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  1. See Also De:Tuned DE:10.01 with an As One remix of NewBrandDesign (as well as one for Solina by Jedi Knights)
  2. Re-issue of this classic & sought after Dutch techno EP originally released on Op-Art back in 1996. Incl 2 previously unreleased versions of NewBrandDesign.
  3. releases February 26, 2021 This long out of print Rephlex 90s classic is being made available digitally for the first time through this special Ping-discs re-release, featuring all new exclusive artwork by JP Buckle not featured on the original. All proceeds go to MacMillan Cancer Support via Touched Music cat no = p-bumtee-tippl.
  4. Midnight Sun 4 - EPs 4 & 5 Aleksi keeps em comin...
  5. Two comps you need in your collection. This one (nuron/fugue) and https://www.discogs.com/Psyche-BFC-Elements-1989-1990/master/18670 FAAFB7C4-C4B2-4C46-887B-51007BB5EAB1.webp
  6. Martin indicated a Stem Sell 2 might be forthcoming... there's at least 40 more Plaid Remixes out there yet to be "compiled" *crosses fingers
  7. An EP of outtakes from the Virtual State sessions... "Virtual Lite" https://www.discogs.com/Richard-H-Kirk-Entering-Valhalla-Vol-2-Virtual-Lite/release/10909042
  8. https://pitchfork.com/news/the-klf-chill-out-finally-comes-to-streaming-sort-of/
  9. I would love to see an interview with Aleksi where he dives into a little of his creative process, that is more than "colundi consciousness mumbo jumbo"... even if it's just "Level 9 was exploring _____ colundi frequencies" "On Oscillations I was working with _______ BPMs and the interplay of________" "Midnight Sun 1 is ________ . 2A focuses on_______ while 2B was more focused on________.It's such a sprawling project because I'm exploring all aspects of________" As prolific as he is, I understand that music media isn't going to profile every release, but it needs somet
  10. Mark's posted some creeptastic videos from Jonathan Zawada animating the "adverts" from the back half of "One Way Mirror" off the EP (not sure how to post them directly)... https://www.facebook.com/100009642700786/videos/1411786935819383/ https://www.facebook.com/100009642700786/videos/1416344535363623/ https://www.facebook.com/100009642700786/videos/1421311608200249/
  11. Seeing at this new one is "2A" and we haven't hit the FI3AC2040000's yet, i'm guessing there's a few more to come : )
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