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  1. Here is something I really like, thought I would share https://curios.bandcamp.com/album/daisy-wardens
  2. CYRK is on a roll. I really like this one, very funky and great sound
  3. Ap iazu’s Hagen is a mass of delicately orchestrated sounds from the chambers of a sole resident of earth. With delicate touches and gestures of humble sincerity, the various styles of Ap’s music nods towards many a different points of reference. Tropical noises from isolated pacific isles, passes by the electrified voices of concrete dystopian dreamers - imaginations wrapped in a melodic tissue of synthesis. The mind is warped with plasticine daydreams and sequential bewilderment. https://leekrecords.bandcamp.com/album/hagen
  4. There is no gear to sell and the guy was just laid off, I can only imagine that how things have shut down in Russia, life cant be that easy. It has nothing to do with addiction. I agree with you. However not everyone has it that easy.
  5. https://p1nkf1re.bandcamp.com/album/unemployed-acid Even though this isn't an album release but just a few tracks I was thinking and from what I could understand from the messages and previous conversations this from my perspective, talented guy is in need of a bit of help in order to continue to make music. In that respect I think if you enjoyed his music and want to support, buying a few tracks or releases would be cool. But now to the point, he is in need of a new computer and under the COVID circumstances funding is tough right now. So I was thinking, would you happen to have a retired laptop, something like Lenovo T/W Or HP Elitebook, then you are more than welcome to PM me. A friend and I will try to send it to Russia once the postal service is up and running again. If this post is in violation to any rules on the forum, please let me know.
  6. After a three-year hiatus, Mindwaves Music awakens from hibernation and is rebooting with a brand new compilation called “Pnyø”. Eleven exclusive and previously unreleased tracks, carefully chosen by the labels in-house artist Matilde Møller aka P(h)onyCat, merging between genres such as Ambient, Electronica, Leftfield, IDM and Glitch. The selected tunes may be diverse in tempo and timbre, but the underlying feeling is melancholic, and imaginative - poetic and delicate. Even if "Pnyø" could be characterized as peculiar in part, instead of opting for the obvious straightforward expression, the release comes in an overall laid back vibe, which was compiled for your home listening pleasure. 1.Rasmus Meinert — Syv 2.Rexob.B — Extraterrestrische Physik 3.Karsten Pflum — 95 Deka House 4.Serge Geyzel — Love Circles 5.Rasmus Fisker — Vagrant 6.Rosyan — Yomi (Album Edit) 7.Sofus Forsberg — Invert 8.Band Ane — Worldtronica 9.WHRK — pHaD 10.Senko — Pnyø 11.Astrodyssey — Derelict
  7. Plz I need this burger http://youtu.be/0drH4yYehSQ
  8. Awww man, this breaks my heart to hear - on the technical side of things, all samples, presets, notes, setups etc. might also be gone... There is only one thing to do, push on even harder. The love for what you do should never be stop - Sometimes the downsides of life gets you up even stronger... Well easy to say one might say, but I have been in the same boat with stolen computer and harddrives, harddrives turning into garbage and without a roof living in a shit basement without any windows and moist all over. I am sure you are reading this at some point, so keep going, we love your music and you should be proud. One a side note, there is for the most time a reason for liking to mess with gear, staying indoor and living in a sort of fantasy world while making music, being social is not always easy, so I hope it doesnt have anything to do with stress or anxiety.
  9. Hello dear sirs and madams, Sounds from the burger palace (˶◕‿◕˶✿) http://rexobb.bandcamp.com/album/platform
  10. Out now, and I like it a looooooooot
  11. I met him, he seems to be a nice guy and makes good tunes
  12. Really amazing album, what a good kick start of 2019, its going to be another fantastic year for good music, maybe even better than 18 ! Thanks for the share
  13. Funk burgers with mustard: https://rexobb.bandcamp.com/album/mega-cheeseburger
  14. Grab the recording here: Mod: Please move the thread in case I have posted it in the wrong place https://we.tl/t-pH3fuPyhcX FLAC 44.1/32bit (From live stream)
  15. Burgertime https://p1nkf1re.bandcamp.com/album/data
  16. Out now . . . https://paulblackford.bandcamp.com/album/deploy-strategic-reinforcements
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