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  1. I have a number of friends and family that are doctors and epidemiologists in major US cities and they are scaring the shit out of me. They are FAR MORE alarmist about this than what is in the news. Doctors see clearly the infrastructure will be overwhelmed- already seeing very sick people, not just the elderly. Epidemiologists saying we must lock down now: only emergency workers, health care workers on the roads. Do this now. Individuals should hunker down. If you have vacation time use it now. If you get sick, do not go out, minimize contact with those you live with, hydrate, treat symptoms. If you have to go the hospital, go. There isn't that much they can do for you unless you are so sick you need a respirator and there is a limited number of respirators. The idea that if you're young you're OK may not really hold up- the data is not a slam dunk. And if you think about a 1/1000 death rate for young people, that doesn't seem terrifying. But If 1/3 of the population is going to get this, you're looking at 1/3000 chance of dying. There is nothing in your life that carries that kind of risk. And you can avoid it by staying in. Stay in. Be safe everyone. Stay in. Make music. Fret. Cook. Watch TV.
  2. with a track from watmm's own dollarstore keyboard 🙂 OCB - Aquaquest, @Acidulant- My House, Etienne - Bliss (@Art_Of_Dark), DJ Meme Generator - Lowlife, SIT - Angels, RAMS - ARX771, DMX Krew - EPR Phenomena (@CPURECORDS), @espen_t_hangard - Alfarhythmik, @dollarstorekey - Comm On, @sfvacid_ - Free Way (@bakk_records), AFX - Phontacid
  3. https://twitter.com/sethbannon/status/1236125593290276864/photo/1 Projections from American Hospital Association. I've seen similar projections elsewhere. We could be looking at an historic disaster made far worse by the blunders of Trump. Potentially ~500K deaths, all hospital beds in American occupied by April/May. Another admin could not have prevented the outbreak but it seems likely a clear-headed response could have bent the curve. By the way, the testing blunders are unforgivable. This is a simply assay with simple reagents. Any undergrad with a day of in-lab training could do it and plow through hundreds of samples per day.
  4. i have a bunch of download codes just lying around for this old album (was going for a syro-y acid IDM thing then I guess) and i'm prepping a bunch of new stuff that's in a new direction, so please grab coolandfrank.bandcamp.com/yum awnt-64mv rpat-km88 6nnb-hn6z kwa5-5e96 zj99-7bgk z92n-5xn9 ztlv-755z yke8-jf2g yy62-ypxu ytyw-7nep 2zke-vjf2 ayy9-ggeh u7jm-kkqy vmb7-6kkr 6gad-g9zl nufp-u9kj
  5. i agree the non-picard stuff is less than the picard stuff. truly, nothing beats picard walking around on a planet one-strapping a backpack. it's funny we all agree on romulan legolas- that planet had mad elf-land lighting!
  6. yeah the writing so far has been super good. i think it's OK to give this away- the backstory for how picard became disenchanted with the federation is so well-balanced and believable given his character, the ST universe, it's really impressive. and THE FORMULA of impossible problem-crew works out solution- tech the tech-solution, being stretched is great. there seem to be some explicit nods to in the most recent ep so i'm curious to see how it plays out. heh, i'm smitten 🙂
  7. i've seen some hate on here about picard and they're all crazy people. it's tremendous and if you have watched ST you absolutely have to watch it.
  8. yeah man, lotsa good tunes. starts out techno-y then gets idm-y 🙂
  9. New show posted today, hey have a listen! Omar - Zum Onur Ozer - Happy Verse Evan Baggs - Coconut Les Points - Rhodes of Kunlun Thevco - Don't Go Lose It baby TC80 - Dardos Kornel Kovacs - Rocks Lerosa - Cluster Daif - Devil Boidflow - Monocot Theme Rhythmrobot - Hell
  10. https://www.mixcloud.com/ThreadsRadio/cool-and-frank-hour-threadsworcester-ma-15-jan-20/ Binh - Milky Way (My Own Jupiter), Felon5- Bruce Bonus (Low Money Music Love, Himalaya Juice Culture - Dr. Q Tip (Ovnie), Daniel Bell - Trip to the Moon (Klang Elektronik), Bassam and Kizokou - Rue Saint Marc (Nifo), Eastfield Swing - Pound a Pint (Arcadia), Sweely - I Didn’t Funk Enough (Kafkaesque), Cool and Frank - It Happened Again, Eamonn Doyle - Rangefinder (Lunar Disko), Underworld - Ova Nova
  11. Black Meteoric Star - Death Tunnel (@dfarecords), @TitontonD and Fabrice Lig - In the Hood, Manny Cuevas - Thee Jackin Zone (@snuffcrew), Tissu - Up (@lobstertheremin: Mork), Sweely - The Never Ending Groove (@lobstertheremin), Dwell - Turn Up the Heat (@OfParadiseRec), Cool and Frank - The People (unreleased), @d____strange - Runner137, Silicon Scally - Scintillation (@CPURECORDS), @TudorAcid - Stare in Space
  12. I'm already addicted to vinyl 🙂 and I second this: spend money on turntable / amp / speakers or don't do it at all. There is a huge difference between second rate and good sounding stuff. Actually 200 euro sounds about right, i would have said $250-$300. Vinyl is tremendous. it will take your music listening out of headphones, make it something you share, make you dance more, and supports artists. it probably doesn't really "sound better", especially if you're getting used stuff (crate digging is really fun and doesn't have to be expensive). pitches get weird, scratches, imperfections, etc. but as i said, the more important points are the other stuff.
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