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  1. Loops Lips Premiered the second track "Solutions Concepts Dream Interpretations" it's a wonky funky analog techno i think
  2. Good, this board needs more techno 🙂
  3. Made a 2 hour mix of techno / acid / IDM with most of the tracks from the EP mixed in
  4. looks like you moved things around again? Can you repost?
  5. This old styff is syro style IDM i think: funky, acid. still have codes left. please help yourselves /share coolandfrank.bandcamp.com/yum 77ky-62n7 vl3y-klvv 7pvz-6jg8 m7bz-kkrn 95xu-6khj nrqa-69qy 5vrr-k9kr ggmw-gzzl 32re-uzkj dmmf-e6zk My new stuff is more analog techno sounding so just trying to close the chapter
  6. like this one a lot. glimmers of bass of quick cut spooky scenes.
  7. Free download of track we couldn't fit on the EP
  8. I really like Container and think it would really work at 130bpm as a simple techno track focused on modular thing bouncing around and the big reverb for bedding
  9. Just bought this. There isn't enough techno on this board and I'm really happy you posted this. I'm gonna play 1212homet3 on my threads radio show this month 🙂
  10. Snagged this and really like it. At the beach now and it seems to fit. There's a new Washed Out now and this reminds me of that, but is a bit more sophisticated / less straight ahead poppy. Definitely hear some BoC also. Yeah, very nice 🙂
  11. What do you mean it uses a lot of energy? Like a lot of human work time or a lot of computer power and therefore electricity?
  12. Very nice, enjoying this now :). I really like how minimally musical it is (that's a compliment). Somehow it feels super spare but also complete and developed.
  13. This new AI platform for generating text, and apparently, code, web sites, and other stuff, has been getting a lot of attention and I have to say, I'm usually underwhelmed by this stuff but the demos and examples I've seen are pretty spooky I have to say. I bet there are people on here who know about this and are using it and I'd like to hear about it. A friend said an RPG he plays was using it and I've messed around with Shortly which is a short story writing app that uses it. I suspect you could use for music and probably that's already being done somewhere.
  14. @FrancMoody- Yuri (@juiceboxfm), Charonne - Astro Speed Kawasaki, @toddedwards3000 - Wishing I were Home, @MoMa_Ready - This Version May Go Off, Cool and Frank - Solution Concepts Dream Interpretations, @black_cadmium - Stairway ( @vaultwax), Harry Wills - Sarky (@Holdhandrecords), Cool and Frank - Untitled, @aliberger_DR5 - Grease Trap (@FatCatRecords), Hand Do Jin - Drive Less (@BalkanVinyl) techno and house in this one
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