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  1. So, Finally There's some "official" info coming out on this... DJ Magazine this month has a feature on Global Communication which includes this little tidbit:
  2. Hopefully it’s not any more of that keep it G is for Godawful nonsense.
  3. Any word on this coming through?
  4. Take a look at Mark Pritchard’s “stories” on Instagram... spinning some test pressings?
  5. Global Communication fb page and Mighty Force Records both confirming Music On Vinyl release is bootleg...
  6. also, this: "Their association with Detroit, and particularly Derrick May and Transmat, saw them go to the techno mecca to record some later material that will also be reissued in the wake of this 3 decade celebration of all things Nexus 21.
  7. Tracklist still has some holes. Surely someone here can fill them in? https://www.mixesdb.com/db/index.php?curid=532619
  8. Woot. Made goal! Can't wait for my slab in the post. Nine Days left to still get a copy for yourself!
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