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    Second Peng

    Meh, sorry mate. I found that mashup cheezy and not very appealing to my ears. That mix is a blast otherwise, but I always end it when that part appears...
  2. EDIT: ehrm, oops... sorry! Seems that was an entirely different duo. My apologies. ok, moving on!
  3. Just did a few adjustments
  4. well, isn't it basically just a mashed up mixtape (although a highly sophisticated one, as such)? So it's all basically samples, no?
  5. Yeah, I instantly thought about 7th slip as well when I heard that. Those vocals really sounds it's taken from AON's Beat Box, no? Now I'm really curious if it's actually the case that they used this sample in 7th slip as well! We all know that they love this track very much anyway : D
  6. https://autechre.wetransfer.com/downloads/060ed6ed78020802587bcef0306ca13220210102215750/403ba0
  7. festIV set of two prelit gonk There u go. Three perfect track titles for an ep. Seansan Robob pls make it happen.
  8. yes, either that, or maybe Biosphere invited him for some glacial field-recording worksop up in the arctic mountains.
  9. Well I guess this could be the reason why Sean gave the interviewer strict instructs on writing “an undisclosed location” in the article 😅 (Pls, do not disturb Sean while he's on his well deserved holiday, he really needs all the rest he can get now) (btw, thanks for the laugh fellow norseman 😄 I thought I was Norway's most dedicated fÆn boi, but seems I might have met my superior!)
  10. Oh, I didn't know about this story. What happened to Tom? Well, the winter and the dark polar nights isn't over us quite yet 😄 Autumn is in full gear here though, cold, grey and rainy, so not so unlike Manchester in that regard, I guess! lol
  11. Hey, wait, what?? What is Sean doing here in Norway? Hiking in the mountains? Fishing? Rock climbing? Scouting after new venues for holding gigs in? Guess we'll never find out 🤔
  12. This morning it occurred to me that the lads needs to title their upcoming tour for "SIGN_AE_TOUR".
  13. Dang, you are correct! This will be their long awaited ska(e) album! Can't wait for Rob's trombone solo, oh boy, oh boy!
  14. it will be an acappellambientish album spiced up with some drone elements here and there. I can feel it. Can't wait!
  15. so we are now finally getting the long awaited ae cappella album? hooray!
  16. are they pulling a boc - magic window-thingy with us? lol
  17. nah, just meant I used soulseek to dl my very first batch of ae-tracks, and that was the first time I heard their music... was back in 2003 I think. vletermx, dropp and parhelic triangle was the first tracks iirc. And from that moment on I got hooked, and I just knew I had to collect it all 😄 (still waiting for the day where I'll get the chance to meet the lads in person tho)
  18. is this type of software still even a thing? wow! (fun fact: it was through slsk that I had my first meeting with ae, back in the days. ahh..yes... good times)
  19. Wow, what a sign! Hey, they need to title that other album for "symptom" 🙃
  20. Lol! Ae-fans are just the best! Keep up the great work! Let the hype train begin already 🚂 _______ Also ロッブさんとショオンさん、どうもありがとうございます! Rob-san to Sean-san, doumo arigatou gozaimasu!
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