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  1. Here's a 40min live set from a show I did recently. It has tracks that I've released on Sleepers Records and Florklang and unreleased stuff I'm still tweaking and hope to find a home for soon. It was for a techno / dance monthly event in Boston called Cake Factory which is a great event run by some cool folks so anyone around here should check it out. The songs should be dancey. I've been DJing a bit and the music I've been making is just trying to get folks moving. All the mistakes are intentional πŸ™‚
  2. Hey Envmod can you send this track (DbomDM) to me? I have a show on threads radio and wanna play it next month? thanks!
  3. coming back here to say these tracks are nuts / phenomenal. i mean, is this where we are now where some (presumably) kid can just crank out perfect AFX DnB stuff? what a time to love electronic music πŸ™‚
  4. love this whole album! i agree that it's your best music yet but still not far from the Vol.1 days πŸ™‚
  5. loved this. chaotic but tuneful. i'm also a dad, though not a super new one, and yeah man, it's impossible to make time for hobbies. you're best bet is try to get them into it by having them mess with your equipment and dancing. my girls occasionally request "crazy music" which is basically anything off of Drukqs, and they run around like crazies. i'll be sure to play them this one πŸ™‚
  6. new show tracklisting Luomo (aka vladislav delay) Tessio, Sans Sucre Passion Guinguette, Octo Octa Spin Girl Activate, Lauren Flax Earthquake, Paranoid London Dub1, Beethaven Exclusive VIP Area Acid, Cool and Frank Bergorne, Guavid Groovy, Calimex Mental Implant Corp (AKA Legowelt) Carnival of Souls, Alexi Perala Birthday, Drexciya Depressurization If you have something you wanna get played message me! Always interested in acid, electro, techno...
  7. yeah i mean, i certainly know less about the waste than you do apparently, thanks for the explanation. so it sounds like, like so many things, it comes down to the politics and messaging- getting people comfortable with the waste in a mountain near them, making sure they understand it's safe and inaccessible, etc etc
  8. I've seen that proponents of nuclear are not factoring cost of long term storage of waste at all. It's safer that coal, but storage can be very costly and of course there is always the possibility of the storage going wrong in some terrible way. I'm not joking when I say we should figure out a way to shoot our waste into the sun. Space elevator? I'm sure this is actually a terrible idea that puts everyone and everything at grave risk.
  9. New show posted here https://www.mixcloud.com/ThreadsRadio/cool-and-frank-hour-threadsworcester-ma-04-sep-19/ Tracklisting: fabo aninha sunny breaks, @ladymonix track 39 (dub), @JensenIntercept activated, discret popescu lose touch, cool and frank illustrator acid (@florklang), @posthuman back to acid, roy of the ravers miami 303, @Moodymann313 i'll provide @blackmadonnachi jealous heart never rests, @meagersunlight minotaur
  10. thanks guys. third one up today and will add links soon πŸ™‚
  11. bought. clips sound lovely can't wait to hear this.
  12. mixcloud link for second show soundcloud link for second show tracks from Chicago Jim, Flx, Charonne, Trackermatte, Autechre, and the great Hidden Love AFX remix :) :) among others
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