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  1. interview19.htm interview34.htm
  2. Delicious https://peautyfute.bandcamp.com/album/design
  3. Recent Ostudinov's live from Brave Factory Festival
  4. recent future music interview http://ge.tt/2zrxhzj2
  5. My new 4 track ep is out on tehnofonika records: [bandcamp]2376280436[/bandcamp] Thanks for listening!
  6. my mother took one of 3 i posted this summer. Here are his portraits:
  7. https://soundcloud.com/user18081971/tnodvood104
  8. http://www.electro-music.com/forum/topic-62683.html mac users can use this manual for flawless editing
  9. https://www.aliexpress.com/item/New-Bcase-Magnetic-TUP-Cable-Clip-Desktop-Tidy-Organiser-USB-Charger-Line-Holder-Home-Car-Charging/32770258906.html is it intentional?
  10. I want =( edit: I actually want it. Can we make it happen? If you manage to travel to Kiev after September, we've got upcoming festival in beginning of November https://www.facebook.com/events/1731653040442020/ to make that travel not just cat deal) But I dunno about documents that u'll need to travel back to Canada with cat, for EU you need some sort of passport for animals to travel with planes. Ukrainians formed a big diaspore there in Canada maybe someone can bring it with him if we spread this to some facebook group etc, but first we need to manage required documents
  11. 1 kitten left from previous batch
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