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  1. Finally, someone somewhere in the world is aware that Pink Floyd once released an album called Animals. One of my favourites of theirs, along with A Saucerful Of Secrets and Atom Heart Mother. Those records bring back memories of being a kid in the 70s with an older brother who was obsessed with Floyd at the time. Managed to bag a copy of A Nice Pair in decent nick a couple of years ago (minus the Mr Phang photo) which made me very happy indeed.
  2. This is the first time in yonks that I've not been able to afford to pre-order a bonus-track Japanese CD, and it's now pissed me off something rotten hearing this. Roll on payday.
  3. Ordered the vinyl as soon as it was announced and the CD the other day (both from Bleep). CD is here at least.
  4. Failing selling a kidney, there is now way I could pay into this. Had I the cash I would do in a shot. And I would perhaps kill for a bespoke Cheshire Folklore release.
  5. This whole collection is quite an achievement. Best for me so far are Level 3, which makes for a perfect EP, and 6. First track of side two of the cassette is amazing, somehow reminds me of the closing titles of Apocalypse Now. I don't seem to have paid enough attention to Level 5 yet though. And does anyone else dare to admit to not having a clue what the Colundi Sequence is all about, or am I just a hopeless retard? Whatever, it does nothing to spoil my enjoyment of this whole series. Aleksi is a demigod.
  6. I feel like I've been sitting on a timebomb since yesterday but... still no U2 album in my iTunes library. I only have an iPod Classic, is it safe?
  7. Found the package outside my front door this morning, only to find there was nothing inside it. Aleksi kindly promised to post the actual record to me today. Gutted at the time, although now it seems fairly amusing.
  8. Same here, damn you fumi! (btw, will order House when finances are healthier)
  9. 'Staid' from Remedial is actually one of my fave individual tracks of his. When I heard it for the very first time (not knowing his music so well then) I felt frustrated that it didn't explode into some apocalyptic climax. After that I realised that it's perfect as it is. With tracks like that, he really does make music that is genuinely euphoric.
  10. I don't! The photo is from his own Facebook page. If I had mine I'd be long past the pre-cum stage.
  11. Do you mean the 12" SG? I pre-ordered a while ago as well. He posted in his comments that they're shipping from tomorrow.
  12. Not trying to be a cock, but does this belong in the New Releases subforum? You got me all excited for a moment there!
  13. I think this tape is my favourite Colundi so far. And did anyone else shed a little pre-cum over his new FB profile photo tonight?
  14. I don't mean to brag or anything, but... You can still get the vinyl from the label bandcamp I think, not sure how many they have left. Wtf, the vinyl is cheaper than the download! http://terminaldusk.bandcamp.com/album/td005-hardline Ah, thank you sir. I only wish I could afford to shell out for it (I know that's not at all expensive but still beyond me just now).
  15. I'm most fond of Audiogold and Love Collection myself. Hiding Place was impressive as well, I really need to pick up #2 before too long. And speaking of Gasman vinyl, I think he unearthed some copies of the Hardline EP not so long ago. By the time I had an inkling of it though they'd all gone.
  16. Joyrex, I have little doubt you'll ace it. As a fellow 'mature' WATMMer, I've found that with age comes a loss of inhibition toward public speaking. Same with my urine continence.
  17. Yesss! Third CDr plays like a dream. Bleep also gave me a second sticker to boot.
  18. My CD player is fine with CDrs usually. Although I imported this one into iTunes OK, the first was a complete dud. Bleep have assured me I'll have no problems at the third time of asking.
  19. Mine is apparently in transit. If it sounds shit as well I'll stick rather than twist. Or download it when I have the cash free again. EDIT: Music wise how do you find it osc? I got the Black Mist 12" at the start of the week and it got me in the mood for some more PCA.
  20. Records are pristine and sound ace. Probably just my age (having grown up with vinyl and tape as the default format), but I really do find albums of length (i.e. more than 40 minutes) so much more enjoyable spread over a few sides of vinyl rather than a CD. And I emailed Bleep today about my defective Mix CD, said they were sending me a replacement straight out.
  21. My vinyl arrived today as well, going to give it a good old spin tomorrow. Second Mix CD and this one won't play on my stereo either, hope Bleep are going to be as good as their word and send me another replacement. Imported into iTunes OK so far though and it's sounding ace. The callanetics section around 25 minutes is superb.
  22. Had an email this very evening from Norman, my order is being processed and vinyl is in stock, hope you've had the same. It's all happening, first Persistence Of Vision and now this.
  23. Nice one Joyrex, thank you! Looks so much better in iTunes now.
  24. I imagine you've sussed it out by now, but just in case: http://boomkat.com/vinyl/1068662-pye-corner-audio-not-waving-intercepts-exclusive-grey-vinyl-inserts-edition. Wish I'd hung on and ordered from bloody Boomkat now instead of Norman, although apparently they're expecting it in this week.
  25. The wait's not a problem for me Joyrex, like everyone else I'm just eterntally grateful for you making this whole happen in the first place. Receiving the digipak will make the buzz last even longer. Just wondering though, did I miss out on the digital artwork?
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