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  1. I was about to ask for the exact same thing! I'm itching all over to know the ID if this awesome track! Such goodnees, such lushness! Shazam couldnt figure it out for me 😞Anynone, plz!
  2. naawRaybarn

    AE Tour 2020

    😲😲 Oh yes! I'm already hyped up and ready for aelive_twonil! 🤩 which direction will they take their sound this time me wonder 🤔
  3. Yay, it was quite nice to discover they had thrown in some old Biosphere into the mix! That warms my northern-arctic heart 😊 And that Reload track a little after the 2hour mark.... what a pleasant discovery! Such lushness and such goodness 🙌 råbb & shøn - tænks!
  4. @hello spiral: thanks alot mister, you are today's ichiban hero 😎 Can't wait hitting the gym and lifting some weights while 808 state, xon, d-shake and the like are blasting my ears again 💪: and: rob sean thx! You know how to treat your fans well, and for that we are all gratefull 🙂
  5. Oh, swaeet! Missed this one. When and where can I expect to find a downloadable file for this? Have been pretty much circulating the 2010-, the two 2013-, as well as the Dekmantel webcasts on my pod, during gym-sessions for several years now. I know those sets like inside-out by now, so would be really cool with a new 'n fresh ae-set for my pod now 😄
  6. Cheers mate! 😎🍺 cheers to MIXL2 as well! thx!
  7. ehm, no I transfer my music over to my pod using one of those realy old-schoolish cables. (yeah I know sounds like a hassle, doesn't it! that was how we did it back in the days...)
  8. takes me to a parked wep page 😞
  9. Hello all warpers! Anyone found a recording of the tribute-to-LFO-set for download somewhere? (my iPod isn't complete without that set. (yeah, I'm using an iPod because i'm that oldschool))
  10. don't know if this have been discusssd already..... Sean on a sound sample they've used: anyone know which track he's talking about (or want to speculate which one) really curious to find out!
  11. *howl* thanks! always nice to meet other ow fans! :) I`m so pleased that the franchise is being revived and returning after all those years absent.. I'm pretty stoked for new 'n tasty! favourite ow creature? I guess mine are the scrabs! *howl* :) cheers! I'm curious and eagerly awaiting :D
  12. Greetings to you all, I'm one of those newcomers who signed up because of aaa! just wanted to say thanks to joyrex for making this happen, of course a big cheers to Rob and Sean who patiently sat through answering all those questions, and big thanks to jason who took the time to transcrib the whole interview! Wow! this is fan service like I've never encountered before, just sheer awesomeness straight through! "taking a look at my list of life goals to be completed.... scanning through the pages... let's see.. ah there! "interact with the Ae members in one way or another" - check!* What a great year for us Ae fans this have been. Two new releases, a mental jaw dropping webcast, and now this! now let's hope we'll see a tour next year and I'll be in Ae heaven now I'm just upset that I didn't ask all those questions I wanted to, but couldn't come up with until after the thread closed.. ah well! anyway now that I'm here I guess I'll stick around and see what other awesome things might happen around these boards, cheers :)
  13. yaay, thanks! from now on I can actually say that I'm going to bed with jimmy wales. not bad! :) okay I'm heading for bed! take care guys. どうもありがとう (domo arigato) to both of you, and to joyrex and watmm!
  14. you're more than welcome Rob! yea, I think the ae abbreviation is quite catchy and fitting =) okay so just a few more before bed, I'm really curious about (sorry if this have been asked/answered earlier somewhere) : - parhelic triangle, those eerie chimes, is that a sample from something, like some kind of bell instrument or something else? - in krib, is that screws or marbles droppin on the table or something else? just to give it another try, as it seems everyone is doing it: any chance of getting a name for my new kindle? (sorry, not into making music so I don't have any music related gear to be named, but I'm an avid reader so would be nice to have my reading device named by u guys!) oh and I just need to: ............................ rob sean pls, come back to Norway on your next tour! .............. there, I did it! I think that was that, I mean I could go on ask you all kinds of stuff, like what's ur favourite tooth paste and stuff like that. but I think I'll just leave it with this. discussing Lost, SW, Huxley, Batman etc with Sean, and Yello and stuff with Rob I guess is more that I could ever ask for! cheers guys once again. I'll keep following your work as long as you keep on going, so just keep on going making sounds/tracks/albums for us! need to prepare for bed. This have been out of this world super awesome, Thanks a million times guys! :)
  15. really not feeling the kazoo in here or the washboard stuff - thats totally wack, but the carpenter esque stuff with mellotronage at the beginning is nice - overall comes over as knowingly bad goofy. some sounds in it are good - like deep acoustic percs, but its not really focussing on any in particular, like needlessly switching to the wrong instrument every time i notice a good bit. seems like they're not 100% sure what they like imo. cheers Rob, interesting views on these tracks! (tbh i'm not into music making at all, and ehm.. know very little of the technical stuff behind the process. but I really appreciate your thoughts and opinions, very interesing). . oh.. and ehm.. feel free to consider providing something on the other q's to in my post, I'm really curious about the pule track for instance! :) oh and one more thing, I'm sure many in here are curious about this: *** drumroll please *** who would win a match of arm wrestling between Rob and Sean?? and a match of pool (8-ball, etc)?? sorry for all the nagging, I'm just very eagerly excited about the fact that I'm even having an interaction with the mighty AE! it feels strange kinda... in a good way of course! yeah ok, sorry if i was too nitpicky - hot/cold those trax. oops but yeah re: norway 'pule' - its quite a slinky number too so could be deployed to good use? funny someone posted that æ means 'I' in finnish was it? so yeah theres probably a few i think seans lower arms more chunky so i'd put money there if i were u. i might win pool. we'll run that test next outing and report. no prob man, I don't think it was too nitpicky. What do you think of Biosphere btw, while we're on the topic of electronic music from Norw? hmm yes I suppose pule does have some seducing powers, I'll keep that in mind! while on the topic... any suggestions on how to have more luck with the ladies/dating scene? all kinds of tips is highly appreciated! ah haha, æ is actually Norwegian again, and yes it's a dialect variation of Norwegian "jeg" which means "I" (æ is pronounced as a combination of a and e, as the form suggests). I happen to speak that dialect actually. Lot's of the vocabulary in our dialect consists of single vowels, like for instance the sentence " æ e fra Norge" means "I'm from Norway" Actually the æ vowel existed in Old English, as in words such as æsthetic and encyclopædia. Reminds me off.. .isn't the track name "dael" from tri repetae actually an old English word, "dæl", meaning "part" or "unit". In Norwegian the word for "part" is "del". (http://en.wiktionary.org/wiki/dæl) pretty cool stuff this I think :) Awesome! I'm eagerly awaiting that report! =) Thanks alot man for ur time!
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