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  1. Kudos to him for having the courage to take a stand and keep his new music off streaming services. I think his other comments explain why I'm not liking this one as much as his previous work though:
  2. Here's a few recent ones. I don't claim they're amazing but I'll do cover art for free. 🙂
  3. Ok here's some random examples: https://photos.app.goo.gl/c2ZhmM4NkGmPSiaV9 If you have a particular style you like I can try to emulate it. I don't claim to have any exceptional skills in this department but I see a lot of stuff on bandcamp that could use better cover art.
  4. I'll put a few together.
  5. I've been dabbling around in various digital art styles lately and I've been having a lot of fun with it even though I'm very much an amateur. Anyway, if you have stuff you want to release and need cover art for it I'm happy to take a crack at it if you can give me some idea of what you're looking for. It's just for fun and I won't be offended if you don't like my ideas.
  6. I've been listening to this one a lot. One of the better ambient releases in recent memory for sure.
  7. Track 5 lays on the cheese a bit too much for my tastes but the more aggro tracks on here are great.
  8. Yeah for whatever reason it’s one synthesis method that doesn’t seem that popular outside of this subgenre. It can sound wicked in capable hands though.
  9. This is more what I was hoping that last Gabor Lazar album would sound like.
  10. I've liked the stuff these two have done on their own but I'm liking this a lot. Funny how additive synthesis is still the cool kids' sound signature even now.
  11. This is the only thing that came out this week I’m interested in listening to more closely.
  12. I keep coming back to this one. Very interesting structure.
  13. First I've heard of OOH but I'm digging this release a lot. Good chance it winds up on my end of year best list.
  14. Pretty zany stuff. Sounds a bit like Visible Cloaks with beats. I'm into it.
  15. Also not totally related to this thread but if you go back and listen to some of the work that the avant garde composers of the 20th century were writing many decades ago it makes most of the amateur electronic music coming out now sound very amateur and conservative indeed. It doesn't make it bad but I think we need to evaluate the kind of stuff we listen to on this board on its own terms and not spend too much time worrying how it measures up to more orthodox "classical" music.
  16. This is only tangentially related but if you're interested in some excellent lectures on how old-school classical music is constructed these are really good:
  17. It seems like learning notation is considered inherently pretentious somehow in this thread. I didn't get the impression from his interview he was trying to put himself on the level of the classical masters with that claim. The problem with a lot of classical music genre hybrids is that people borrow the surface qualities of classical music without any of the richer harmonic & melodic development that makes the best classical music so enduring. Clark doesn't do much better than the others on this record but I'd still rather see him try something new than crank out yet another spin on
  18. Yeah unfortunately there's a good bit of evidence to support that point of view.
  19. What is it that strikes you as pretentious? The music itself or what he's said about it in interviews? I've been a Clark fan since the beginning although I like some of his records much better than others. Classical music also makes up about half of my music listening time for the last 20 years. Most of the attempts I've heard to fuse classical and electronic music fall pretty flat in my opinion but he's succeeded better than most on this new album. And if it gets some techno heads to listen to Brahms all the better.
  20. I liked this a lot on the first spin. Will definitely be listening to it more this weekend. This strengthens my suspicions that The Orb’s “Chill Out World” was great largely due to Fehlmann.
  21. I'm surprised at the venom on this thread. I don't think it's that bad. It would be lame if he was still trying to do Aphex impressions 20 years on.
  22. New ambient stuff by Khotin under Area 3 alias. Very nicely done. He did another album under this alias last year that's also worth your time.
  23. I will say that 15 euro for a download is a bit painful though.
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