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  1. hayhook

    Wisp Tracks

    a great big ep would really help with all this sitting in my apt staring at the walls time we're all having right now... beuler... beuler... anyone... anyone... : )
  2. ghosts V and VI avail for free from nin.com
  3. and now number 4! and since there is a part 0 does that mean 7eps? woooooot!
  4. I just found this: https://www.discogs.com/Coil-Teenage-Lightning-Surgeon-Remix/release/4089523 "To accompany the 2001 re-releases of their first 3 albums, Coil decided to also release a vinyl box set edition which would include a 12" of remixes by Autechre and Surgeon. The remixes were completed and approved by Coil, but the project stayed on the shelf. Sadly since then both John Balance and Peter Christopherson have both died and it's with the greatest respect to their memories that I make this remix publicly available." Anyone know what the track was that Ae remixed, and if it has ever seen the light of day?
  5. I had all the beyond comp tracks on preform. But there’s three or four tracks I never heard before and fantastic.
  6. https://www.discogs.com/Lobe-The-Great-Big-EP/release/6254027
  7. ZOMG Springymajig. Thanks! perfect for listening during social distancing time... : / Any chance "The Great Big EP" is sitting around in a file anywhere? It's my final grail of Wisp releases (at least that I know of)
  8. hayhook

    Wisp Tracks

    Just putting this out there... maybe? Patternoverlap would you be able to re-up? anyone else who managed to snag these back 6 years ago possibly? Pls O Pls
  9. Would Love some Listening Advice on how to acquire and listen to Listening Advice... : )
  10. So, Finally There's some "official" info coming out on this... DJ Magazine this month has a feature on Global Communication which includes this little tidbit:
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