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  1. I'm psyched to share my new EP coming out on Cabaret Recordings. It's techno that's IDMy. Cabaret is an awesome label and I'm so happy be among its many great artists. Previews below and presale links below. It's vinyl only. PRESALE links below and probably other places too JUNO https://www.juno.co.uk/products/cool-frank-sick-of-symbols-ep/882497-01/ DEEJAY https://www.deejay.de/Cool_and_Frank_Sick_of_Symbols_EP_CABARET030_Vinyl__999495
  2. Anyone have any experience with those services that get your data off a dead external hard drive? I gather the pricing can vary by the issue with the hard drive, but I just want to know if anyone can recommend a particular company / service. My friend's HD is not responding to his computer and HD has like 20+ years of music. I told him someone on this board might be able to point him in the right direction.
  3. Very helpful, thank you so much for the info. i think he's more into the sound design vs. gnarly basslines so this makes a lot of sense. A lot of this stuff you can get with software for much less money. I think the allure of hardware is real tho, yeah maybe you can get the same sounds with the abelton plugins but since doing that is less fun, you're less inclined to really get into it
  4. Anyone ever messed with a Hydrasynth desktop? Looks pretty complicated. A friend with little experience wants to jump up a level but i'm kind thinking this might be pretty frustrating if you were new to the game. Also, it's not a synth I've heard about a lot, so not sure if it's good quality piece of gear. looks beefy and fun but maybe a lot of manual reading before really getting into music-making part. https://www.ashunsoundmachines.com/hydrasynth-desk
  5. wow i love this. just purchased. great bass sounds. tasty reverb. most excellent!
  6. huh blueski came up in my shuffle yesterday and i listened to the whole album twice today. really holds up. def a classic
  7. I put all the vids posted in the thread in a youtube playlist here. I'll check back and add as more tracks are posted
  8. great thread, love all these, thanks!!!
  9. cooliofranco


    I thought the book was pretty good but man oh man this movie looooookkkssss wiccckkkeddd gooooooooodddddd. The battles in the book didn't seem epic; hand to hand combat is cool and all but those scenes always struck me as odd since it's all supposed to be like an INTERGALACTIC WAR. But from the clips it looks like they are capturing the cool elements of the book fights and scaling it up for bigtime movie ship blowups.
  10. oh wait that code was for the comp, not ur release? any chance u wanna send me a code for the release? no presh 🙂
  11. really like these thanks for posting, used ndhe-7cct 🙂 🙂
  12. I don't have any download codes left... I'll get more if people buy my music 🙂 Anyway, for now, here's a 7 day wetransfer link to the WAV files for anyone who wants this. DOWNLOAD LINK
  13. I put up another digital EP of reverb-heavy, bassline-driven dancefloor-friendly IDMish Detroity techno on bandcamp. The default track above is very techno but I think folks around here will like the opener, "Night Gardening" better- came out very Analord / Cheetah EP. Can't seem to link to that track so you're gotta go the link above and get it from there 🙂
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