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  1. The first offering in a series of ‘Polymer’ remixes .... excite
  2. would be interested to know which other of the tracks on 26mixes look like this compared to their original releases...
  3. That interview tho. Ae: we cant be bothered... Tight mix.
  4. Minimum reached. Will get pressed. Get one now. 3 days before campaign closes. There’s talk of a second bonus track for vinyl purchasers. Woot!
  5. Bonus digital track. Avail for download with vinyl preorder.
  6. early tapes box set please.
  7. This is what they said they were gonna play...
  8. gah. the blech tape playback isn't that at all. it's the blechdottir cd playback.
  9. Orbital mix showed up free in my bleep acct. I guess cuz I preordered. Woot!
  10. He recently commented on a friend’s Facebook post with regards to Eurovision. “...society is clearly being subverted and eroded. You may be perfectly happy with primary school children being taught that they can change their gender, but I certainly am not. That is child abuse, plain and simple. Whether you believe in the bible or not Chris, the evidence for a society becoming more perverted and freakish, is everywhere, and as soon as one taboo is permitted, the next tier of taboo is immediately challenged. None of this non-binary nonsense entered peoples minds until society caved in and permitted the "fundamental" taboos that would then also allow all it's offshoots to be questioned. The things that are taboo right now, will be legal in 10 years, because we now have a society that says "well, they challenged the court system, and so can we.......what about MY right to happiness......what about MY human rights?"..............and because society has proudly championed deviance and perversion, instead of preventing it, the next generation will target their own set of taboos. You happy with that kind of depravity, because its coming. And yes, it bothers me greatly. Not because I use (the Bible, or as you refer to it as) a "comic book " to self-righteously bash people with, but because I see society, oblivious, and damaging itself, and proud of its enlightenment, which is actually myopia.“. Ugh. Vile.
  11. Too bad he’s a transphobic twat waffle. Won’t be buying any of his stuff.
  12. drift part 4 incoming next week
  13. Aleksi's soundcloud has a ton of Colundi Mixes and Live Recordings. Some Good Stuff there: These Two specifically specifically caught my eye because they SEEM to be chockfull of unreleased tracks. (or are they mislabled?) I haven't been able to cross reference the various Untitled tracks... can anyone with more Colundi Consciousness confirm how much exclusive content is on these? (bonus: both are downloadable)
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