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  1. https://www.mixcloud.com/ThreadsRadio/cool-and-frank-hour-threadsworcester-ma-15-jan-20/ Binh - Milky Way (My Own Jupiter), Felon5- Bruce Bonus (Low Money Music Love, Himalaya Juice Culture - Dr. Q Tip (Ovnie), Daniel Bell - Trip to the Moon (Klang Elektronik), Bassam and Kizokou - Rue Saint Marc (Nifo), Eastfield Swing - Pound a Pint (Arcadia), Sweely - I Didn’t Funk Enough (Kafkaesque), Cool and Frank - It Happened Again, Eamonn Doyle - Rangefinder (Lunar Disko), Underworld - Ova Nova
  2. Black Meteoric Star - Death Tunnel (@dfarecords), @TitontonD and Fabrice Lig - In the Hood, Manny Cuevas - Thee Jackin Zone (@snuffcrew), Tissu - Up (@lobstertheremin: Mork), Sweely - The Never Ending Groove (@lobstertheremin), Dwell - Turn Up the Heat (@OfParadiseRec), Cool and Frank - The People (unreleased), @d____strange - Runner137, Silicon Scally - Scintillation (@CPURECORDS), @TudorAcid - Stare in Space
  3. I'm already addicted to vinyl 🙂 and I second this: spend money on turntable / amp / speakers or don't do it at all. There is a huge difference between second rate and good sounding stuff. Actually 200 euro sounds about right, i would have said $250-$300. Vinyl is tremendous. it will take your music listening out of headphones, make it something you share, make you dance more, and supports artists. it probably doesn't really "sound better", especially if you're getting used stuff (crate digging is really fun and doesn't have to be expensive). pitches get weird, scratches, imperfections, etc. but as i said, the more important points are the other stuff.
  4. got rid of everything (space, money, usual reasons), and wanna startup with small set up that can be fun for me and my kids once they get a little order. thinking of starting with korg volca bass and korg drum. are there better alternatives in that price range that sound way better or are these as good anything else out there?
  5. Thanks! And to anyone reading this, send me your music to play!
  6. VFO89 - Prtydhlfunk14 (@EvelRecords), The Spanish Guy - Untitled, Steinvord - Untitled 9, Somadril - Skouch, Beatwife (@Rognvald_Acid)- Manthread Beats Part 2, Cool and Frank - The Tallest Handshakes, Useless Idea - Hero in Chic, User364880151- Alice's House, Envmod (WATMM's own!)- DbomDM, MCHN - Polarization, Omar S - Kosmos, @Moodcut_ - Stuck in Socks, @acidjeep - Wasp Rhythm (@loveloverecords )
  7. heh this is right in my wheelhouse 🙂 Q-cid is my favorite so far but it's all pretty effing great.
  8. ya. having gone through this thread i'm coming 'round on kraviz being just kinda naive about the issue, which again, makes me wish she hadn't come out so hot with IM NOT A WHITE EUROPEAN. but fine. and from some of the comments on here, i tend to think these subtle controversies do actually do damage because they lead to the usual, honestly guys, i'm sorry, but just straight up dumb statements like "why can't i complain when black people straighten their hair" and "why should present day white people be responsible for historical wrongs." for the love of god get out of your bubble and read about why those don't stand up to any reading of recent recent history and culture: housing discrimination, targeted voter suppression, police brutality, the drug war, racial profiling, sentencing disparities, accumulated wealth disparities, public school funding, health disparities, etc etc. if you not from the US, fine. but if you are here, you have no excuse.
  9. ok yeah i was under the impression she attached that word to her dreads, so i was wrong about that. i suppose that makes it less dumb and maybe tips a little more towards over-reaction. i still would have preferred "ah shit, dreads isn't a good look for me. i hear that" vs what she said. but yeah, makes a bit of a difference.
  10. I'm generally sympathetic to woke culture arguments. And I don't have much sympathy for celebrities who cry foul when they get called out for tired racially insensitive BS. From what I can tell someone called out Kraviz for wearing dreads and calling it ghetto and she responded very aggressively, tried to lecture this person and suggested it was OK because she's not a white european. I mean, that set of actions betrays a pretty simple perspective and you know, maybe you should recognize that and be quiet and instead be like, "ok, let me give you some space to tell me why wearing dreads is problematic." Maybe I"m missing some finer details and Kraviz was more contrite. Cancel cancel culture is so odd to me. the idea that cancel culture has any real resources and power just seems so out of whack. In the US, the money and political power is very much stacked on the other side. And, as others have observed, if like 80% of the comedy specials on the major content delivery service is cancel culture grievance nonsense, then cancel culture can't really be THAT oppressive. My reading of the past 20-30 years of US politics is that the conservative movement has made and irreversibly established extraordinary political and cultural gains by staking flags far to the right, doing purity tests on reproductive rights, taxes, etc, etc. So if I were a politically and culturally left young person, I'd think making my opening gambit sorta extreme might actually be a pretty good way of achieving political and cultural outcomes i desire.
  11. Aphex Twin - Ptolemy, @rolandosimmonsx - Dew (@acidtwit 030303), @espen_t_hangard - Ego Zenith, Nullptr (@bovaflux) - Dimensional Analysis, Lesinge - Placid (@mPattsss Acid Waxa), Microlith - Hello 307, Erik Skantze - Stargaze, @CASSIUSOFFICIAL - feeling for you, @grummmusic - Can't Shake This Feeling, DJ Koze - Operator, @nancywhang and @weareAudiojack - Like and Eagle, Lindstrom (@feedelity) - Tensions
  12. peaky blinders. what do the UKers here think about this show. kinda cartoony but super enjoyable. like that it doesn't take itself super seriously but my god the anachronistic music kills me some times. also, soooooooo many slow mo shots of guys walking with distorted guitars grindin'
  13. Here's a 40min live set from a show I did recently. It has tracks that I've released on Sleepers Records and Florklang and unreleased stuff I'm still tweaking and hope to find a home for soon. It was for a techno / dance monthly event in Boston called Cake Factory which is a great event run by some cool folks so anyone around here should check it out. The songs should be dancey. I've been DJing a bit and the music I've been making is just trying to get folks moving. All the mistakes are intentional 🙂
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