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  1. wonder if he / someone puts up rephlex catalog
  2. New vinyl comp from with some other great IDM / techno folks Human Drone - Night Runner Sound Synthesis - Hertz Frequency Cool and Frank - From the Marsh to the Point Viewtiful Joe - Sugar Daddy TRACKS BUY https://www.juno.co.uk/products/human-drone-sound-synthesis-cool-fkn-01/799606-01/
  3. 60MIN ACID TECHNO IDM Christina Chatfield - Ascent (@_noncompliant_ mix @aylisf), The Carry Nation - Prism (@laurenflax mix @WOStreetTrack), @Benpest - Flavor the Dave, Cool and Frank - They Won't Let You Move to the Beach, Cool and Frank - Young and High in the Beforetimes, Generation Next - October Oasis, Cool and Frank - What Broke Symmetry, Omar S - Chama Piru's, Cool and Frank - Sunscreen All Day Bugspray All Night, @E_L_L_E_S - Gotchu
  4. I put out an EP for Bandcamp friday. It's mostly analog techno in Detroit / Berlin style. Sounds like IDM versions of Belleville Three I think, also Binh, Gene on Earth, Evan Baggs, Omar S, those kinds of folks 🙂 Here are some codes to get it started https://coolandfrank.bandcamp.com/yum rh2w-wrhz aclq-hdqg 8ps9-5dg3 hnl6-hcmp hwpk-5cy2
  5. yeah man! there is so much confusion about mail-in rules and deadlines and naked ballots and all kinds of scenarios for voters the calls must really help. e.g. in some states you can bring your completed mall-in ballot to a polling station day of election, in others you can't, well, if you do, you have to have them "soil it" and do a new one. ugh.
  6. If you're feeling sick to your stomach this weekend, do some phone banking! They make it pretty easy. I just did some for PA. https://www.mobilize.us/backtobluepa/event/334917/ You get hangups and a few annoyed people but you will definitely get some nice ones. I had a lade whose 12 year old daughter was making her vote for the first time in her life. It was very sweet. If you've never done it before it's a bit awkward at first but you get the hang of it pretty quickly. And yo, if this is all fucked up on Wednesday and you think you could have done more, it'll feel
  7. Yeah Kinetic Origins is great thanks for posting this
  8. Longtime Detroit techno guy, not like a founding father but he's been making tons of music for a long time. He puts everything out on his own label and occasionally brings people in and does some reissues. This reissue seems to be of a super rare and highly collectible disco album that probably made collectors mad https://omar-s.bandcamp.com/album/take-me-dancing. I think this is his most well known album https://omar-s.bandcamp.com/album/thank-you-for-letting-me-be-myself. FXHE is pretty wide ranging, there's techno, disco, and some more synth based tunes, some of which could even count
  9. Is this just new to me? Omar S put up tons of FXHE on bandcamp and it's glorious. https://omar-s.bandcamp.com/
  10. Loops Lips Premiered the second track "Solutions Concepts Dream Interpretations" it's a wonky funky analog techno i think
  11. Made a 2 hour mix of techno / acid / IDM with most of the tracks from the EP mixed in
  12. This old styff is syro style IDM i think: funky, acid. still have codes left. please help yourselves /share coolandfrank.bandcamp.com/yum 77ky-62n7 vl3y-klvv 7pvz-6jg8 m7bz-kkrn 95xu-6khj nrqa-69qy 5vrr-k9kr ggmw-gzzl 32re-uzkj dmmf-e6zk My new stuff is more analog techno sounding so just trying to close the chapter
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