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  1. Compared to the rest of the internet these days I'd say this forum is surprisingly mature and polite. Not perfect but way better than average.
  2. I try to buy stuff I really like off Bandcamp but it seems like a losing battle. Even records that get a lot of good reviews on forums like this often only have 20 or fewer buyers. Not enough money to do anything with and certainly not enough to live on. I don't like what streaming is doing to music but it seems unstoppable.
  3. This is extremely impressive for music made entirely in nanoloop.
  4. Ae's music has been like this for me since Quaristice. It's music I admire more than I enjoy.
  5. He's put out some of my favorite electronic music over the last few years and I've bought everything he's put out. I think I'm going to have to start being more selective though. I'm definitely going to keep listening.
  6. 2020 was full of album disappointments for me. A ton of the stuff everybody loved did nothing for me. In general I'd rather just keep quiet than trash somebody else's work so I haven't posted much about these. Luckily there were also tons of records I loved this year. Music was just about the only thing that wasn't horrible in 2020.
  7. A quarter of a century is nothing! Those Sun Electric records still sound good to me in the right mood though. Takes me back to listening to them on San Francisco trains on my discman.
  8. I’m still digesting the Spectrum stuff. I think these are going to have to be the first new Aleksi releases in a while I’m going to be content to stream and not buy off bandcamp.
  9. There's a bunch of stuff in here I haven't heard but so far I'm liking a lot of these on a first skip through.
  10. Not sure but it deserves a film to go with.
  11. Their #1 pick, Craven Faults, is something I completely missed. Listening now. Sounds interesting.
  12. Yeah Norman is my go to for non electronic music and even their electronic music picks are usually worth a listen.
  13. Really nice ambient/soundtrack work here with some strong melodic hooks and some heavy bass where needed. Never heard of this guy before but I'll be paying attention now.
  14. Now that Bleep's top 50 is out and I can compare it to Boomkat's I have to say I'm just not aligned with Boomkat's tastes much anymore. They seem to be trying way too hard to identify music they think is important by the ever changing standard of the day than they are to find music that's just enjoyable to listen to. Too cool for school but not fun.
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