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  1. Honestly i'm liking the mix (mostly in the second half) it fits the track. The hats are sounding a bit watery when it starts though, you could lower them (but keep them the same level from 1:15+) and try to compress them less. The rest is sounding really good though.. the intro just needs to do the rest justice imo.
  2. You hit the nail on the head. Also, for someone to be seen as completely original.. they'd have to grow up in a bubble where they never heard anyone else's music. Every artist has artists they like growing up, or even after they get success.. and pieces of those artists will always be in their sound. weakmassive made a good point on this: "You see this piece of advice given to music producers a lot- "do something original. Do something different" but I'm not sure I 100% agree with that. I think "be yourself" is maybe better. Many times even if you are trying to copy something it comes out sounding different because you put your own spin on it even if you're not aware. At this point I just want to keep interested in what I'm doing and if I get bored I move on."
  3. Lush, enjoyed Field Notes so i'll be picking this up.
  4. Love this, the mix is really good too. What are you guys using?
  5. There is :) https://soundcloud.com/mintfam/darreichungsform-hiasfq Damn lol I missed it! I feel silly now. Nice balance of ideas.. musical and noisy while being soft on the ears. Top notch :)
  6. Really liking this matey, look forward to the release
  7. Yep, braindance is a lot closer now to what IDM started off as (imo) and it hasn't got very noisy yet. We can just keep coming up with new genres as they get ruined geniuswave, PHD-step, smartdrone and cleverdub etc.. < just invented all of these lawsuits imminent
  8. Everyone started labelling their noise music as IDM. That's why it died. Therefore, IDM just got noiser, and noisier... and now everyone's swarmed in noise and weird artwork - reminiscing back to 2001. ..and whoever come up with the term "electronic listening music", you're a dork.
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