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  1. Great tale, it seems like it was worth it after all, just for that one hot girl with a ghetto blaster to play ae - which track?
  2. Columbus wexner centre was a life saver show, great acoustic treated black cube, and their tech guy repaired our 1210s We would probably return :)
  3. There are more bronchus's than i can remember at the mo maphive was all pma5, Break voice in pro radii is a sample yes,
  4. not sounds so much as whole tracks usually after some drugs trying to get to sleep i will get whole full morphing tracks going on, but i can never remember specifics, like dreams i dunno about recreating Yeah me too, esp. falling asleep threshold, the morphing unfolding instant music thing.
  5. just leave the room, do something else for 10 mins, go back in the room yeah sometimes, completely destroy it, save as Haha you said oblique strategy
  6. Bullion crazy for u is on right now Following your love frankie knuckles
  7. iirc bloc was quite early on in that particular set, i remember not being able to hear the system properly, and the gig ended up a bit more ad hoc. Some venues have impeccable sound system and we get full confidence in what we hear is what you get, so it tends to fully kick off at those shows, domino was one of them, bloc turned out well under the circumstances tho.
  8. no not for me anyway, i would like to think there's a bit more organisation involved, we do bounce off each other yeah - loads more every time we go out live, compared to old gigs, but i wouldn't like to totally jazz out on stage, it seems like the wrong kind of indulgence.
  9. yes, but sometimes when on certain substances it will really distract u and make u do shit music, so sometimes the only memory of use is all it takes to get things turning out just right.
  10. originally autechre was a track name, and i guess we have always disturbed a real word or shimmed it into what fits with a track if it will work well, some are literally file names for tracks - iterative or whatever, or just like when we used to do graf, the letters looks better a certain way its an aesthetic choice, so yeah we care but we do it a few different ways, so it may seem more disparate
  11. past lp's are made from tracks that just get made, not to fit a specific brief so early on in the cycle between releases, these forms take shape later as the tracks can often suggest a path, roughly speaking
  12. it looks like none have the time to sit and try to enjoy it - they get so much to check out weekly, i can't imagine they get even close to the situation we anticipate our proper listeners reach. so mostly blunt surface level face valuations occur
  13. i liked the one with rob on the drums also - watmm pls tough but i'd go with fm cos you can blag acid using fm the fact that many stem from an actual WuTang rekkerd, is just perfect
  14. re quadrange, we'd been wanting to do something with variant mixes for a while, in some part due to having a wealth of Eps and extra B sides from artists like Depeche Mode in the past - some of their deepest tracks were unique alternative mixes nothing like the singles or LP versions, and they came across as more intense or over produced even, it was a really nice way to feel what they were doing behind the usual framework they set out in the mainstream…..like a real treat.
  15. yeah strange that one, i would def stop what i was doing if i caught it on tv, but its a bit fishy, another one for John Lewis Partnership around the same time (only Xmas tho) was another close copy, more 'tradDM'.
  16. haha such a plethora of sub styles in hop hop, hard to be specific and therefore completely straight up... but, say with really big artist like Drake, i'm 50/50. cos i like the things he's doing in tracks like headlines, but mbe the 'craig david-10 years-too-late' isn't so fresh. heralds of change - spotted is an all time favourite, but theres not much as good as that in the rest of the cannon IMO
  17. i tend to think we're onto something quite different each time we return to the studio after a tour or whatever, cos we seem to need a break from it (at least in the past its become a pattern i suppose). and also having been involved with making music with mates all these years, like say gescom and all its varying contributors, i feel my best time working is in this way, don't like the idea of being ported to a studio to get on with producing work with others unless i'm comfortable there. so tend to stay at home, (last of the bedroom producers hahah)
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