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  1. These are interesting. Very different from the ambient thing he did recently.
  2. There's one track that almost sounds like a remix of Incunabula-era Autechre, which is ok with me.
  3. It's a bit odd to indulge in nostalgia for a genre that was, in its time, very much about the future. But like most of us here it's an era I remember fondly so I'm enjoying this all the same.
  4. Not really sure how to characterize this. On the active end of the ambient spectrum but some nice ideas.
  5. He hasn't really updated his style and it doesn't sound as fresh as it once did but I'm still liking this overall.
  6. This sounds like outtakes to a Super Mario soundtrack.
  7. This is definitely Bibio in his most unrestrained cheese pop mode. This isn't going to be one of my favorite Bibio records but it's still nice to have new Bibio tunes.
  8. I was a huge FSOL fan back in their original heyday but I'll admit I kinda tuned out since then. Will give this a go.
  9. I'm into the more ambient turn Ilian has been taking lately. That Prime Vertical LP is definitely going to be on my end of year list.
  10. Yeah pretty low effort cover art. Sort of like the generic supermarket brand of ambient music. I expect we're about to see a deluge of AI generated album covers.
  11. Promo cites Microgravity, Tangerine Dream and early Orb. Reminds me a bit of recent Lapalux. Melancholy cyber soundtrack kinds of vibes.
  12. Yeah me too. This one is a slight stylistic departure. Sounds a bit more like Jelinek or Andrew Pekler. But still great.
  13. New one on Faitiche that definitely brings to mind other records on that label. Great sample based soundscapes.
  14. His earlier stuff didn't quite grab me but this is pretty fresh. The rhythmic structure of drum & bass is there but with a very distinctive and non-cliché sound palette.
  15. I really like both his pop stuff and his folk stuff but his best albums are the ones that mix the two IMO.
  16. Post techno a bit reminiscent of Actress but with a sweeter sound palette. Really well done.
  17. This struck me as pretty bland on first go. Will give it another chance.
  18. Added a few new features including dark mode and a listening "stack" for keeping track of stuff you want to listen to.
  19. Definitely a throwback to the earlier Raster sound. Not mindblowing but quite enjoyable.
  20. I like parts of it but those noodly solos are a bit much.
  21. Ok I ported this over to electron and got regular releases going here: https://github.com/milesegan/minimoon/releases
  22. Also I will eventually package this up into an easier to use form but for now you have to get your hands dirty on the command line.
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