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  1. I keep all my stuff in flac in a dropbox folder that I don't sync to my machines. It's just for backup. I transcode all these to opus and also keep those in dropbox in a folder I do keep synced to my machines. I also use the FolderSync android app to sync over the opus stuff to my phone and use PowerAmp to play it back. On my Mac I use Swinsian to play stuff:


    I wrote a small command line tool to normalize all the folder paths on both the flac & dropbox folders. 

    I think we do need simpler solutions than this for people that want to actually buy music but aren't interested in this level of micromanagement. It would be nice if Bandcamp made their app better as a player.

  2. 20 hours ago, Richie Sombrero said:

    Really saddens me I'll never get into this. Phantasia I sounded wonderful, listening to a total of 5 second clips for 30 seconds but I'm utterly fatigued and punch-drunk.

    Same here. The Midnight Sun deluge forced me to become a different kind of Aleksi listener.

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