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  1. Are we due for an orbital track by track blog? : )
  2. The other Gerd and Sensurreal and It’s Thinking reissues over the last years have been fantastic as well…
  3. Just picked these up. Tyler Boss is the shiz.
  4. wondering if the digital tracklist will have more goodies on it, or same as the 2xCD...
  5. Preorder up now for 4xLP and 2xCD versions... Out July 15 https://orbital.tmstor.es/?lf=d56d834f2c92669e69ed0cfd1375cc14 CD1 1. Smiley 2. Acid Horse 3. Where Is It Going? (feat. Stephen Hawking) 4. Impact (30 Years Later And The Earth Is Still Burning Mix) 5. Satan (30 Something Years Later Mix) 6. Chime (30 Something Years Later Mix) 7. Halcyon (30 Something Years Later Mix) 8. Belfast (30 Something Years Later Mix) 9. The Box (30 Something Years Later Mix) 10. Are We Here? (Dusky Remix) 11. The Girl with the Sun in Her Head (Floex Remix) 12. Halcyon & On (Logic 1000 Mix) CD2 1. Belfast (ANNA Techno Remix) 2. Impact (John Tejada Remix) 3. Chime (Octave One Remix) 4. Halcyon & On (Jon Hopkins Remix) 5. Are We Here? (Shanti Celeste Remix) 6. Belfast (Yotto Remix) 7. The Box (Joris Voorn Remix) 8. The Girl with the Sun in Her Head (Lone Remix) 9. Impact - Rich NxT Remix (Edit) 10. Chime (Eli Brown Remix) 11. Belfast (David Holmes Remix) A1. Smiley A2. Satan (30 Something Years Later Mix) B1. Where Is It Going (feat. Stephen Hawking) B2. Impact (30 Years Later And The Earth Is Still Burning Mix) C1. Chime (30 Something Years Later Mix) C2. Halcyon (30 Something Years Later Mix) D1. The Box (30 Something Years Later Mix) D2. Belfast (30 Something Years Later Mix) E1. The Girl with the Sun in Her Head (Floex Remix) E2. Belfast (David Holmes Remix) F1. Halcyon & On (Jon Hopkins Remix) F2. Chime (Eli Brown Remix) G1. Impact (John Tejada Remix) G2. Are We Here? (Dusky Remix) H1. Belfast (ANNA Techno Remix) H2. The Box (Joris Voorn Remix) H3. Are We Here? (Shanti Celeste Remix)
  6. Bonus and unreleased nuron!!! But £40 (plus shipping plus Brexit Fees) feels a little steep. I mean… we’re now pushing £70-£80 for a cd….
  7. Anybody got a rip of Noctis Ultimus (91 Mix) from the vinyl? Would love to complete my digital album of all the tracks from E2-XO for mobile listening... It's the only track exclusive to the vinyl (which i own), that's not included between the Digital and CD
  8. Found it in hi-def... https://www.qobuz.com/se-en/album/spatial-sleep-music-tom-middleton/ry5c5vgc92wpb
  9. Tough call given his worst track is better than most on their best day. But yeah. Could probs use an edit, then a release of all the ones not released, in 20 years… “paint a vulgar picture”
  10. I sourced all of the tracks from their original singles/eps/albums or the various remasters Mark and Tom have put out. None from the actual Remotion album, so all top quality as possible as far as I can tell.
  11. So, I have re-upped a new version, with two added bonuses, just for the watmm folk... Now 3:03 Long ; ) The "Reload" Section gets a rather obscure addition with Confusion's "Drawing (Sound Sculpture by Reload)" - and the whole thing now wraps up with the iconic, quintessential "Grandfather Clock" track, best known as "14:31" - that originally appeared titled as a remix by GC, of Mystic Institute's "Ob-Selon Mi-Nos," on the Cyberdon EP (playing with an extra 30ish seconds of fade-in/out compared to its counterpart on 76:14)... 1 ) Alpha Phase (Global Communication Re-Translation) - Chapterhouse 2 ) Visual Cortex (The Reload Re-Difinition) - Schaft 3 ) Drawing (Sound Sculpture by Reload) - Confusion 4 ) In Mind (The Reload 147 Take) - Slowdive 5 ) On (Reload Mix) - Aphex Twin 6 ) The Biosphere (Global Communication Remix) - Reload & E621 7 ) Delta Phase (Global Communication Re-Translation) - Chapterhouse 8 ) Amor Real (Global Communication Mix) - Jon Anderson 9 ) Skin Deep (Global Communication Dub Mix) - Dusky 10 ) Arcadian (Global Communication Remix) - Link 11 ) Ride (Global Communication Dub Mix) - Soft Ballet 12 ) Gamma Phase (Global Communication Re-Translation) - Chapterhouse 13 ) Wild Horse (Global Mix Communication) - Nav Katze 14 ) Natural High (Global Communication Re-Take) - Warp 69 15 ) Epsilon Phase (Global Communication Re-Translation - Chapterhouse 16 ) Bless This (Global Communication Mix) - Jon Anderson 17 ) Rollercoaster (The Global Communication Yellow Submarine Re-Take) - The Grid 18 ) Beta Phase (Global Communication Re-Translation - Chapterhouse 19 ) Aspirin (Global Communication Remix) - Sensorama 20 ) Ob-Selon Mi-Nos (Repainted By Global Communication) - Mystic Institute https://mega.nz/folder/N0IGHLaD#NtGdF5of9OoJAvNBlM2JQQ
  12. the only thing I left out was the PJ Harvey Civil War Correspondent (GC Mix), Too much harsh vocal for my taste on a more "chill" mix... ooooh I wish there was a dub/instrumental mix of that one.... Was debating whether I should have included the Schaft - it's a little heavy on the percussion, with regards to the rest of the mix, but I so love its Peter Gabriel Passion "vibes"/sampling that it got the pass,
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