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  1. I've complained here about the volume of Alexi releases lately but I should also admit that just casually listening to these in the background there are some nice tracks too.
  2. I'm into this. Some nice abstract beat work and sound design here.
  3. Yeah great stuff. I used to listen to a lot of metal and eventually got tired of it but this scratches the same itch.
  4. I hope not. Mego has been one of my favorite labels for many years.
  5. Is Mego going to stop operating now that he's gone?
  6. With this and the new Kindohm I'm going to have some nice new sounds to confuse my ears with this weekend.
  7. Same here. The Midnight Sun deluge forced me to become a different kind of Aleksi listener.
  8. Thanks for the tip! I like the Synalegg on Conditional but I didn't know he had other stuff out.
  9. Liking this so far. His "Meme Booth" album is my favorite thing on Conditional.
  10. Nice. I have fond memories of his earlier stuff.
  11. I sat out the flood of Midnight Sun releases but this sounds promising.
  12. I'm still listening to this one five months later. Definitely a keeper.
  13. I'm looking forward to this one too. The first one was great.
  14. Really seems like the price of digitals is going up fast lately. This one's over $16.
  15. The other problem I have with articles like this and other progressive crusades is that they create a lot of drama and controversy around relatively minor issues and that sucks all the energy out of the room for the more important issues that really affect people's lives. If you want to address musical colonialism then first go after the music business that drives local acts out with American top 40 garbage. It's like arguing that vegans are destroying local food culture and ignoring KFC and McDonalds. Very much so and dictating tastes more than ever before since with all the new music coming out now having the biggest marketing budget counts more than anything.
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