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  1. This "Losing the one" issue will be resolved in the new Matrix: Resurrections movie coming out. So no need to worry about it anymore ever.
  2. I think the time to call it quits will be in a few seasons if the show doesn't get better and continues the downward trend. The last episode was intriguing in that I want to see the show take on episode outside of the finite curve thing. If the show become good again how it was before then that would be great. However that doesn't happen often sooooo. Still going to check it out when the time comes.
  3. Rick and Morty keeps getting worse each season since 3. Season 5 is still alright overall, but it is starting to feel like a trend downward. Even though it is still watchable, if the writing becomes worse or if it stays stagnant in that 'alright' area, I definitely think I will stop watching each episode as it comes out. Season 5 had 6 decent to very good episodes, and the rest were bleh to horrible. If this continues I'll probably end up just waiting till the season is out, and watching the 4 episodes that will be worth watching. Another issue is that it feels like it's starting to repeat itself. Not literally in bringing back old ideas, but coming up with new ideas that are somewhat to very similar to old ones. I can see that they are probably running out of ideas. In season 3 I remember thinking it still had steam to last for a long time, but I feel what happened to The Simpsons is beginning to happen to Rick and Morty. The writers are becoming bored and moving on, the creators are wanting to try other things, and the show suffers for that as new writers come in. Unfortunately it generates a ton of money so inevitably when it does go bad at some point, it's going to continue the downhill slide past "bad" and most people will move onto new shows.
  4. LOL well you're gonna get old whether you like it or not. You can either accept it and listen to Radiohead like your Dad listens to Pink Floyd, or you can deny it and put it off until that day you look in the mirror and realize you are old now. Not middle age. Not getting old with some grey whiskers... no... OLD. And not listening to Radiohead didn't do a damn thing to stop it.... ... I'm projecting? what do you mean I'm projecting?? YOU are projecting!
  5. No, you can't make me write something random.
  6. And to add one more thought. The only way for an economy to be allowed to evolve would be to course correct for mistakes without everyone wanting to jump ship to the other political parties ideology if something goes wrong or is miscalculated somehow. It's okay to fuck up if you also can fix the fuck up to hopefully get one step closer to a better economy for everyone. So you would have to teach people that failure is an opportunity to learn, not a moral failing leading to someone being a loser who doesn't already have all the answers. Then over time that could be applied to broader things like the economy. It's a fundamental mindset that needs to change, and expecting older people to do that is a waste of time.
  7. I think the economy needs to be looked at as a tool, not a static thing to worship for money to flow in. A tool that can and NEEDS to evolve over time as we learn more about how it works, and more about our understanding of people and what contributes to a happier life etc etc etc etc. It needs to be malleable in that sense. But you also need people to see it that way, which is hard when your govt. forces a static understanding of capitalism, communism, socialism, etc etc. to where you have to be able to read about economic systems with a mind open enough to change. Good luck finding that! Lol. I have been wanting to really dive deeper into different economies as I find it interesting. Most people though will want a simple answer, it's just how most people work - they like patterns as it makes life simpler for them. America is a Meritocracy, if you don't like it, you can giiit out! You could write a book on it and still it wouldn't scratch the surface of everything that needs to change about humans relationship with their economy and their moral priorities in life.
  8. I've been meaning to explore different economic systems more so I can think more clearly about the pros and cons of systems. The issue is when people worship these systems to the point as someone pointed out, it's above morality. Money should never matter above morality. It needs to be baked into people from birth as it is obvious why. But people do not do so thinking Capitalism is some weird savior where the people with the most merit make the most money. Which isn't true really in the USA. It's like... 30% true. You have upward mobility in the area you inherited through class, genetics, school, etc etc. But it's always hard to get past a certain point which is different for everyone. So many people here don't realize that. So they say stupid shit like "All Lives Matter" because they don't understand perspective of others and think everyone is equal. I have a conservative friend who is basically like this. He said, well yeah not everyone is born equal but that just means they need to work harder, then they will be equal. It's the illusion of the meritocracy for the people who do have option to have a better life thru hard work, thinking everyone else also has it. He also thinks America has pure intentions overseas so he is all about America having a million bases everywhere and spending 4 times as much tax payer money to the military than Russia (or is it China?). You can also have communist economy that is similarly fucked because the economy is again more important than morality and human life. Religiously. The system will save us. Imagine if we had a capitalist system where everyone was aware of the pitfalls of capitalism instead of worshiping it. So that said pitfalls could be filled in with a social safety net. Correctly. And fear mongering about poor people coming to take your hard earned money was something that made people roll their eyes instead of lock their doors and start counting how many non-whites are starting to migrate into the neighborhood to know when it's time to take flight. There are people who worry about being cucked due to their shit education, lack of worldliness, religious worship of politicians, the purity of the economy, and their skin color.
