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  1. Reload/Link/Mystic Institute to be found throughout! Well done.
  2. Also. He’s rapping about chik fil a. tastes/sounds like hate. #jesus. Also. Why the fuck is Kanye being propped on watmm? People here like good music, no?
  3. Douche. Canoe. Cliown just moved to my home town.
  4. ordered. woot! sooo good. both sides. mmmm. yeah psyched to finally have that proper digital full length instead of the 6min edit that was out previously.
  5. The first offering in a series of ‘Polymer’ remixes .... excite
  6. would be interested to know which other of the tracks on 26mixes look like this compared to their original releases...
  7. That interview tho. Ae: we cant be bothered... Tight mix.
  8. Minimum reached. Will get pressed. Get one now. 3 days before campaign closes. There’s talk of a second bonus track for vinyl purchasers. Woot!
  9. Bonus digital track. Avail for download with vinyl preorder.
  10. early tapes box set please.
  11. This is what they said they were gonna play...
  12. gah. the blech tape playback isn't that at all. it's the blechdottir cd playback.
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