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  1. oh man the video is tremendous! love the track too
  2. recording of set here https://soundcloud.com/cakefactoryboston/01-cake-factory-22-cool-and
  3. acid https://soundcloud.com/cooliofranco/green-lights-everywhere-2bc
  4. A drum n bass one https://soundcloud.com/cooliofranco/gimme-a-tall-handshake
  5. listening again. really great track.
  6. i agree. i don't think it needs more variation. the drum production is terrific and it moves around enough for me.
  7. i'm loving your stuff. the EP is great.
  8. not usually my cup of tea but this has a definite charm. there seems to be a lot of reverb on the drums and all the metal makes is a little too washy to me. i'd like it if it settled into a groove for the drums, but I appreciate that that isn't necessarily where you wanna go with this.
  9. i really enjoyed this. kinda reminds me of some floating points stuff.
  10. oh so that's how they do it :)
  11. had this one up, then someone said they wanted to put it out vinyl but then that de materialized so here it is again. a singy IDM one that started this thread http://soundcloud.com/cooliofranco/papercutter-painter-20thcent4-ba-reupped-1
  12. i'm still sort of perplexed about this guy, as in, i don't get it. it's good music, but it doesn't stand out from the many artists who make the same kind of afx-y IDM that treks around various small run labels. but for some reason this guy gets way more attention. is it really more appealing? to be honest, is there some jealousy at work here? anyway, whole thing just seems odd. i must be missing something. eh, good for him on getting his stuff out there.
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