  9. I agree! When I tell people something is a sample from a track they should know, like from more popular musicians, and they are stumped, I know i have done a good job in hiding the sample so I don't have to pay royalties or whatever. That said I am surprised at just how much he has samples where I thought it would be a custom sound he made. Particularly when it comes to synths and melody samples, not drums.
  10. I have seen and heard a lot of those songs/movies without realized I've heard them somewhere else as AFX samples
  11. Yeah. Chances are he just sampled those kinds of sounds as a way to unsettle people on purpose. No different than making a horror movie. He was just making an audio/horror movie/album. However anything is a possibility. We have learned over the past 10 years that some of the people who do that are actually into it, leading to them being cancelled after allegations arise. But it shouldn't ever be a rule. Since Syro he's made a more Emotional connection to his fanbase than previously to the point he felt he wanted to share his feeling after his dad passed on Soundcloud to help him process his grief through his music.
  12. It's a decent anime. Last 2 episodes were just too jarring for me when the previous episodes the psychology stuff was in in the background. So the last two episodes roll around and they didn't feel like they were justified or needed. I know it was from budget cuts but still. If they had focused more on the psychology throughout the anime then maybe it would have made more sense. Now that I think about it, I actually dropped the anime halfway thru the first of the two and just watched the movie. Forced myself to finish it up after a few weeks as it felt odd dropping a show an episode or two before the end. I did like all the movies though. Probably better than the anime due to their faster pace. The movie that 'replaced' the last two episodes was a much better ending. And the first three 're-do' movies were good. I haven't seen the 4.0 one if it is out by now.
  13. This thread defeats the purpose of socializing with others. If I can't talk about Covid with someone every day exclusively, I don't see the point of talking to other people anymore. Goodbye WATMM I am off to become a hermit. At least that way I can pretend to talk Covid with others after I've gone a bit crazy. I just hope the hallucinations it feels like the real thing.. you know?
  14. yeah it's really a shame. I don't know if I would even consider someone having under 120 IQ as being 'conscious'. Very smooth brained with over-reliance on the lizard brain. Very sad. They appear to us, as zombies appear to them.
  15. Well actually two at different times. They aren't mine. I don't think it's worth it since I have access to other people's Disclaviers, who know more people with them if I ever want to try out different ones. Made a lot of these with a basic piano synth to nail down the melody. Then took the midi to the disk as I usually only had a day or sometimes two to make the track.
  16. huh, I'd like to see what all he's said. I mean, it was never going to be the same I think since his melody sense has become much more funk-minded. That said, it leads to stuff like: which honestly I like just as much as his early 90s stuff. If he made an album full of similar tracks, I think it would be a worthy successor to SAW 1. He's also have spent a lot more time in that style so he would put out even better stuff in that style. really old interview from I want to say about 2009 or so. I'll try to find it. He also mentioned it somewhere in his user18081971 comments... or maybe aphex twin main account... somewhere.
  17. Brings up the age old question. IF the universe has a CEO, then WHO APPOINTED THE CEO? Checkmate, theists.
  18. Sweet. Do more Plz. It's interesting to have near replicas but done with recent tech. That said, Aphex said he also remade this album right? Makes me wonder if he did what you did here, or if it is a reinterpretation kinda thing.
  19. Sounds like an algorithm having a good day. OR an Ai after it's finally finished filling the universe with paperclips.
  20. I don't think there is any.... oh wait... a NEW GENRE!
  21. I suppose if it works, then it's a legitimate point. I used Merzbow as an example because everyone knows who he is, it's worked for me plenty of times now, and he has a million tracks out to choose from. I think noise music in general does this. It kind of scrubs clean that part of my mind so I can work on a track partially refreshed and work from new angles instead of just falling on "automatic intuition".... or whatever it's called.
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