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  1. mixcloud link for second show soundcloud link for second show tracks from Chicago Jim, Flx, Charonne, Trackermatte, Autechre, and the great Hidden Love AFX remix :) :) among others
  2. Hey I'm doing a monthly hour long slot on threads* radio (they have two streams, i'm on the one with the asterisk). It's going to be electro / techno / idm and maybe some noise mixed in occasionally. First show is tomorrow, July 3 20-21 CET. I already recorded it, so here's the tracklisting for this month. And definitely message me if you want me hear your stuff and maybe play it ๐Ÿ™‚ Tin Man - Falling Acid 4rd - 4rd J1 1C2 Tysk Raider - XOS Cool and Frank - 2 Live All in C B and R Saviero Celestri - Mental Box Thomas Heckmann - Shipwrecked Aux 88 - Time and Space XY0815 - Tool Matter Patricia - Spotting Carl Finlow - Blue Reedale Rise - And the Rain Fell Legowelt - Dumtoestand I'll follow up with mixcloud links too
  3. is there big database of all the tracklistings? searchable? that would be nice. seems like the tracklists are strewn about but maybe i'm wrong.
  4. oh man the video is tremendous! love the track too
  5. recording of set here https://soundcloud.com/cakefactoryboston/01-cake-factory-22-cool-and
  6. acid https://soundcloud.com/cooliofranco/green-lights-everywhere-2bc
  7. A drum n bass one https://soundcloud.com/cooliofranco/gimme-a-tall-handshake
  8. listening again. really great track.
  9. i agree. i don't think it needs more variation. the drum production is terrific and it moves around enough for me.
  10. i'm loving your stuff. the EP is great.
  11. not usually my cup of tea but this has a definite charm. there seems to be a lot of reverb on the drums and all the metal makes is a little too washy to me. i'd like it if it settled into a groove for the drums, but I appreciate that that isn't necessarily where you wanna go with this.
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