to shell out for them. Might check out some of the free ones though. I wonder if this might be of interest as well if you haven't seen it already: http://www.20000daysonearth.com/item/494/
  5. I had absolutely no idea that this existed, and even less that there was any interest in The The on WATMM. I've loved his stuff since I was a teenager, but over the years I've always been drawn to the naivete of the earlier releases (4AD stuff, The The Infected). Naked Self was a definite return to form but I've never been fully sold on these soundtrack albums. Will buy it of course though, it's The The and the packaging of the last two CDs has been mint. I'd still sooner hear the very early unreleased stuff. Wish Matt Johnson would put some energy into restoring that.
  6. Want. I've only got the digital of the Trunk version and the CD that came with the DVD a few years ago. This and the Jaws 180g coming up would pretty much make my year already.
  7. My favourite album of his, definitely going to pick this up again (although I still like the deliberate tackiness of the original CD). But what about 'Everything Is Changing Colour'? Noone ever seems to mention that, and it's pretty good too.
  8. No David Icke in there i am affaid, all the featured speakers are mentioned in the album inlay, i am glad you are making use of the artwork templates, that was the intention. I am printing these myself on coloured card board, different colour each volume, if this helps..... Vol. 1 = Green Vol. 2 = Yellow Vol. 3 = Red Vol. 4 = Light Blue Next up in May is Vol. 5 - Ambient and Meditative States A full on ambient album, kind of my version of selected ambient works 2 as always i will give you a shout upon release. Thank you Caretstik, I am very happy you are enjoying the series and you are my number 1 supporter on bandcamp. For that I thank you very much and if you continue to follow the whole series like you are already i will throw in some bonus material for you. Cheers John It's my pleasure sir, and thank you. As long as you continue to put out these releases I'll continue to purchase. These releases are the sort of music I've been looking for for some time, and as someone who likes to bur#n their digital music to CDr, the artwork options are a Godsend. In time I'd love to make cassette versions as well!
  9. I'm shit at this sort of thing (just not intelligent enough, sadly), and probably will never decode any of this. The music, however is superb so far. I loved volume 3 and this is sounding even better so far, albeit very different. I have made my own CD copies of each volume so far though, I really appreciate the additional artwork with each release. Keep this up my friend! N.B. I thought I recognised David Icke's voice early on.
  10. Received the 10" from Bleep today, no gratis digitals.
  11. Happened to glance at my Bleep downloads while grabbing 'Damogen Furies' today. The six tracks from the deluxe edition have been added to my account. Get the fuck in!
  12. Hello again, just to let you i have released Volume 3 in the series today............enjoy Volume 3 in the series is out today https://indifferentspace.bandcamp.com/album/the-hatcliffe-house-tapes-vol-3-colours-and-themes Cheers! Sounding ace, will certainly be downloading.
  13. Absolutely ace EP. First track is favourite for me.
  14. Coughed up my $30 or whatever. So what's next? A personal live set from AP? 'Oi, Aleksi! Can you come round to mine and perform Level 10? Cheers!'
  15. Metal Beat "5" (upload 93, right after "make a baby") and "Cmarth (longer)"? Metal Beat definitely, cheers. Not too sure about the RDJ alts to be honest chen. 'cutting' seems to fit, although it also feels a little like the Come To Daddy EP tracks.
  16. I'll cough up when I have the cash to spare. Feels like I'm paying into the next Waco though, maybe this would be a better BoC Kickstarter.
  17. Even with my overdraft at Def Con One, I can't baulk at this. My shitty Broadband's not going to be happy though.
  18. Aye essentially it's $30 for the digital download, the rest is .... well not quite sure what the word is. This may be time for a wagon wheel.....
  19. I've made 'mello punchy', 'make a baby', '(mature raver)' and '(HAB un23)' into HAB 3 so far. Any other candidates I'm missing?
  20. Ummm, right. Three questions; 1) Can I have a patch of Colundi in walking distance of Norwich city centre? 2) Does it come with a download code? 3) What the fuck?
  21. What about the Orangina version? ;) Or Quatro? I also forgot Irn Bru and Lilt.
  22. Love wallowing in the N'Vectif tracks. Still patiently waiting for Shandy Bass, One Cal and Panda instalments.
  23. Liked the sound of this, just bought vols 1 & 2. Also keen on the concept of different styles for each volume. Going to follow this series from now on.
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