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  1. pls sean we got the april fools joke very funny and all that, but this moments on love on repeat thing is getting a bit ridiculous now, no? you can go back and play us some eric b & rakim or acid eiffel if you like now pls shane pls
  2. naawRaybarn

    Rob pls

    rob pls, dont get mad at sean for his impromptu little stunt he pulled off in mxlr stream yesterday. hope u are chill with it all plsrob oh also thx rob!
  3. I'm just speechless really. Never NEVER would I in my wildest dream think this would actually happen. But it did happen, and it was an epic event for sure. Sending compassionate thoughts to all the ae heads who didn't experience that in real time, but will have to make do with the recordings lol Oh, and lets just hope Rob is all chill and fine with Seans impromptu little whim 🙂
  4. over at the mixlr stream-page.
  5. Yes it have been some very good streams, so cool Sean is doing this! It's also reassuring to know Sean is concerned about us all, adding those timely hand-washing reminders here and there. I'm also glad to learn that Sean loved making own levels in timesplitters 2 back in the days, and is currently playing Samus Returns on ds. It's good trivia to know. We have the same taste in games. thx Sean
  6. What an amazing thread! I have learned so much new and cool stuff about autechre and the lads, which I didn't knew before, from this thread. Thank you everyone for contributing with such useful and interesting information! 🥰 I'm sure this thread will get the same status and reputation as the famed AAA-thread, just wait and see 😇
  7. So this is what happens when ae-fans grow impatient and the dreaded "new-material-"-craves kicks in? Rob and Sean! Look whats happening over here! pls help us with some new material soon (or at least some hints or teasers), or else the whole forum will turn completely bonkers and weird and and who knows what kind of crazy shit will happen here 😱🥺
  8. I was about to ask for the exact same thing! I'm itching all over to know the ID if this awesome track! Such goodnees, such lushness! Shazam couldnt figure it out for me 😞Anynone, plz!
  9. naawRaybarn

    AE Tour 2020

    😲😲 Oh yes! I'm already hyped up and ready for aelive_twonil! 🤩 which direction will they take their sound this time me wonder 🤔
  10. Yay, it was quite nice to discover they had thrown in some old Biosphere into the mix! That warms my northern-arctic heart 😊 And that Reload track a little after the 2hour mark.... what a pleasant discovery! Such lushness and such goodness 🙌 råbb & shøn - tænks!
  11. @hello spiral: thanks alot mister, you are today's ichiban hero 😎 Can't wait hitting the gym and lifting some weights while 808 state, xon, d-shake and the like are blasting my ears again 💪: and: rob sean thx! You know how to treat your fans well, and for that we are all gratefull 🙂
  12. Oh, swaeet! Missed this one. When and where can I expect to find a downloadable file for this? Have been pretty much circulating the 2010-, the two 2013-, as well as the Dekmantel webcasts on my pod, during gym-sessions for several years now. I know those sets like inside-out by now, so would be really cool with a new 'n fresh ae-set for my pod now 😄
  13. Cheers mate! 😎🍺 cheers to MIXL2 as well! thx!
  14. ehm, no I transfer my music over to my pod using one of those realy old-schoolish cables. (yeah I know sounds like a hassle, doesn't it! that was how we did it back in the days...)
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