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  1. https://www.mixcloud.com/hayhook/ My Mixcloud is pretty much solely dedicated to all things Pritchard/Middleton/Global Communication/Reload/Jedi Knights/Link & E621/Secret Ingredients/Evolution/Universal Language if anyone needs a catch up.
  2. There was always only rights to "physical format" and not digital, from Sony. The problem is Bleep knew this, but still put out their misleading description saying the physical orders came with WAV/FLAC, and know it was misleading/false advertising because they changed it after the original release date, after everyone complained (and all the boxsets had sold). This is on Bleep, not GC.
  3. 4? years later and it still looks like this... Richard Pls Update your Warp Store.
  4. the cipher is different for each "disc" but are versions of morse code as near as I can tell... let us know if you get a translation
  5. Fucking Blerp. Today they changed the Transmissions page. It no longer says WAV/FLAC included... and they finally responded to email: The sampler is the only DLs included. Shady shit. What It's looked like since it was announced: Today's New Updated Version:
  6. So, I wrote that wrong. It’s not Mighty Force’s first release, but it is the first release from Matthew Herbert, apparently. anyway, carry on.
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