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  1. It was lost as of the time that article was written. Mark found it a year or so ago on a trip home going through stuff at his parents’ I believe. The version on 76:14 is the attempted re-creation. The cassette demo version is the one that had long been lost.
  2. Also found this interesting from the article. Anyone got a guess which Sun Electric song it might be? O’Locco? 9 25 This was actually a remix for Sun Electric, a band on R&S Records. We changing their chords and made a track. They loved it but agreed that it wasn’t really a remix, but a whole original track. So we didn’t get paid and we ended up keeping it for ourselves. It was quite cool that they said they liked it. A lot of our remixes were like that. We didn’t end up using a lot of the original track. For me, it sounds a bit dated now. The drum loop make it sound like it comes from the era it was made it.
  3. From the medium.com article: 7 39 This was rhythmically inspired by Digi-Dub — digital Dub music, where they were using a lot of Linndrum and DMX sort of drums and delays to make it sound more dubbed out. We never had the actual drum machines — we used some samples and added the delays and reverbs to get the desired effect. Basically the chords are from the Juno-106, playing the main theme. The bass is the TX81Z again. My friend had another one that I borrowed to double it up. That track was a weird one. We did a version of it that we put down to cassette, which we lost. So we are trying to recreate that. It never sounded as good as the original demo, but nobody knows that but us. The main Juno-106 pad, we couldn’t get it the same. It’s close, but there was something about the original that was perfect in a way.
  4. A Track by Track Breakdown from Mark Pritchard, of 76:14: https://medium.com/12edit/global-communication-76-14-story-behind-the-album-b1fe01658bd8
  5. hayhook


    https://spceco.bandcamp.com https://inkraktare.bandcamp.com
  6. https://markpritchard.warp.net/mp-productions These three were from that mix. There was at one point supposed to be one a month until all 30 tracks were out plus some others. Not sure what happened (I'm suspecting getting Transmissions finished and out, and Mark's other current projects needing attention, and his old stuff got backburnered.)
  7. Mark Pritchard's mix was tight! An Hour of all Unreleased goodies. https://www.nts.live/shows/wxaxrxp/episodes/mp-productions-21st-june-2019
  8. Collapse of the Wave Function vols 1-5 up now
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