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  1. FUCK , yes !!! SIGN 2×LP + T-shirt pre-order done 👽
  2. Pretty sick what's playing at the moment ... !!!
  3. nah, it's DOPE - new Autechre music level of dope! ? I'm going down the list one set at a time, really taking the time with these - so much goodness!
  4. I've just sent an email to OCHRE help centre reporting the issue.
  5. same issue here ... hopefully it will be sorted out soon.
  6. I'm starting with AE_LIVE_ZAGREB_061116 . So lush ... !!! ?
  7. Today has been epic! I do hope someone has recorded the whole thing and is willing to share. Thanks in advance
  8. Cheers! Thanks for the link! ?
  9. Today's set has been fucking brilliant! Pls someone tell me they recorded this one and is willing to share it here?!?!? - Thanks in advance, and thanks AE for always delivering!
  10. I'm only 7 sets in, and currently submerged in the AE_LIVE_CHICAGO_290915 set. Mind-blowing stuff !!!! Thanks Rob and Sean for delivering beyond expectations
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