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  1. Two listens today and I already prefer it to Scintilli. Wallet is absolutely beautiful. Slam and Matin Lunaire also strike me as something a little different for them.
  2. I'm going to have to hear this under cover of darkness in my mudhut. Them phonograaarf thingies are considered proof of witchcraft here in Norfolk.
  3. Papa, I love you (even though iirc I'm older than you). First AAA, now this.
  4. I'm not much of an Aphex fanboy these days, but I do keep wanting to ask, as I've paid up and stuff, do I definitely, definitely, definitely now get a download of the Caustic Window LP? Still seems too good to be true.
  5. Sad news, RIP. Maybe I never had the full picture, but I felt his work played a big part (no pun intended) in the fight against the PMRC back in the 80s, albeit unwittingly. And of course, his designs for Alien were ingenious.
  6. Caretstik


    Beat Konducta Vol 1 - 6. Those albums damn near saved my life a few years ago.
  7. I pre-ordered this with minimal expectation, but Who Rings The Bell and To Us All alone justified my taking the plunge. Plus it has Andy MacKay on it which gave me a mild buzz. Second CD is nondescript although Titian Bekh redeems it a little at the end (plus negates the need to splash out for the Japanese CD).
  8. Glad I'm not the only one pissed off about the two Airglow Fires tracks appearing. On the plus side, there are two bonuses on the Japanese CD: http://www.hmv.co.jp/en/artist_Lone_000000000399133/item_Reality-Testing_5740269.
  9. I can't be arsed reading back over most of this thread. Just posting to add to the thanks to you JR for your efforts here. Well excited to be finally able to hear this thing. Price is perfectly reasonable, and I don't give a shit about how much Rephlex et al get for it. Costing me a tenner or whatever and that's fine by me.
  10. I think I'm done with RSD. Seems that it's now about reissuing records that you already own on a format that you don't. Only thing that might have appealed to me is The Fall album, whatever that is, and Weird Scenes Inside The Goldmine, which I already have on non-swirly shit vinyl.
  11. Apologies if this is a duplicate thread but couldn't find mention of this album anywhere: https://bleep.com/release/51093-various-artists-quayola-sounds-from-strata-series-including-plaid-and-mira-calix Whatever, this album is essential IMO. The whole thing is recommended listening, but Plaid's Strata 3 makes it for me. The extract posted to Vimeo, YouTube etc. is powerful enough in itself, but the whole unexpurgated piece is mindblowing. I hope this is released digitally, as I think I'm going to wear out the vinyl before too long.
  12. Yeah, 4 discs. Not entirely sure why the two Colundi Sequences couldn't have just been pressed to CD but there you go. I felt a certain amount of trainspotter gratification in ripping and burning them. Waiting for this set to arrive has made me revisit my Aleksi back catalogue which has been an absolute joy, just wish I could find my Project V CD.
  13. Packaging is sexy as fuck. Want to burn Colundi 1 & 2 to CD to listen through my hifi set-up. Not even investigated the Ovuca Bonus yet. £22 all-in to the UK, this is a steal.
  14. I grew up with vinyl albums when 40-odd minutes was the average, so I'm perfectly happy with this.
  15. Just sayin', the first single vinyl-plattered Plaid album since Mbuki Mvuki...? Hawkmoth has already excited me more than any single track on Scintilli, good as that album was. I suspect this album may be great.
  16. I don't care how irrelevant my opinions are, either here or in the grander cosmic scheme, I nonetheless wish to congratulate you, Robbie, on the realisation of such an amazing project. Eminent work, sir!
  17. Damn, I was too late for the Moby meme-off. I always thought it was a bit paltry of Eminem to try and shit on him all those years ago. He had his lard-arsed wannabe-gangsta hangers-on in his videos. Moby had Ron Fucking Jeremy. On topic, will purchase once out of the red!
  18. So glad he finally made this available. It was worth all the waiting.
  19. My pleasure Brian. I have had a sneaky listen to the digital copy (I always prefer to listen to the actual physical copy when it arrives) and it it's already sounding rather sexy! And don't get me wrong, I'll always pay to support artists like yourself (I don't bother looking for non-legit freebies), it just frustrates me that I can't afford to buy as much as I'd like and always prefer the physical product over digital. Anyway, back to thread - from what I've allowed myself to hear so far, good work Sir!
  20. $6 shipping for a limited tape with an hour of music, directly supporting me with your purchase, is too much?Remind me never to complain about how low the dollar is compared to both the euro and the pound, then. Sorry, really not picking a fight here, but it irritates me how people overseas can even think US shipping is outrageous when Americans are routinely faced with paying more for intl. shipping than the music itself usually costs... Thanks very much! I do my best.Sorry, didn't mean to sound pissy, I was bitching more about my own financial shortcomings of late. I have ordered directly from yourself in the past and will again, just frustrated that I can't spend more on records nowadays. Hate having to be selective about what I order these days, even ordering records from here in the UK is becoming a novelty. Sometimes I wonder why I bother working. EDIT: Also have to say, mostly ordering from yourself, wil-ru and Attacknine in the US, I'm actually surprised show cheap shipping is, certainly compared to Japan. EDIT EDIT: Fuck it, just ordered the cassette, £12 Sterling all in is a steal.
  21. If Night Sequels can remix Moby, why not Mr Grainger? Reckon that'd set you up for life.
  22. Japanese CD is proper sexy, stiff card sleeve and everything. Not heard 'Vera' yet though. Wonder if he'll ever get round to releasing 'Gladys', 'Doreen' or 'Mavis'? n.b. The cheeky little guitar riff that crops up after the four-minute mark on 'A Thousand Syllables' is boner-enticing.
  23. Only up to track 6 first listen, love the shit out of it so far.
  24. Releases like this and overseas shipping prices make me sad that I don't live in the US.
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