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  1. Great Album. But I've always despised the cover art.
  2. How long has the bottom of the page at the Aphex Shop looked like this, with no additions to it?
  3. new batch... w/no vent...? or not "vent-olin" enough to be "on brand"?
  4. Just sayin'... No restock on these since 2019... Now, we all need/want one (or 5) and... nothing...
  5. Just confirming the vinyl versions will have all the bonus tracks?
  6. Hey, Bambi, while we're on the topic of Tusken Raiders, any chance "Lobot" will ever see an official release? That track SLAPS!
  7. The minimum has been reached. Still available to get your copy til April 9.
  8. New Tusken Raiders material created Jan/Feb/Mar 2021. Combine with the first Housewerk EP to create a new 9-track Tusken Raiders album. https://mikeparadinas.bandcamp.com/album/housewerk-vol-2-deep-clean
  9. cannot wait for this delivery : )
  10. I'm gonna go out on a limb and conclude that Midnight Sun has set. And at some point we'll be seeing some Northern Lights...
  11. anyone know if this is going to come with downloads?
  12. 35 to go. Get on this : ) (pre)listen at bandcamp. This shiz is tight.
  13. Pick up all the “pay what you can” albums/eps now. And then go from there. I recommend paying 3.03. 8.08 or 9.09 I’ve been to Helsinki a couple times.
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