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  1. Caravan's such a classicccc
  2. I wanna be a patronen patreon patron
  3. still loving this one! great stuff.
  4. algorthmic stuff is great for inspiration at the start of a track. find some loop you like and expand it. a bit like sampling doesn't have to be really advanced stuff either, lotsa cool stuff can come out of something simple like a turing machine, or a looped s+h through a quantizer. etc ! ! !
  5. this is beyond lame rip bandcamp, it was too good for this world
  6. in stock: JAPANESE TELECOM - Virtual Geisha (reissue) Vinyl at Juno Records. mine's arrived, but haven't picked it up from the post yet. great album tho
  7. yeah, that live track is great. but the best one of those is this IMO:
  8. it's easy: don't pay taxes and download music off of slsk instead of paying artists
  9. Taikon's a dope track flac your shit up, mate
  10. built the bonsai tree during the weekend. lookin' good and inspiring at my home office
  11. tranformed in a circle, so fast to deny names a timeless ally in flight beyond linear noise correction
  12. cs-80 decksaver
  13. can´t remember if this was on there but it rocks
  14. also, let's not forget windowlicker (acid edit)'s impact on the world!
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