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  1. I give Pitchfork a 0.0. Assiging scores to art is dumb and pretending to do it with a fractional digit of precision is full on mouth breather.
  2. Not a fan of the cover art but I'm liking the tunes on this one. I'll have to go check his earlier work.
  3. Now that's a name I haven't heard for a long, long time.
  4. Seems like he should just offer one of those Bandcamp subscription deals.
  5. I have no idea what that sample is meant to refer to but it's great.
  6. Gamble is consistently good. Mnestic Pressure is one of my favorite electronic records by anybody.
  7. That's great. Something to look forward to.
  8. Coming back to this again after not listening for a while. A bit harsh but great stuff.
  9. This works great on shuffle. It's like tuning into some weird late night radio station.
  10. I really like Reason and I think they've been hitting the sweet spot between flexibility and ease of use better than any other DAW lately. All the algo stuff they've added via the players is really fun and useful and their built-in instruments are actually really good and don't require all the menu diving that other apps do. Europa in particular is a really powerful little synth. Performance could be better though.
  11. I've been a huge fan of Aleksi's work and he's put out a lot of great tracks in the last few years. But this series broke me. I've been a completist up to now but I think from this point on I'm going to be a lot more selective and that's just a very different kind of relationship to have with an artist.
  12. If you pull apart some of the more complex in a synth like FM8 you'll often see that there are distinct, independent groups of operators acting like a single oscillator in a subtractive synth. So it's a bit less mysterious than it seems at first. And with most modern FM synths offering complex waveforms and not only sine waves you often can do a lot with 4 or fewer operators.
  13. I was listening to this all day yesterday. Very interesting. Kind of all over the place but in a good way. Reminds me of Jon Hassell at times.
  14. And now 5A. Surely he’s taking the piss at this point. I’m sorry but the rate he’s dumping out new material now just kills my enthusiasm for his work in general.
  15. I'm into this. Some of the CPU stuff is a bit too vanilla techno/electro for me but this has some original flavor.
  16. I'm liking this better than I've liked a MOM album in a long time. Not sure if I'll want to come back to it but I don't hate it.
  17. I haven't had a chance to play with one yet but looks fun. I regret selling my Monomachine a bit.
  18. I like a lot of the current Elektron gear but it still feels to me like nothing quite replaces the Monomachine. A wavetable synth in their boombox form factor would be wicked. Throw in some percussive one-shots and you could easily write full tracks on it.
  19. Pretty mental. Think Lorenzo Senni attacking bass music.
  20. Tetsu Inoue's "Inland" album is a masterpiece of FM synthesis. Recommended if you can find a copy.
  21. Digitone is awesome. They did a great job massively simplifying FM while still keeping a lot of the versality that makes FM appealing in the first place.
  22. Yeah I'm just guessing at what their methods are but the sounds are harsh to my ears. SIGN is sweeter and more melodic though which is why I'm liking it a lot. I'm hoping there's more to come in that vein.
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