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  1. I doubt your missing anything of any value, knowing can lead to assumptions i guess. My best early memories of favourite tracks were from not knowing anything about what they did.
  2. It has differed from release to release, but with exai, (this is probably a gross over simplification), they were choice of track grouped in pairs in most cases, optimised for vinyl. Then arranged to taste.
  3. How about we send a smoke signal for this one or we could postpone until there's sufficient development of 3d printers, we'll print the same spec bud/bowl config.
  4. Not really, i mean, i know its a bit ' different' ,not run of the mill type stuff. but its not as weird as something like scratching.
  5. yeah ok Yeah, they actually have a pretty neat sound system. But they just push everything to the limits so it's all over the place. And moreover, the audience is not there for the artists but for being at Berghain. Just a trendy (even if cool), tourist location. Quite a pity because the venue itself is great. When we arrived there were like four F1 towers in the front corners but the other two were in rear corners if u could draw an imaginary rectangle halfway into the length of the huge tall glass faceted room, pointing in at phase nightmare angles, it came across as far from ideal. But i like playing berlin so, well yeah. yeah oversteps was programmed that way yeah sports not basketball tho, wrong continent What do you mean by 'programmed that way'? Were the voices programmed to directly influence each other in a generative type of way? Were they programmed independently, but in such a way to compliment each other? I guessed basketball because it sounds indoor on a hard floor. My first guess what tennis, but the space sounds wrong for that. Squash or racquetball? Nah there are no floor sounds in there.
  6. The remixes by other ppl weren't to be inluded on this collection, and the split ep7 i think was a good way to reflect the way it was split onto two vinyl. The garbage titles weren't left incomplete as such, more like they weren't relevent that way anymore in this collection.
  7. Not markov in that particular case, and i get how u can see the connection there. I like the sound of this, hadnt heard it before thanks, will check out on proper spkrs later :)
  8. They do share a kind of toughnut bboy style, i think its more like we sometimes arrive at certain tendencies, we dont realy make a track to actually sound like another.
  9. Piezo is excellent for being a driver to IMO, keep to long drives/freeway/autobahns, ideally those that have lighting and arent too straight. Edit: Deploy a favourite Erik Satie on arrival at new destinations.
  10. We wanted to do northern europe territories instead, we hadnt been there properly before and we had limited overall time between previous commitments.
  11. Farkin' lol! Kinda like Glade 2006 for me, first time I ever saw Autechre live. Rob Hall nailed it DJing beforehand (as standard), but when Ae came on it all went pear shaped and I completely span out. Think the daytime heat had got to me, proper roasting that year. Wish I could hear that set again, it made no sense at the time and really shit me up. So a question, do you plan a set differently for a festival gig? Sometimes festivals are part of a larger tour where I guess you just carry the same sound on, but (iirc) the Glade gigs were kinda separate? Festival slots for us can be so varied that, some in old bingo hall like bloc, or outdoor field natural amphitheaters so it totally shapes how we play it, mostly cos of how we hear it and whats most exploitable about the setting... Vibe.. Acoustics etc...
  12. At times we might wonder if theres going to be some reaction to something happening in a track, (knowing theres probably no real way to ever find out) , and yes it is predominantly based on what we'd like to happen..... Like minds may enjoy the same bits i hope.
  13. If were disregarding any computers here just for this Q, i would give the mpc1000 a good excercise with its JJOS now n then. Our RS integrator is a worthy distraction too. DMX has always been there for me too.
  14. Crumbs! Yeah some track, actually many are (hard to explain really but...) expected to have some effect, i mean personally i feel emotion in our tracks and i hope others do too, but its pointless to try to predict exactly what or how it will affect ppl if we dont really know the person well. Or at all.
  15. Its been a long time since a scrabble, What method of transport are u planning to use?
  16. Even though we may have reached saturation of a track and know it sooo well before its released i do hear new things later, mostly cos i think as we change, our perception of what we hear develops too, also due to association perhaps. Some contexts alter how the sound feels too.
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