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  1. I did a live stream as part of a fundraiser for the Massachusetts Bail Fund in support of BLM protests. It's a bunch of unreleased tracks that are kinda detroity techno / idm. I use a drumbrute, minilogue, volca bass, and reason. i'm really happy with how it sounds actually 🙂 pretty nice to have total control over the sound and not have to deal with vageries of soundsystem sound person you know. not that i don't appreciate sound people! it's more like i've never really figrued out how to make my tunes sound decent across different systems, heh
  2. aphex boc rolando simmons the field binh
  3. really digging ruff take 🙂 the bass is wicked fun
  4. This is my third EP and coming out on FLAWEd records, which is based in London. These are 2min clips. The vinyl is coming soon and I'll post here when it does. It's not as IDMy as my usual stuff and the direction I've been going in, which is more like, simpler techno because I've been listening to Binh, Evan Baggs, Lutz, and more classic Detroit techno stuff
  5. lotsa techno and acid Galcher Lustwerk - Fathomless Irie, Generation Next - Lamborghini Dreams, Randomner - Huh, Cool and Frank - Contacts in the Unseen World, Russell E L Butler - Vibes Vibes Vibes, Shinedoe - M Plant, Affie yusuf- Spirit Acid, Burning Bridges - System, Falty DL - If All the People Took Acid (octo octa remix) , DJ Arg - Kimmi
  6. Snare is pretty bad / unusable. I tend to treat it like a closed hi hat. BD is meh but I like the rest, the clap is pretty pretty pretty good
  7. oh shoot u guys are right TR-8 does have 909 sounds. Thanks!
  8. I have a Drumbrute which is fun but now really want a 808 / 909. Of course getting originals is kind of off the table due to $$$$. The TR-8 seems like a nice option but i can't tell when the TR-9 is actually arriving. Anyone know? I think I can save a bit by going rack-mounted so I'm looking at Novation Drum, Station v2, which seem be $250-300 used. Anyone have an strong opinions on these? I have a couple specific questions and I'd like to message with an owner. I'd really love a JoMoX AirBase 99, but can only seem to find one for sale in Japan, and it's a biiiittt toooo pricey with shipping. I don't know, is it worth it???
  9. And my usual hour of #techno #house #acid https://www.mixcloud.com/ThreadsRadio/cool-and-frank-hour-threadsworcester-ma-03-jun-20/ Tracklisting @heydavemachine - nectarine, @mauricefulton @peggygou_ - Jigoo, Bjorn Torske - Gata (@smalltownsupersound), Roy of the Ravers - Emotinium (@acidwaxa), Tyree - Acid Over, @oddmann_recordings - Hackney Weak (@halfbakedrecords), @delroy.edwards - On My Mind (lies_records), International Music System - Dancing Therapy, HNNY - Cheer Up my Brother (@OmenaRecords)
  10. New one from WATMM's own the burgler ?, an unreleased track by me, more! 1hr Cool and Frank mix of #techno #house #idm on @threadsradio for May https://mixcloud.com/ThreadsRadio/cool-and-frank-hour-threadsworcester-ma-06-may-20/… @leoleloup - ygam, Binh - Ramen, Christian Jay - Reform, @Garneaumusic - BTB, @johnbarera and @DJWillMartin - yen (@SUPPLY_RECORDS), Nikola Kazimir - Project 8888 Crybeta, Cool and Frank - Myeloid of Now, @svetterihjel (EOD) - BOW, @samolinaro- gio (@ApronRecords), @rolandosimmonsx- Squenz (@AnalogicalForce), Automatic Tasty - Life After Debt (@thecentrifuge)
  11. I collected some of my recent tracks for a bandcamp EP. I'm moving away from IDM and more into techno for various reasons, mainly because I'm getting more analog gear and that's fun. Anyway, please enjoy these ones. 4 chillers ones and 1 fun blippy drum n bass track. This is all on my soundcloud too if you don't wanna pay.
  12. I'm making more house / techno and switching to hardware so i dont think i'll be making much IDMy stuff from here on out. these are the last 3 i made like that so i figured i'd just pop 'em up.
  13. i think this works pretty well and is just subtle enough to let the afx stuff do the work. i get that ppl love the wandering ambient afx stuff but man, i just find so much ambient and even the champs ambient boring. so this helps nice job
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