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  1. Mark has mentioned it's in the plan. No specifics of when. But that since the Transmissions Box was such a success, the Reload - Short Stories (remaster/expanded/deluxe...) was kicked into higher probability, but also after all the rollercoaster of getting Transmissions out, he's wanting to focus on new music he's working on... So it might be 2021 sometime? or might be 5 years from now... (I, for one, am crossing my fingers for the former)
  2. So, this IS getting pressed! 5 days left to get yourself a copy. Ltd edition.
  3. You should check out the final 3 CV albums that came out on Instinct (at least in the US) Plasticity, International Language, and The Conversation. Very much of this style (though maybe a little lower in the BPMs?) as are his Sandoz/Electronic Eye/"Richard H. Kirk" releases circa roughly '93-'97...
  4. Just 28 to go! Preorders receive a bonus digital track. Preview of it now up on the qrates... the golden Donna track on the mfacid 1 ep is my favourite song out of all four volumes. So psyched for this.
  5. Discuss: I think that remix of Anaconda is the best thing Nicki Minaj has ever done. I also think Autechre's "version"? is way better. stripped it down and went minimal.
  6. Golden Donna - The Truth About Love EP To paraphrase a recent interview, Joel Shananan's music feels almost haunted. There’s certainly a darkness at play, the layers feel as heavy as a weighted blanket but rich and viscous like swimming upstream. Liquid tones quiver in close proximity, their chord clusters morphing like murmurations of starlings... The Truth About Love EP takes you on a journey. 12” Gold color vinyl (33 rpm) on Mighty Force Records Needs 100 backers to get pressed. Currently at 53/100 with 12 days to go. https://qrates.com/projects/21781-the-trut
  7. Oooh just got email that mine’s in the post! Also just saw Mark expanded his bandcamp : https://markpritchard.bandcamp.com/music
  8. Yassss. Mixmaster Morris all Wagon Christ set for the next two hours. Some tripadelic visuals from Dr. Rek. Noice!
  9. 4 1/2 hr epic mix from today’s radio show now up on Mixcloud: https://m.mixcloud.com/higheight/the-pideck-sessions-010-on-cutters-choice-radio-22nd-oct-2020-global-communication-special/
  10. High Eight spinning 4+ Hours of Global Communication et al. on Cutter's Choice Radio. Happening now. Apparently a couple "exclusive" new tracks to be played... Tune In. https://mixlr.com/cutterschoiceradio/ https://fb.me/e/f09h6tIm9
  11. haven't heard anything. I am wondering if he's waiting to release until he can tour again. That September show has now been pushed to April, so maybe the album is being pushed until then? (I'm just speculating)
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