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  1. I like parts of it but those noodly solos are a bit much.
  2. Ok I ported this over to electron and got regular releases going here: https://github.com/milesegan/minimoon/releases
  3. Also I will eventually package this up into an easier to use form but for now you have to get your hands dirty on the command line.
  4. I've been unhappy with the current state of player apps for local music libraries so I've started hacking one up myself. It's currently very basic and requires you to have some basic unix skills to get it going but it works for scanning and browsing a library and playing songs. This is a side project so I'm not sure how much time I'll have to hack on it but I'm already using it as my main player. https://github.com/milesegan/minimoon Suggestions for new features always welcome.
  5. I like some tracks more than others on this but overall well worth a listen.
  6. Can't say I'm into it either. Would be better without the vocals.
  7. The best ambient records tell a story. This one somehow manages to tell a very somber story that's also completely engrossing. Likely end of year list material for me. I like this ambient kick Ilian has been on of late.
  8. I guess this came out in June but I missed it. This inhabits some kind of in-between post-techno/ambient space. Her last album got an awful lot of play around here and I think this one will too.
  9. Never heard of T-Flex or this label before but the samples sound good.
  10. Oops that’s what I get for searching for “wordcolor”.
  11. Really impressive production and range of moods and styles here.
  12. My policy is to ignore "critics" that have never created anything themselves and don't understand the creative process. Saves me a lot of time.
  13. Pitchfork is just a bunch of frustrated hipster english majors. Ignore. Also, assigning numeric ratings to music is idiotic, especially fractional numeric ratings.
  14. Cory Arcane is still my favorite Kangding release by a pretty wide margin. This one didn't grab me on a quick preview but I should give it a full spin.
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